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An open world ARPG from From Software, famous for the Dark Souls series, SEKIRO, Bloodborne, etc. It is the latest work of the so-called original Souls-like, and the UI is almost the same as the Dark Souls series. The Dark Souls series is famous for being one of the most difficult death games, and this game follows suit, with the same basic systems such as high difficulty, remembering death, and parameter development, but it is unique as there are quite a few differences. It’s a wonderfully balanced game that can be recommended to everyone.

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First, let’s talk about the action elements.
This game is an open world ARPG, so naturally you’ll be riding horses. In contrast to the previous game’s map, which consisted of connected dungeons such as a collapsed castle, a dense forest, and an intricate tomb, this game’s map is a vast land in between. It is spread out and has a structure where various locations such as caves, castles, forests, mine shafts, and graveyards are scattered throughout. As a result, you can run on a horse, which is typical of open world games these days, and the main character has more options for how to move. This is also advantageous as a strategy, and for example, when defeating a huge boss like a flying dragon, you can use a maneuverable horse to attack from side to side.

The main character has a jump button, which naturally expands the range of strategies. Jump attacks are now possible, and depending on the weapon, attacks that combine high firepower and mobility are also possible.

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The familiar parry in the series (bending the opponent’s attack with your shield at the moment you receive it) continues to be a counter method, but I think the implementation of a guard counter that can be done with all shields is worth mentioning. This was quite shocking. Parrying requires timing and a little skill, so even advanced players may not be good at it, but Guard Counter is activated by simply attacking after guarding the opponent’s attack, making it much easier to defeat. It felt like the frontage of from games expanded a lot. Of course, you won’t be able to conquer the game if you rely on this alone.

The implementation of stealth by crouching is reminiscent of SEKIRO. Not only can you approach without being noticed and attack from behind with a deadly attack, but it’s also easy to fish out from outside the enemy’s search range. This also seems to be playing a role in the introduction of From Games.

Blessing warp is also a system introduced in this work, and it is very convenient and matches the open world. Things that correspond to bonfires (save points/bases) in the Soul series are called blessings, but instead of being transferred between blessings, once recorded blessings can be warped to anywhere on the field. Strictly speaking, it’s a warp, or rather, an abbreviation of travel time, so of course the condition is that you’re not in a hostile state (the route is secured), but it’s still very convenient. If you think it’s difficult to conquer, you can quickly warp to another location and find another route, or advance through another dungeon. By making movement easier, players have a lot more freedom in choosing their path.
The changes in the action aspect listed above are useful, but on the other hand, they can also be said to be dull when compared to the previous work. But I want to suffer more! If you have a desire like this, you can just play the old games or similar games, so it’s not that much of a problem. The rest of it is so great that there’s not much to say about it.

Next, regarding the atmosphere of the game, this work is called a dark fantasy, but compared to the previous work, the introduction is brighter and friendlier. Personally, I thought it was brighter than I expected and felt like a classic RPG. The stage is set in a land of interstices where the scars of wars fought by the descendants of past gods remain, but Rimgrave, which you conquer at the beginning of the stage, is clearly a post-collapse world, but it’s surprisingly bright. , it doesn’t have much of the gloomy atmosphere of the series. However, as you progress through the story, the number of dark and creepy locations will increase, but by that time you will have become addicted to the game.

I also feel that the story is easier to understand compared to the previous work. In the Soul series, the story is explained in the main story based on the flavor text of items and snippets of dialogue from NPCs, so much so that there’s even the term “from-brain”. This work has the same thought-provoking style, but it is relatively easy to read. Of course, some of the core issues are still being debated, and why? You can think about it as many times as you want by repeating it, but the core of the story is very simple.
In addition, each NPC event is also relatively easy to understand. I feel like there are a lot of hot stories that lean toward the classics that are popular in manga. Even though it’s a tragedy, I don’t feel that bad about it. In particular, isn’t Neferirou an NPC that gets a happy ending when completed, which is rare in Fromm? Maybe it’s because of the improved graphics, but each NPC feels like they’re trying their best to live their lives, so it’s easy to empathize with them, and I feel like there aren’t many NPCs like a certain rabbit or gold Yurt who get kicked out easily.
I tried to list my personal favorite NPC events, but it’s hard to choose because they all have their own unique personalities and motivations. If I had to choose, the event with Dialos Khosrow made me cry a little. I like this kind of thing.Personal impressions,

