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These are just my impressions of the campaign. I have played all the games since Call of Duty4:MW. All solo achievements have been unlocked.
I would like to disclaim in advance that this is not a useful review as it was written impulsively.

The atmosphere is the best ever and the immersion is outstanding.
There are a lot of tense indoor battles, which may have been the flavor of the previous game, and when the crosshairs were hidden, it felt even more like a special forces unit, and I was very excited.
The dark and cruel setting in Mexico, which seems to be reminiscent of the movie Borderline, is really fun, and there are several missions that feel like homages to previous works, making it feel like a culmination.
It picked up the characters and relationships of the old MW series better than the previous work, and I felt that the fan service as a reboot was good. However, the Ranger Regiment disappeared.

I thought this was a great game…but did the staff change between the first half and the second half? The more I thought about it, the more quickly my impression changed and it became difficult to evaluate it.
The following contains spoilers. I’m really enjoying the premise.

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Call of Duty HQ Review | Tips & Tricks | Steam Games | Modern Warfare Warzone – Detailed Explanation

First of all, there are a lot of troublesome gimmicks.
For a while now, I feel like Call of Duty has tended to add elements that seem to have been taken from other games, perhaps to break out of a rut.
This time, I was a little disappointed in how ridiculous it seemed to destroy the realistic atmosphere that had been established through the reboot.

First of all, many people thought that this car chase part was superhuman! I think he must have laughed out loud.
Drive alone, shoot, jump from car to car and drag down drivers. What is this one-operated army? Even Mitchell with Exo from AW looked like it would be difficult to jump into the car.

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In the end, the enemies start scattering landmines like in Mario Kart…the stupid suicide drones that just float around…what a clerical object. Some of your friends came toward us with grenades in hand, and some even sneak-attacked us through the vents to take revenge.
There was no background music and the excitement was lacking, and I was chasing a long line of cars at legal speeds, with no one in sight at the front, and I was pressing the accelerator, wondering when it was going to end.
(I had played Ancha 4 just before, so the drop made it even more difficult).
and survival craft elements.
At first, it seemed interesting, but there was no intellectual freshness that could be overcome with ideas, no thrilling resource management, and there were just more steps to acquire equipment, which just made it a hassle.
I thought it was interesting to stun him with the microwave at the end.
But what to do in that situation? A takedown from Smoke is so easy that there’s no point in doing it. I wanted something like that in my lone struggle.
What’s more, each NPC has a name, and when they discover a comrade who has been attacked, they shout out their name. Are you trying to say that the Shadow who betrayed you is also a person? Even if you just copy the top part, it won’t resonate with you.
The equipment picking up/single cavalry infiltration part that became standard around WW2 is slow and poorly executed, so I really wish it would go away. I’ll do the stealth game separately.
Next is the appropriateness of the level design.
There are a lot of interesting parts, but some missions are really frustrating.
Especially in the latter half of the game, heavy armored soldiers come up and run you over. A thickly armored, high-firepower Daruma mingles with the normal enemies, and before I know it, he’s standing next to me, so I panic and fire rapidly. Stiff! Division! One person is mixed in with the squad. AQ, Shadow Company, and the Mexican Army are all there regardless. Soldiers in this world are taken care of.
If you are a veteran, you will be targeted and killed the moment you expose yourself. Is it Valorant? I didn’t think it would be a peak battle in the campaign. I feel like I’m going up against a full armor operator as a naked Frenzy.
Does anyone find C4 tank bombing missions fun?
If you have a PMC of the level that deploys Apaches and AC-130s at a special forces base, it wouldn’t be strange to have at least a launcher!
Why are you forced to do the latest version of Reiwa Banzai Assault with a plastic bomb in hand? Buddy Rodolfo can’t even be used as a decoy. You showed a lot of guts at the private house, didn’t you? At least throw a smoke grenade.
I went on the second lap as a veteran and it was easier than the first. Bring the DMR and the heavy soldiers will be HS the moment they spring up. I was able to easily capture C4 by setting it up on the road in advance. There was only one RPG at the edge of the map.
The mission to invade the building is also exciting, but somehow I feel unmotivated. Even though it is a very small number of elite people, it is a forced breakthrough and it is not spectacular.
It’s so inappropriate that it would be annoying to put heavy armored shotguns in a maze-like server room. Atmosphere is important in this kind of thing! The gap from the mission to secure Hassan in the early stages is too great.
Rappelling alone is also unremarkable. CoD:Ghost had a more special operations feel to it and left an impression on me. Are the enemy placements too inappropriate? If Ghost-kun is setting up SR outside, please support him! The ending was as expected, and all I could think was that it was a happy ending…

It’s already quite a long post, so I’ll end it here, but there’s a huge gap between interesting missions and boring missions.
Are the level designers on bad terms? Please give me some advice.

