Starfield – Get This Legendary Ship & Armor EARLY | Secrets of the Mantis

Starfield is filled with exciting secrets to uncover and legendary gear to collect. In this video we reveal the secrets of the Mantis, an early game quest that rewards you with an insane armor set, as well as an epic new ship. From quest pickup to a full gameplay walkthrough we’ve got you covered.

Starfield – Get This Legendary Ship & Armor EARLY | Secrets of the Mantis – Detailed Explanation

Pro-Tip if you save before picking up the armor you can keep reloading your game until you get all the rolls you want, they roll randomly each time you reload a new game.

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I just randomly stumbled upon this quest while playing early access and when I got to the armor at the end, my jaw dropped. This armor blows my old armor out of the water! So glad I stumbled on this mission
Alot of people haven’t found out yet but there’s a secret effect the mantis has if you wear the full set. Those events that happen when you travel from planet to planet, when spacers are attacking a merchant ship there is a chance the spacers will see your armor and scream “its mantis its mantis, we got to get out of here.” They’ll instantly flee into orbit and the merchant ship caption and his co pilot will start having conversation about you. Love how the co pilot speaks about you like your the hero from fallout 4.

If you want a clip of it I took 1 on xbox

7 hours in got this last night. Wow nice rewards. Also found bounty hunter armor in a crate in the lair that is actually better than the Mantis armor defense wise and worth 20k credits. This was a great side quest. Just bring lots of ammo. I was scraping the barrel by the end of the enemies.
It turns out i had the secret outpost item to start the mantis mission in my inventory this whole time and didn’t realize it! Thank you so much for this video! I had no idea i was sitting on such a treasure this whole time!
If you reload before opening the armor case the mantis will roll different stat bonuses
Also storage has a problem with a bug to reset or remove your stored items in the weapon cases and racks and displays etc. so really only use captain safe and ship storage
I loved this quest. I did it after the first constellation task, one of the spacers on the space station you dock at carried it as I wanted to take a break from the main. I’m only level 6 so it took a few goes but I really enjoyed it
I found a ship called the endeavour on earth. After i took it, i made a small upgrade to give it more cargo space and it became my hauler. The problem with the razorleaf is that it is built so tightly you can’t easily add a part like a cargo expansion to it, without changing its fundamental structure. My home ship cargo with the razorleaf is now 1400/400+
If you are venturing down in the Well in New Atlantis you can come across a room with a locked door, inside of that room is a dead NPC with a class A robot that will attack you, it appears the robot went rogue. I ran across this room when doing the “Brown Out” quest.

I’m enjoying your videos, finding them very helpful, currently at lvl 6.

I got mine in the first steps quest. I got it by saving in the first room of the station, then ran through focusing on the spacers. If I did not receive the secret outpost then I would reload since this was a very quick run-through with so many spacers. It is an efficient method now. I did end up getting the secret outpost after the second run through so it literally took me 5 minutes.
It might take you more than that to get the drop. However, the ratio of spacers to encounter time, seems like an efficient use of this tactic as well as The fact that it is the first main quest.
Was able to get my hands on the set and ship yesterday. There was this one time that I encountered some Spacer ships in space, and when I started engaging in combat, they suddenly fled and some even beg mercy not to kill them, all while saying it’s The Mantis. What a reputation.
The armory randomly eats any guns I leave in the racks every time I exit ship and sometimes all of them. The storage cases and trunk work fine though. My ship had more cargo in it at the time than the Razorback carries when I took it and maybe got corrupted. The ship is awesome with almost triple the jump range of the Frontier and better stats. Mission was very hard with the robots at the end and ate all my meds so I came back with Vasco and the arc welder. I started it a L6 and was almost L10 when done. I got the mission visiting a random spot on Earth’s moon that had an outpost with Spacers while doing my first intro Constellation mission Old Neighborhood. The spacers you fight on that mission also dropped them for me.
Just played this on accident and found these items thus finding this channel new subscriber and fan. Thanks. Also my mantis suit came with mechanized +40 carry capacity on suit and the helmet had fasten wich was +20 carry capacity I’m total at 250 mass early game much better then the mark 1 in my case.
I picked up the slate in my First playthrough after a few hours, in that playthrough I triggered the crimson fleet missions at level 4 or 5. So I decided to start again. In my second character, I found the quest about the hidden base about level 8, I’m level 10 and wasn’t sure if I could handle it. So I am doing some story quests. I got a lot of legendary loot with my First character and haven’t been as lucky yet. But it looks like the Devs want players to check out the hidden base early, so thanks for the guide.
I got sidetracked for 2 days and just finished this quest Yesterday I was so excited.. I had no clue what was ahead which made it so satisfying when I got the ship.. I have wanting to upgrade and I need credits to pay off my ridiculously expensive house in the game lol. Now I’ll use the Razorback to take care of business..
After I went to New Atlantis and joined Constellation, I bee lined it to the Sol system so I could do some good ol’ fashioned moon walking on Luna (Earth’s moon). As soon as I landed, I saw another ship land not too far from me. Went to check it out, killed a few pirates, and got the quest. It really is random as hell and your level doesn’t matter since I’ve not done anything in the game yet outside of the tutorial quest line.
Okay for anyone wondering i accidentaly sold the datapad the first time and i though i was doomed to be able to complete this quest. But i wondered on some random outpoust for distress call and there were a lot of Spacers and i found not one, not two, but three same datapads for this quest so yeah you can find more of them if you still dont have the mantis quest
You can fall through the map in this mission!! So if you go down all those steps there’s gonna be this part where is open and there’s a body hanging over the railing if you walk over to the corner you’ll just fall out of the map and not die and it’ll just spawn over and over
This quest should’ve gone different. I imagine a few quest helping out a stranger on their death bed and throughout you realize they were the last mantis like maybe u get there arch nemesis for them or find a lost offspring and then they pass on the mantle and reveal their base location and give you it andits contents. I didnt like that i end up the mantis cuz thlast mantis got her son/protégé killed on accident
I did this quest at level 8 and struggled to kill those turrents had to keep sleeping cuz i ran out of med packs. But i also didnt reroll for the armor that didnt even occur to me that the stats changed i thought it was set skills on it. Oh well its my first playthrough so ill do that on my next one. The ship is amazing its my second one so saves me from worrying anout getting a new one for 70,000 credits.
is there anyone here tried to take the armor only when after high level like 100+?

there’s a tier system on the weapons and armor apparently, so If someone only claim the armor only after their character reached certain level (like 100) I assume that the base stat are going to be the highest tier possible. is my assumption correct? or the suit tier actually a ‘fixed’ spawn that regardless the level always have the same base stat?

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