Starfield – The Best Skills You Should Get Early

Starfield Skills are the very core of the game’s progression system, and choosing the right skills can mean the difference between life and the blackness of space. In this video Codiak shares what skills the Legacy team recommends getting in each of the five skill trees, and how to map out some valuable end-game skills you don’t want to make.

Starfield – The Best Skills You Should Get Early – Detailed Explanation

The presentation is outstanding. I really enjoyed how you prioritized the skills in each category, and you explained thoroughly why each skill was a good choice. Finally, I really appreciate how you did not choose skills simply to meta-game / min-max your character, and these skills will make the game more worthwhile without overpowering you. Keep up the good work!

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Great format and presentation. I will say that I’d include Ship Command definitely and Outpost Engineering maybe. The benefits of crew (like extra reactor bars from one with Aneutronic Fusion) should not be ignored and much like Commerce, more is more! Even if you aren’t a ship build it provides a way to add an easy and significant bump to your ship’s performance.
Pilotting is an essential early game. If you want to fly class c ships you need 5 ship kills followed by 15 then 30. You want to get the perk online early so your kills go towards that goal
If you’re using shotguns, take shotgun AND ballistics skill. These stack together and shotguns complete both challenges too. Shotguns are so good with both skills, I 1-2 shot almost all enemies and just jetpack around blasting enemies in the face. Very fun
Really enjoying LG’s videos – Just got Starfield and it is a bit overwhelming 🙂 – these help shed some light and help me chart a path — To Infinity and Beyond!
A first playthrough is interesting because you don’t know what the skill challenges will be. Some skills are really easy to grind, and some take a lot of time. It’s basically impossible to grind speech, whereas stealth, weapon skills, and piloting are just a matter of killing stuff (mission boards are good for the piloting grind).

I rushed security early because it feels bad to encounter a lock I can’t pick, but not so bad that I’ll take notes and come back later. I think I missed three master locks before I unlocked rank 3.

I’m roughly doing what I call a Tony Stark build, focusing on making good equipment before getting good at using it. I’m level 38 and haven’t felt the lack of combat skills very often.

You can get some high tier skills early by completing certain quest lines. For example when I progressed far enough in the Ryujin quest line I got a skill in the highest tier for free. (Leaving the name of said skill out for spoiler purposes)
Honestly it’s just so much easier not even bothering with geology just buy ore etc from the mineral store it can get expensive but the end of faction quests give you plenty of credits farming for all the different types is so time consuming so just buy it trust me lol
Love the pacing of your videos. Despite the understandable need for sponsorship mentions, from a viewership standpoint, things are straight enough to the point in order to keep me watching. The intro isn’t obnoxiously long, or filled with absurd music. Just a quick animation and into the info. Love it. As for the narration and information itself, purely satisfying. On a platform where you often get a lot of annoying voices and half-assed attempts at conveying information, these videos have been a breath of fresh air.
I’m not rushing through the main story, but having a general range of skill points I can expect at end game would be nice to know when speccing out a potential character. I currently have no clue. Is there a hard level lock?
SECURITY – The question is: do you really need to crack the expert and master locks?
Is there super OP gear behind these doors? Is it neccessary to pick expert and master locks to get special outcomes on quests? If the expert and master locks don’t gatekeep things that are absolutely neccessary, then there is no reason to waste so much time and energy on these locks. Maybe once or twice(Mantis anyone?) but not over and over again.
So, again: unique or legendary gear(that is just not hit-or-miss random legendaries), or doors that prevent you from getting a better quest outcome unless you can crack it. This is the question.

Yes. I’ve seen the master locks. The question is…what is behind the master locks? Credits? Pointless. Randomly generated Legendary gear? Stuff to sell for Credits? Even more annoying and more pointless. I am looking for Unique(one of a kind) Legendary gear, not just another randomly generated Legendary(Boring!).
Are better quest outcomes behind the Master locks? More story? More Roleplay? Help for my companions? Not as far as anyone I have talked to has said.
One or two Expert locks might be worth my effort, but 50 Expert or Master locks? Sounds like a waste of time and effort.

Summary: I think I don’t need Security 3&4, and I plan to skip most Expert locks(unless something gives me that ‘itch’).

as a bethesda game is there a hidden way to gain points that isnt controlled by a cap? like the bobble heads in fallout or technical manuals / comics. when i build characters i take this into consideration as small bonus build over time. second question is if companions level up as qwll and we can build them as well. in fallout companions didnt do much but just be there but it would be cool if a companion could be built to a soldier or give me bonuses to the way i play the game.

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