Although my frustrations have exploded, there are also many interesting parts.
The sniper battles have become wide linear, making the puzzle-like fun of changing the order of defeat and shooting position more interesting, and the infiltration sequence from elimination was interesting.
Compared to Ghost, where the underwater elements were lame, there are some interesting gimmicks for hiding, and a number of elements from previous games that have been brushed up and improved.
The oil rigs have a lot of interesting expressions, the cityscape of Amsterdam is really beautiful, and the escape story from the cartel’s stronghold had a tense feel, similar to Lone Survivor.

Is it a masterpiece? There were many fun moments that made me think that way, so I was so angry that I wrote about the elements that destroyed it.

It’s not a bad game, as it has an unprecedented amount of configuration, it’s been relatively stable to play since the first day it was released, and it’s beautiful, yet can easily reach 100 FPS.
I really enjoyed it recently, so I highly recommend it.

But in the old CoD games, the hooded, bearded nerds were the best in our games, right? I can’t help but think of him with a smug look on his face, but these days it feels like it’s being made by a grinning-faced marketer wearing a tie, and it always leaves something to be desired. I don’t really know what I want to make.
I think CoD should be a more kid-like game.

Unreasonable weapon balance (all-range torso one-punch rifle, long-range shotgun, shield).
Unreasonable death caused by flying explosives and Kirst.
Traditional squirrel hunting, the mysterious rule that camping is the best way to do TDM.
Mad VC.
B-Class Musou Campaign.

I bought a new COD game for the first time in a few years, and it’s really fun because it’s so stupid to play after such a long time. When I kill and when I get killed, it’s a mess, and I feel like this is it.
When I was hit by a shotgun with a shield and a shotgun at long range, and when I was being beaten up by squirrel hunting Kirst in the dormitory, I remembered the days of the old MW2 and MW3 and almost cried.

As long as you know how to read responses and don’t run too fast, you can easily compete as long as you have basic FPS skills. It’s the McDonald’s of the FPS world, as it doesn’t require as much skill or knowledge as other FPS games do.

The only thing I’m concerned about is the occasional lag or stutter, but in a game where you’re walking and then suddenly die in an explosion, that’s a minor issue.

I’ve been playing the game since it was released, and every time I update it, they add a lot of stupid bugs, and even now, when I start the game, it always keeps crashing with some kind of error, which is a ridiculous problem. I was surprised at the management’s genius idea of ​​not allowing users to play the game. It’s more fun to spend 5 hours chopping wood in Minecraft than playing such a garbage game, so I recommend that. This can be said about COD in general, but the first week or so of any series is an amazing game. However, as soon as that period passes, a final garbage update will cause the game to evolve into a serious garbage game. There you have two choices: continue or quit.
Please buy it once, try playing it, and then return it immediately.
If I were to point out some of the things people are complaining about, it’s hard to recommend it to people who aren’t used to FPS.
・If you play with a controller, you should be able to enjoy the game as it has aim assist as long as you learn some basics.
– If you are not used to FPS and use a mouse, you may find the controller’s aim assist to be unreasonable and have a hard time.
・As you level up your weapons, more attachments and customizations will be available, so at first you will be fighting with fully custom weapons with no initial weapon.
・There are multiple powerful weapons that are so strong that they are prohibited from being used in tournaments due to overseas Gentle Agreements. Are there that many? Since it exists on such a level, if someone stronger than you uses that weapon, you will probably be defeated one-sidedly.
・You can play with a certain amount of stress by choosing the rules you like, but if you choose a specific rule, you will be matched only with people who have selected that rule.
– There is also a mode where you are matched based on a certain internal rating, so basically you will be fighting against a team that has a similar record as you, so if you have multiple allies who don’t understand the rules, it can become a one-sided match. Sho.

