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The most amazing thing about this game is that it exquisitely creates the possibility for all participating players that maybe they can win this time, and it actually sprinkles it throughout the game. I feel it.

In many popular FPS/TPS games, it is almost impossible for beginners to win against advanced mouse users by aiming and shooting, and this is why they avoid many games. I don’t think there are many people like that. However, in this game, in addition to technical aspects, there is a large element of luck involved in not only the dropping of weapons, parts, and recovery items, but also movement.

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Maybe you can get a better weapon or scope before a higher-ranked player, and if that happens, you might be able to defeat your opponent from a long distance out of the reach of your opponent’s gunfire. Maybe your location will be designated as a designated area for the next battle, and you might be able to unilaterally intercept higher-ranked players rushing toward you. Maybe I was so scared that I didn’t realize that I was just crawling in the field, and a higher-ranked player passed in front of me and got behind me. Maybe a battle between high-ranking players will happen nearby, and I might be able to bury them, who were on the verge of serious injury, like a fisherman.

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There are countless possibilities like this in this game, and the game is designed so that the player can actually feel them naturally. The ability to aim is an absolute strength, and it’s wonderful that the game never feels like a game where newcomers or players who aren’t good at aiming just turn around and go home, and I feel like there’s a glimmer of hope for FPS/TPS beginners. I thought it would be possible. For example, it would be like a lottery where your chances of winning can be increased depending on your actions.

However, it is of course not just a game of luck, and there are many scenes where skill in maneuvering and aiming are important. It is difficult for a beginner to win the final battle through luck alone, and similarly, it is also difficult for an advanced player to win repeatedly through technique alone. This salted plum is just too exquisite.

If you read this review and think you might enjoy it yourself, please take the plunge and give it a try. After playing, I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I had done this at that time, and before I knew it, I was heading back to the battlefield to try it out. Asking myself,What if I had done this then? made me feel as if I were connected to human life in some way. It was so interesting and deep that it had the highest number of simultaneous users on Steam ever.
Ranked 3rd in the world in terms of simultaneous connections (at the time of review), it’s no joke.
I’ve been playing with it for over 3 years, about 2000 hours since I installed it.
Since the KR/JP servers are too sparse to play in FPP (first person perspective), you can enter the AS server by changing the time zone on Windows to Urumqi time.
It was my first time playing a full-fledged FPS, but somehow I’ve been able to enjoy it much more.
good point.
1) It is a tough, easy-to-understand, and realistic battle royale FPS.
There aren’t many obvious modern weapons, but this is a work for people who like realistic FPS, without special abilities or unrealistic jumping or physical abilities that are common in FPS that have become popular in recent years.
There are certainly situations where instant decisions are required, but there are no high-speed battles like in Apex Legends, so it is possible to calmly assemble things (comparison).
(He may survive a headshot from a sniper rifle, but don’t worry about that).
② Infinite strategy.
Within the vast map, there are many options for how to move as your safe zone shrinks.
Normally, you can shoot as much as you want, but even in disadvantageous places, line up multiple cars and use them as barricades to fight! Create a pseudo-safe road by arranging multiple smoke grenades!
What do you do when your current location is out of your safe zone? Charge into the middle of the safe zone? Gradually attack from the very edge of the safe zone? Attack a nearby team? Leave and look for a more advantageous position?
The best part of this game is that every situation has a variety of options available to you, and the whole team strives to achieve victory.
③ There is a possibility of a one-shot reversal.
At the same time, this is also a bad thing about this game, but compared to battle royale games like Apex Legends, life goes down to zero very quickly in this game.
On the contrary, it means that even in situations where you want to give up, such as 1vs2, 1vs3, and 1vs4, you can turn things around depending on your play.
What if you hit the enemy in the side, not only in one-man play, but also in situations such as 2 vs 4? What if I go behind and do a pincer attack? What if we launch a surprise attack from a height? Even if you are at a disadvantage in numbers, there may even be moments when you can win on your own.
Battle royale isn’t just about hiding just because you’re at a disadvantage in numbers! He tells me.
④ Management response is relatively good.
Below are some examples.
-If you report an obvious cheater properly, you will usually receive a ban report after a while.
・When we previously updated gunshot sounds to make them more realistic, there were many opinions that the previous sound was better, so players can now freely choose between the old gunshot sound and the new gunshot sound. This was changed in a later update to make it possible.
・When adjusting the game content, such as adjusting weapon balance, the problem is that something is usually too so-and-so, so please write the reason for the adjustment in the patch notes.
Considering the size of the company and the number of years it has been in operation, I feel that it is relatively close to its users.
Of course, I don’t approve of everything, and there are times when I personally have complaints about updates, but if you disagree with something, just post it in the update feedback form.
There are many games where management is disliked, but I personally feel that PUBG is relatively well managed.
Bad point.
①It’s difficult.
Most of the bad points are this. Even though it ranks third in the world for simultaneous connections, it is not a light game that beginners can easily get used to and start playing.
Since there are no special abilities, if you understand the rules, types of guns, and other items, you can say that you have mastered the basics, but actually winning is another thing.
As I wrote above, the fact that you quickly run out of life means that you can die the moment you make a wrong decision or miss your aim.
That’s why supporting each other as a team is the real thrill, but the reality is that it’s difficult to support each other among beginners.
The game is designed to have strong recoil, so it’s hard to hit the target, the map is so large that it’s hard to remember, and the abundance of options makes it difficult to know what to do. It is also true that such freedom comes with its own difficulties.