Anyway, as mentioned above, this is a masterpiece that I can recommend to everyone. It’s filled with only the best parts of Fromm’s history, and the balance is well adjusted so that anyone can enjoy it. I don’t think anyone will hate this game even if they feel it’s boring, and even people who aren’t good at action but want to give it a try will be able to master it if they take the time. Fortunately, online cooperative play is possible, and since it’s a new game, there are a lot of people, so you can ask for help. There’s a lot of strategy information available on the internet, so why not buy it when it’s on sale?

I often hear that the open map was superfluous in this game, but I have the exact opposite impression.

I’ve always thought that the appeal of the Souls series is not the difficult boss battles, but the fact that you have to slowly conquer your way through them.

This work has been expanded to the maximum extent along the way, and I feel like this is what I’ve been waiting for.

In fact, I didn’t like the boss battles as much as I did in previous titles because it felt like I was using my high skills to cover up the enemy’s attacks that were difficult to evade over a wide range.

This is a title I highly recommend to people who like dungeon raiding and exploration more than the combat of Dark Souls.

A masterpiece of overwhelming volume.
Become the king of Elde.
Even if the guidance is broken.

The classic series is back with an open world.

While retaining the operability and unique game-like nature of the previous games, there are many new elements, so it’s a solid introduction to the past games.
This work is recommended for both those who have played the game to the fullest and those who are playing the series for the first time.

Interesting points to evaluate.
・A wide world and unfriendly lines.
I think the main feature is the open world,
This is common in games that promote an open world.
Unlike maps that are just large and not worth exploring,
Whenever I thought there was something in this Elden Ring,
Some kind of result is prepared.

In other words, you can thoroughly explore the map from end to end, so it’s highly rated that you can find the fun in just going around here and there.

Also, even if you don’t know the order of battles, which is often the case in open worlds, Fromm’s method gently shows you the order, so even if you stumble or make a clear mistake in the order, you can I’m starting to think I’ll conquer this later.

More and wider equipment and easier magic. For convenience, it is called magic here, but in past works this was divided into multiple genres and was somewhat complicated.

As a result, when trying to do various things, it was sometimes difficult because the range was surprisingly narrow, but in this work, it has been reduced to two types, making it relatively easy to try out a variety of spells.

On the other hand, there are quite a lot of weapon types, and even the same weapon type has different motions to differentiate it, so there is more freedom of choice here.

On the other hand, there are quite a lot of weapon types, and even the same weapon type has different motions to differentiate it, so there is more freedom of choice here.

As a result, each time I picked up a new piece of equipment, I was excited to try it out, wondering how it would behave and what characteristics it would have, which was a fun part of the game.

Also, even if there was something that I couldn’t equip due to status, I could easily reroll it, so that was also a good thing.
Dissatisfied, disappointing points: The enemies feel weaker than in previous games.
It’s a bit of an understatement to sum it up in one word, “weak,” but this work stands out from previous works.
In comparison, there are small fry and bosses who struggle so much that they remain in the memory.
I think it was less.

As someone who continues to play the series, I feel that he is as strong as Marenia, Plachydosaxe, and Radagon.
I felt it was just the right level of difficulty (interesting).

(This will change as your stamina increases with each lap, so I’m talking about the first lap.)

In terms of specific weaknesses, in previous games, battles basically proceeded by predicting the opponent’s attack, taking appropriate defensive actions, and then counterattacking.

However, in this game, there are many situations where it is advantageous to attack by attacking with your maximum firepower before the opponent takes action, and defeating the opponent without doing anything.

