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I wanted to write a review because I wanted to write about the fun of this game, but when it came time to write it, I realized that there were so many things I wanted to write about that I couldn’t write anything, so I’ll just write about the important things.
Kenshi is a game where there is a clear difference between those who are suited to this type of game and those who are not, and those who are not suited to this kind of game will stop after a few minutes, but those who are suited to this type of game will be stuck in a deep hole and will not be able to get out… …That’s the kind of game it is.
After I met Kenshi, I couldn’t escape, so those who play from now on should be careful…

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Kenshi Review | Tips & Tricks | Steam Games – Detailed Explanation

This game is not difficult, so it is recommended even for beginners.
You can save and load at any time, so you shouldn’t make any big mistakes.
There are also MODs that make girls cute, so even if you’re averse to visuals, there’s no problem.

The main character in this game is not special, and is no different from NPCs living in a wide world.
The parameters, equipment, and even actions of the characters controlled by the player, as well as NPCs, operate on the same principle.
It’s a devastated worldview, so it won’t heal you, but it will sink you deep into it.
I like this level of roughness better than today’s CG, which is too clean. I like old Hitman and Tenchu.

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The slave start is recommended for beginners.
Your hair will be shaved, but you can easily get it back if you go to town, so be patient while you’re a slave.
Slaves don’t starve, and they can train while working.
At night, you can sneak into the barracks and practice your thievery skills, stealth, and picking.
The shackles are heavy, so if you work while carrying many shackles, your strength will increase, and eventually you will be able to acquire speed that the guards can’t keep up with. Let’s also train martial arts.
As you get stronger, you will want to defeat the guards and put them in prison, but if the guards disappear, there will be no guards to come to call your slaves in the morning, so you will not be able to work. Take guard hunting in moderation.
Once you reach that level, you can escape.
If you escape and play while starving, you will starve to death, so please be careful.

Once you get a lot stronger in slave mode, it’s time to start.
Gather your friends and go on an adventure.
By the way, I enjoyed being a slave for over 300 days.

It was a shocking game in many ways.
This is a type of game that would never be made by a Japanese game company.

While you can enjoy it like an RPG with a small party,
You can also lead a large army and fight like a strategy simulation game.
Twice delicious in one piece.

This is a game that once again reminded me that knowing the rules of the world is more important than anything else.
It’s a very cruel and unreasonable world, but it’s strange how once you get the hang of it, you can live comfortably in such a world.
It’s a Surume game that the more you play, the more you get addicted to it.

Many MODs have been created by volunteers,
Especially if you install a MOD that can change the character’s graphics to be beautiful.
I recommend it because it will increase your motivation to play.

Before I knew it, I had done 2500 hours.

If you like role-playing games, you should definitely buy it.
It is also recommended for people who like to play as farmers, blacksmiths, bounty hunters, slaves, aristocrats who use slaves, or even the unrivaled protagonist.

The worldview was created over a period of ten years, so the setting and history have been elaborated into every detail, so it’s interesting to walk through the vast world and unravel it in your own way.
In terms of the system, no matter what you do, your stats will go up, so it’s fun to feel like every action is connected to the development of your character and makes them grow.
It’s a difficult game until you understand it, but once you get used to it, you can easily play it in one hand while watching videos or streaming. I don’t get tired.

Also, the official distribution of MOD creation tools along with the game makes it easy to get started with creating MODs, so there are quite a lot of MODs, and almost everything that you feel is missing can be covered by MODs.
Therefore, you can play endlessly.

This is a miniature garden type RTS with a very serious and realistic taste. It has a high degree of freedom and is especially recommended for those who like creating their ideal bases and troops. You can play the game just fine with the vanilla version, but the MOD environment has been set up, so you can fix or eliminate any points you’re dissatisfied with, or customize the difficulty level to suit you.

There is no clear objective or clear goal for the game, so you must decide your own goals. In addition, there is nothing wrong with playing by inertia, but the lack of prepared forces (events) makes it difficult to change, and the more you set up a base or increase the number of people, the more effort will be spent on maintaining it. Due to its design, it is not suitable for people who are nervous or for creating videos that require creativity. In particular, it is essential to install or create MODs to be freed from the hassle of management and maintenance.

The level of difficulty, including the worldview, can be traumatic for RTS beginners, so it’s best to watch videos and prepare in advance, or avoid it in the first place.

MOD creation tool included. Although it does not support Japanese, it is easy to use just by reading a simple explanation.
Partial initialization using the import function. This allows you to flexibly deal with things such as reviving lost NPCs, apply MODs midway, and resolve minor issues, and organize the play environment.
The loading time at startup is a little long, but considering it’s a MOD game it’s not that long that you have to wait more than 10 minutes.

Equipped with character makeup.
If you feel like it, you can train your character to incredible strength.