・There are some reasons why it’s all the same people…
Auto-matching starts after each match, so if you narrow down the rules, it’s natural that it will be easier to match because the matching timing will be the same as the person in the previous match, so try to change the timing.

– There are many free play modes, so if you only want to play battle royale, you can play for free, so if that’s your main focus, there’s no need to purchase.

– There are multiplayer and party VC modes where you can get special rewards, but there are plenty of ways to connect with people these days, so if you can’t do that, just be willing to give up.

I said a lot of the bad points, but are you still reading it?
If you can read it, then this game might be for you.

・Are you complaining about weapons? Use it completely and memorize it! As you use it, you’ll discover what works for you and what doesn’t.
– It’s boring because there are only strong weapons. Then you can use it yourself.
-If you can’t win with aim, use your head to fight around and near your allies.
-The shield is crap…that’s what everyone thinks.
-If your allies don’t know the rules, shift your thinking toward having fun and leveling up your weapons.
・If you don’t like team deathmatch because you can’t win, then go to the battlefield where you can make use of your strengths and have rules such as securing bases.
・With certain rules, you can search for parties and change the matching band, such as having similar strength, having many kills, or often involving bases. Every time you change it, it will take 2 or 3 battles and then be thrown into the appropriate zone.
・If you are doing really well, think that the next match will be against the same opponent you were playing when you were doing well.
No matter what, this is a game.
Games are meant to be enjoyed. It’s okay to feel frustrated and angry after losing, but don’t forget to have fun.
If you feel good, your opponent feels bad, and vice versa.
It’s important to be able to have fun whether you win or lose.
Above all, it’s a team game, and no matter how hard you try, it’s difficult to turn the tide of the battle alone.
If you have the ambition to overcome that, you can enjoy even the most miserable matches.
Even if all the enemies were running around with shields on their backs…

Well then, let’s meet on the battlefield. I’ll be waiting for you inside the base.

A game that will make you enjoy COD for the first time in a while.
When it comes to weapon balance, it’s difficult to say anything because everyone sees things that are bad for them as worse…

Even though SG is said to be strong, compared to previous games like this, the places where you can kill are limited compared to previous games.
Although it is one punch, can it be easily connected to a high kirst? That being said, it is questionable.

But you can’t use the Marksman Rifle.
Is it a bug that ADS is as fast as AR, SMG, and SG because it does one punch both at short and long range? I think.

However, in modes where there is a target, you can try to clear the line of fire by blowing smoke, so I think it’s good to have the options of lethal and tactical as an SR countermeasure.

There are also issues with crashes etc.
The frequency of crashes has decreased since the initial release.
However, the lobby screen is a mess, and even though I’m trying to match, it just says “Connecting” and doesn’t match.
Therefore, it takes a lot of effort to get out of the lobby once.

It hasn’t been long since it was released, and looking at the official Twitter account, it looks like they’ll be supporting beans, so I’m looking forward to seeing it in the future.

The conclusion is interesting.

In short, I feel that development has been negligent.

First of all, I’d like to say that this is my first time in the CoD series, so it might just be a so-called Not for Me game.
It may be different for people who want to enjoy meetings and can find other things that are interesting.

There are some parts that make me think that it’s amazing, and it’s basically the kind of game I like.

I found the basics to be fun to play with.It’s built in a way that makes you feel like you’d expect a major title that has been around for a long time, and I was left with a pretty good impression.

There is not enough explanation about the rules. Many of the explanations for Quick Match’s filters are still relatively easy to understand.

(Even then, there are some cases where you only have to take turns attacking and defending the target. This is a round system with a respawn limit.

Other than that, use the given weapon to get the kill faster than anyone else. It’s written that it’s 2v2, and there’s also a mosh pit where you can do something like that. (What is a mosh pit?).

Furthermore, there is no information such as description or number of players for Ground War, Invasion, and HARD CORE. (Even if you display the explanation for HARD CORE in the final play column, it only shows HARD CORE, so maybe there are others as well?).

Also, some parts of weapon customization are difficult to understand.
There are some things that are hard to understand, such as recoil suppression, recoil control, accuracy, and recoil stability, and things like reload accuracy that are difficult to understand even though they are written so well. (In addition to recoil stability, there is also something called recoil stability, but I feel like this was spelled incorrectly during translation, but it hasn’t been corrected yet, so it’s a mystery).