There is a training mode where you can practice shooting test shots in various locations, and a team deathmatch mode where you can respawn as many times as you like and enjoy gunplay, so I recommend you try practicing your gunplay in those modes first. I think it’s good.

For those who tried it and were disappointed.
If there are people who have lost their minds who haven’t seen it yet, please take a look at the PUBG tournament.
I was a beginner in FPS, so I had a hard time and felt discouraged many times, but I got motivated by watching the amazing plays and big comebacks of pros and advanced players.
One day, I was able to play as well as a professional, and I couldn’t stop feeling excited for the whole day, and I watched the recording over and over again.
It’s been a while since its release, and the craze has gone, but it’s still an interesting game with many players and competitive scenes held frequently.
I would be happy if the day comes that I can shoot with you after reading this review.
My impressions after playing both solo and squad.
A game with the basics of battle royale suppressed.
Although his physical strength is low, the accuracy of his weapons is poor (especially when fired repeatedly), so it is unlikely that he will die instantly if shot from a long distance.
On the other hand, at close range, they will quickly melt and die.
However, due to this exquisite balance, even beginners can use it with a reasonably strong weapon and the appropriate distance, and even advanced users can have a chance.
Also, unlike that Battle Royale game, you can decide the landing point to a certain extent, and in the end it’s not just luck that matters, but also your ability.
This game has a very good balance, and the content is as good as the existing Battle Royale games.
However, the servers are currently poor, especially the Asian servers, which occasionally experience unplayable lag when the bombing begins.
Also, the optimization specific to early access games is insufficient, and even on my friend’s GTX1080 & i7 7700K machine, I can’t get 144FPS.
Please be careful if your eyes get tired unless the resolution is 144FPS.
However, the game is being developed with the motto of making it easy for any user to play, and it is likely that the game will be completely optimized soon. Of course, they will also strengthen the server.

If you were to ask me if I should buy it or not, my overall review of this game is that I should definitely buy it. I can answer that.

The game content is interesting. The maps are also unique and fun. Updates continue, and you can see that the management is putting effort into it.
But I’m playing solo and there’s a cheater every game. Wall hacking is commonplace, and you can easily see it with the replay function.
Lately, even though I have reported the problem, I have not received any response.
No matter how careful you are when clearing, there is an enemy on the other side of the hill just out of sight who is already pointing a gun at you. In other words, it has not been established as a game.

We don’t need updates, so anything else is pointless unless we work hard to create a cheater-free environment.

It’s a crap game, a stupid game, and a god game.

It’s great fun when you win. It’s probably not something you can experience in other games.
It’s really boring when you lose in a weapon gacha. This is also a boring feeling that you can’t find in other games.

I can’t say anything about the lag and synchronization as it keeps getting better and worse.

If you don’t have any friends to do it while on the phone, you can easily do it by searching for Discord and recruiting them.
However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the people you meet there will have good personalities or be fun to work with.

I think it’s not expensive, so if you’re interested, give it a try.

I think there are still a lot of beginners out there, so it might be a loss to not try it because you think it’s already too late. However, this is limited to TPP. There are many strong people in FPP.
This review was helpful.

The world’s best battle royale game!!!
After overcoming synchronization errors, connection delays, and stuckness, powerful rivals are waiting for you!
See-through, auto-aim, mid-air levitation – some are even greedy enough to use them all!?
Let’s see with our own eyes the strong people scattered around the world!!
It’s an amazing game full of people with amazing aim who can hit every head shot, and fierce people who search for enemies as if they can see through walls! !
In conclusion, it has become quite interesting.
It might be the most interesting Battle Royale game right now.

The reason is as follows (impressions based only on FPP squad).
① Matching is fast.
②There are almost no cheetahs.
③The game screen has become clearer.
④The drop rate of weapon equipment has increased.
⑤Easy to play with new weapons and remade maps.
⑥Motions and useful functions have been added.

That’s about all I can think of.
If you played it before, please go back and play it.
It’s much easier to play.

Below are the details of the reason.

①Currently, the number of players is decreasing and they are matched with bots. It’s less tense, but it’s easier to get kills. I think Battle Royale is a fun game only when you can get kills. Players who couldn’t get kills until now can do so, and advanced players can enjoy more kills and battles with players they meet later on.

②My impression from the FPP game is that there are no unreasonable ways to die or suspicious ways to get shot, and players can now fight using only their skills.
You can play comfortably now with fewer players, but when the number of players returns, the cheaters will also return.

③This is a personal opinion. In reality, it may not change. Now you can see the characters. The female characters are really beautiful.

④It seems like a lot of supplies have fallen. In the past, would one party be able to fight even if they descended on the city? It was about the same amount of supplies, but I didn’t get that impression right now. I can fight.

⑤ There were M249s falling around the city, trucks going around the map and dropping supplies when you shot them, and location runs, which made it kind of fun. If it was in its prime…how much fun would it have been?

⑥ When parachuting, you have the ability to follow someone (like APEX), you can move while recovering, and if you command ammunition or recovery, you can receive it from your team members…