There is something surprisingly impressive about the expression of the terrain. Basically, the world is full of sand and brown, and for the sake of play efficiency you tend to take a bird’s-eye view with the camera pulled back, but if you look closely, you can see ripples spreading on the water surface when it rains, and footsteps sound different depending on the scaffolding environment ( It’s hard to hear unless you upload it).

The first thing to learn is how to make money. Next is securing food, safety, and a way out. The skill of the player himself is tested.
NPCs have little money, and it is difficult to make a profit from selling them after the middle stage.
Even if unreasonableness can be tolerated due to its initial weakness, inconvenience, unstable behavior, bugs, etc. are noticeable. If you want to reduce stress, consider installing a MOD.

Perhaps thanks to the architectural elements, the map is sparse.
The shape of the ruins (ruins) is basically the same, and at most the types and number of enemies that appear will vary. There is nothing large enough to be called a dungeon.
Even if the existing forces are destroyed, new forces will not appear. At best, it is a change in the degree of expansion of the area under control. The more you defeat the enemies in front of you, the more the world becomes deserted. There are no clear clear conditions, so you need to set your own goals and victory conditions. For better or for worse.
Occasionally, you will be unable to move through walls or floors. If you are traveling alone, it can be overwhelming. This phenomenon occurs due to loading delays or being pushed by other characters.

Occasionally, an invisible wall (determination of movable points disappears) due to a reading failure occurs, preventing movement. This can be resolved with the special command Shift+Ctrl+F11.

Hunger can easily become a hindrance when recruiting human resources. You can either set the initial settings to slow down the rate of hunger, use a MOD to eliminate hunger while sleeping, place a food barrel in a house you bought in the city and have it standby, or build your own base outside the city. Some kind of countermeasure must be taken, such as establishing a self-sufficient system or hiring skeletons who have no concept of hunger in the first place. It’s not enough just to pay for food, but if you leave it unattended, you’ll lose your character from starvation.
Even if you hire them, most of them are lazy, and their combat skills have not developed at all.
The appearance rate of employable skeletons (robots) is extremely low. The number of fixed locations is also small.

If you build a base in the suburbs without a plan, you will have to worry about collecting taxes (money or food) and being attacked by enemy forces (depending on alliance relationships, location conditions, etc.). In addition to production personnel, defense forces will be required.
There is little flat land to set up a base, and buildings are often slightly tilted.

Some abilities, such as strength and stealth, can only be developed through strange training. You need to understand the specifications.
Muscle strength cannot be improved just by fighting; one must run while carrying heavy objects and people at the same time.
Stealth is trained in unfamiliar situations, such as walking stealthily in front of the public, even if you don’t mind being seen.

If you increase some of your ability values, such as muscle strength, your physique will change or your abdominal muscles will crack. Even if you put in a beautification MOD, you might end up with a beautiful girl who looks like a muscular macho man.
Once you lose a limb, you can’t get it back (you can’t grow it). Irreversible. This can be compensated for with prosthetic limbs, but operating costs increase.

Some armors have clear preferential treatment, and there is almost no choice due to their defensive effects and special resistance (e.g. duster coat, samurai equipment set, etc.). Considering efficiency, everyone ends up looking the same.
Hair is not depicted on many headgears.
There are a lot of half-baked weapons, armor, and other equipment whose uses are unknown. If you use MOD tools, you can enjoy improving them, but if you only play games, you will only see them as something to sell.

There are so many types of weapons that it’s easy to worry about which one to choose.
Attack frequency is greatly affected by muscle strength, etc., but if the required abilities are met, the attack frequency will be faster in order of sword, nagara, and others.
Only heavy weapons and long-handled weapons don’t fit into the Weapon II slot, and if one hand breaks, you won’t be able to swing it.
Weapon II slots are automatically switched when you are approached by an enemy when equipped with a crossbow, or when fighting indoors even if you are a vanguard specialist.

Among the six types of weapons, the sword is a bit unlucky. It’s not completely unusable, but it has heavy attack penalties against heavy armor and robots, making it less versatile, but on the other hand, it’s lightweight and requires the most trouble. For new characters and early stages.
The saber is essentially a superior compatibility with the sword, with various penalties removed, and it has no special features. Because of this, it is easy to have trouble deciding which weapon type is best. If you are lost or have trouble, this is it. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

