Starfield – Make Insane Credits and Steal Contraband Fast! How To Avoid Getting Caught

To earn credits you’ve got to break a few rules, in this Starfield video the Legacy team shares everything you need to know about Contraband, what it is, where to find it, and how to safely transport it and sell it. It’s time to embrace a life of crime in this fast and easy-to-follow Starfield guide

Starfield – Make Insane Credits and Steal Contraband Fast! How To Avoid Getting Caught – Detailed Explanation

You can just head to ‘The Den’ in the Wolf system and dock there to sell all your contraband without any need for shielded parts or the skill. If the vendor is out of credits just wait 48 ingame hours and the shop will reset.

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The higher the percentage of shielded cargo space used by your contraband the higher risk of detection. The payload skill increases your cargo space of each container, including shielded. If you’re carrying 10 mass worth of contraband you’re more likely to pass the scan if you have 150 mass of shielded cargo space instead of 100. More space = better odds.
An early game ship tip. Focus on one weapon type until you get more reactor points. I got 4 slow firing particle beam blasters. (The ones with equal shield a hull dmg) and I can fire 3500m non stop and kill before I can lock on. Very efficient.
The best place to get court with stolen goods is neon because the chests in the police station are easy to pick (and once u do remain unlocked) and you can hide without being detected and There’s a trade authority in neon as well when the vendor runs out of money just sit and wait 48hr
How do you use the shielded cargo area on the Mantis’ ship? I’m actually not sure how to use a cargo bay in general based on the two starter ships. I found the weapon storage on Mantis’ ship but assume that isn’t a cargo hold.
One the crazy thing in the game is I didn’t need to steal or transport contraband and become a criminal. The UC Navy actually gave me contraband and said get with the program or rot in jail as a criminal on trumped up charges 😂. I guess I’m now Deep Undercover. I decided to just roll with it.
No, No it doesn’t help. I have Nothing but Shielded cargo holds. Two Large ones, and Three Small ones on the Razorleaf no less. Now named the Razor Back since I’ve modified it so much. As well as two 50% Jammers and rank 1 of the deception skill and no matter what system I enter my chance to avoid detection says 0%. WTF is that.
The trade authority also buys stolen gear. I stole everuthing from uc supply in the well. Took multiple quicksaves and about an hour but got everything in the shop. Walked over to the trade authority n sold everything i didnt want. I have had a modified minigun since and it absolutely wrecks.
This game’s performance is HORRENDOUS. If you don’t have a beast of a PC, the performance will be bad! Bethesda really needs to optimize their games. It’s 2023 and this developer is still doing this nonsense since Skyrim came out 🤦🏿‍♂️
3080 with a Ryzen 7 5800x game runs fine, people need to stop thinking their 1060ti can still run games on their 7 year old hardware, it’s always been like this games will get more demanding it’s not even about “optimization” anymore since Starfield still runs decent on older hardware. Just don’t expect to play the game on High settings with old hardware and you’re fine
That is BS. I have an RTX 2070 super. I have everything on low, motion blur is turned off, v-sync turned off and the dlss mod from Nexus installed. Also, this is in 1080p. I get 40-50 fps and even lower, nowhere near 60 fps. This game is poorly optimized, so stop your nonsense.
Vram 16g and cpu i9-12900k. Stop making excuses for this developer. Their game is not optimized and their games haven’t been for a long time. Also, I looked up the PC requirements for this game and it states that it can handle a 1070 ti.
I thought this too for the first 12 hours, however when i got tired of the split screening, lag, rendering issues, I checked instillation reqs and online threads. Fix was I placed the game files on HDD instead of SSD. Starfield has to be run off an SSD. I can play on high no issues now.
I mean, don’t expect CS GO type of FPS even with modern cards… This isn’t a 400fps game.. Its a brand new game which pushes graphics and current hardware pretty hard if you have everything maxed out. Game runs more than fine on my recent system. Load times between scenes is seconds, initial game load time is pretty quick too, FPS stays above 60 with almost everything on high or above in 1440p. Running Ryzen 9 7900x, 64gb ram, 4070ti. I just upgraded from my 12 yr old OCd i7 2600k, 16gb ram, GTX 970.. I wouldn’t have expected this game to run, or run well on that system although it still did everything else I wanted.. Don’t expect a game like this to be smooth on decade old hardware..
Can you go back to a planet that has contraband on it? I’ve seen a few in my play through but too scared to get caught while I’m doing missions.
yes u can, u can even drop it on the floor outside of the ship and then go back and pick it up
You have to have all shielded cargo you can not have some shielded and some normal cargo
then how do you access the shielded cargo? I did get it to work whit both
Shielded cargo is just a portion of your cargo space. So if you have 160 shielded cargo, 160 weight worth of cargo can be shielded. However, the more you try and shield percentage wise to your cargo space, the more likely itll be detected.
I have 5 lv2 jammers and each time I goto a city, with contraband in ship inventory, I get caught. Either the jammers dont stack or something is up with where I’m storing cargo.
Why is my contraband only selling for like a grand and not near its value?
the videos says that trade authority people will buy for the highest price. i think the Den tradesman lowballs you since its the Den. I think if you can successfully smuggle into big cities, the shady trade authority people will pay top dollar
Why is it when I go to sell contraband at this same place, they offer nowhere near the actual value like yours does. Am I missing something?
and here i am. 50hrs in. never found 1 contraband item
I found 9 last night in an hour. Usually 2 or 3 on crimson fleet ships, which are always landing on planets I’m exploring. Passed up 3 ships that landed in the past 30 minutes running around surveying (I don’t like contraband I always get busted)
Call me an idiot but I was seriously thinking in buying an Xbox a couple month back and now with starfield I may do it even though having a great gaming PC and 15hs in the game.
You mean Microsoft xbox saves bethesda, because if you didn’t know, Bethesda had several class action lawsuits, mainly with Fallout 76 and its collector version that scammed people, and if it isn’t for Microsoft that obtained those lawsuits, Bethesda will fall to the ground, and they had no money to finish starfield

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