A hatchet weapon is a lightweight version of a heavy weapon, and is a counterpart to a sword in terms of performance, and is highly versatile as it is specialized against armor and robots. There is a slight penalty, mainly for animals, but it’s within a level that you don’t need to worry about. The problem is that it is difficult to handle in the early stages due to its weight.
Weapons tend to become heavier in proportion to their grade (strength), and in the case of heavy weapons that are inherently heavy, there is a pitfall that if you have low muscle strength (weight x weight), you will not be able to move properly. However, if you train it and equip it with appropriate heavy weapons, the blind spot will disappear. Hatchet weapons have a similar relationship to swords and sabers. Large late bloomer.
As you can imagine, blunt weapons are a weapon type that specializes in impact damage and can easily deal consistent damage to heavily armored opponents. Some of them are tricky, such as specializing in bleeding, but overall they are pretty simple. It seems that it was originally prepared for the Weapon II slot, but small-sized swords, sabers, and machetes are also normally available, so unless there are special circumstances or preferences, other weapon types will suffice. .
All pole weapons, with the exception of a few, have special effects against animals. The length of the reach is mainly the range of the attack, and there is no such thing as being able to attack unilaterally. In terms of performance, it is suitable for egg hunters and base standby personnel.

Martial arts are so-called martial arts. bare hands. You can’t defend, and your evasive motion is slow. Moreover, the basic performance of humans and robots is different (robots have an advantage). It is a typical example of being strong (so much so that your arms fly off) when used by the enemy, and it is a romantic frame that requires patience to bring it to a practical level.
A crossbow is a long-range weapon for beginners. balance breaker. It costs money, it takes time to manage the remaining bullets, and there are chances of accidental firing, but the more the number increases, the more terrifying the annihilation power becomes. For some reason, it is treated as a separate frame from fixed artillery batteries.

Dissatisfied points: There is a bug in the import function, and when the survival flag of an NPC is inherited, the imprisoned NPC disappears.

It’s hard to tell the characters apart. There may also be situations where the boss is buried in a large amount of dirt and you miss stripping it of its equipment.
It is difficult to determine which character spoke (the name is not displayed). There is a log, but it is a hassle to open it each time.
I can’t refuse unexpected events where NPCs will escort me. I went on an expedition for the purpose of training, but my favor got in the way.

It is difficult to select candidate locations. The area of ​​the land, the slope of the land, the distance to the nearest city, water, fertility, stone, iron, copper, etc., all of which are needed, are in remote areas and no matter how long it takes, you will not be able to start building. For the time being, there are lands with favorable conditions that have everything.
NPCs often trespass into purchased city properties (private settings). On rare occasions, wildlife may appear.

The SE when starting the game and loading data is too big.
There is nothing like BGM. Even if it rings, it stops immediately. It’s better to think that it’s basically silent.
The buzz of flies gathering around lost characters is noisy. Hell with headphones.

Occasionally gets stuck when receiving long-distance movement instructions. Stand tall.
An object (tree) blocking the entrance to the City Shark store. It seems to be influenced by the MOD, but this is the only place where things get weird.
The gate is not functioning in a town ruled by NPCs. Although there are gate soldiers to eliminate foreign enemies, it is easy for the town to be invaded, and residents are likely to be harmed.

Characters other than those targeted cannot defend or evade range attacks. The distance between vehicles is important.
Because of the decimal point damage (the display is rounded down), it is easy to misunderstand that the damage has been added to the maximum HP (this can be fixed if you receive more damage than the standard value that can be treated). Also, when trying to cure this problem, it tends to cause the phenomenon of lumping when loading for the first time.

Inputting double-byte characters (Japanese) is impossible unless you press Ctrl+V to paste.
Automatic tidying is not smart. Even if it takes a lot of time, it will be better to manage it manually.

Hiring animals is essential for playing and traveling to ruin ruins. You can’t carry much stuff in a human bag. Additionally, animals tend to go hungry, and although there is special food available (not for sale, you must procure it on your own), you have to stock up on extra food, which creates additional effort instead of reducing effort. Furthermore, there are many inconveniences, such as not being able to enter houses and the way they move around.
Animals eat food that is in their bags or nearby. A factor that makes Bone Dog easily lost because it does not have a bag to equip.
Isn’t it easy to be confused by the fact that both humans and animals eat automatically? Roughly 230 or 250.

If passive combat is ON, the battery will no longer be guarded.
The belt equipment frame and the only equipment, the lantern, are rare items. It has almost become a frame exclusively for MOD equipment.

Acid rain is a problem. Unlike gas and beams, there is no way to avoid it.

Note: You can select multiple face photos by Shift+clicking.

Time thief It’s fun no matter how many times you do it
I tend to do the same strategy at the beginning, but I still don’t know what will happen.
In the early stages, digging for ore and moving around town are risking your life, and even if there are a lot of people, if you can’t all escape and you are defeated, you will be defeated.
It is common for people to commit crimes due to operational errors.
I end up loading it, but it’s definitely better not to do it.
Also, it’s twice as fun to play with vanilla and add mods.
Live freely!
An open world RPG set in a devastated world.
I think people who like this genre will be satisfied.
If you get addicted to it, you can play for hundreds of hours or more, but I never got that far and got bored.

If you’re interested, try it when it’s on sale (it goes on sale quite often)