Therefore, if you are raising your stats by focusing on firepower, or if you are using a weapon that is good at inhibiting the opponent’s actions, even if it is a boss, you will be able to push through it without making it take any action, and it will not be as easy as in previous games. I felt that last-minute battles tended to be less likely to occur.

Of course, I felt that bosses with a lot of physical strength in the final stages, or bosses that followed the flow of previous games, were generally strong, so this may be due to individual differences in build etc.

As for the small fish, there are few patterns where you die due to a mistake in judgment in a battle with small fish, and there are many cases where you get attacked by small fish and fall to your death, which is the usual pattern, so I felt that the battles were quite easy compared to previous games. .

It’s definitely a masterpiece, and it looks like there will be additional DLC in the future, so if you see it on sale and think you have a chance, please play it.

Then play until the end and become the king of Elde. I became Rani-sama’s companion.

If you try to do it properly at a ridiculously high volume, it will easily exceed 150 hours.
A culmination of the know-how cultivated through Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and SEKIRO.
The game as a whole is definitely interesting.

However, from the second half onwards, there are more scenes that are more unreasonable than difficult, and more stressful than rewarding.
It’s not very interesting due to the extremely unreasonable map and gimmicks of large numbers of small enemies.
I think reusing bosses is something that can’t be helped with this much volume.
However, the difficulty adjustment method of choosing 2 bosses or 3 bosses is really stressful.

What I can say in general is that the opponent attacks frequently and doesn’t want to let you hit them.
The boss AI in this game is extremely prone to rolling hunting, recovery hunting, and continuous attack hunting.
In particular, continuous attack hunting is very annoying, even if you find an opening and hit him, he will react to being hit and cancel that opening itself and counterattack.
Because of this, the concept of continuous attacks and techniques with long motions themselves are dead. This is very disappointing and doesn’t feel good.
This type of combat is often likened to a turn-based system, but while you are forced to attack once, it feels like your opponent is expected to attack 3, 4, or 5 times.
In any case, I spend a lot of time checking on my opponent in order to find a decent opening.
This is often seen in the boss movements of Sekiro rather than Dark Souls, but Sekiro can easily bounce off the opponent’s attacks with almost no risk, making it easier to balance offense and defense, and I think that’s why it worked.
Elden Ring-style, or rather Dark Souls-style, combat allows parrying, but it’s more severe than Sekiro’s parrying, and there’s a risk of damage. In such a situation, the boss moves like Sekiro, so I feel like they don’t mesh well.
Even if you have a quick weapon, you’ll be limited to powerful combat techniques because it will react once you hit it.
Heavy weapons are unusually strong and won’t make you flinch at all, and since you’ll have to cancel your opening and counterattack to receive a guaranteed blow, you’ll end up with only high-powered jump attacks with little opening up.
Fortunately, rolling’s invincibility time is long, so it’s fairly easy to avoid if you remember the motion, but the enemy’s attacks are all delay attacks.
This is probably the result of studying the movements of players up until now, but it is natural that AI can be made as strong as it wants.
Compared to my previous works, I feel that the balance between difficulty and comfort is slightly off.
I’m happy even if I can finally defeat multiple bosses! Rather, it’s over! That feeling is stronger.
t’s also true that my expectations have become abnormally high based on the results of the previous works, and I’ve only mentioned the problems.
The fun bosses are fun, and the open world is quite dense, so I recommend it as a game.
Moreover, for those who cannot clear the game, there are many elements that can be pushed through such as strengthening, summoning, and combat techniques, so if you take the time, you can clear the game.
To be honest, as always, it’s a work that has very different tastes, so I don’t think it’s something that everyone will enjoy, but if you like Dark Souls, I think you’ll enjoy it to some degree.
However, as I mentioned above, there are quite a few rough edges that I can only see because I like his previous works.
For the first time in a long time, I forgot to eat and sleep and spent a month playing games.
It’s been a long time since I became an adult and playing games became just a way to kill time.
I never thought I would become as passionate about it as I was when I was a kid.

I found myself giving up on the Dark Souls series right away because I couldn’t even defeat the early enemies.
Basically, in Elden Ring, you can ignore the opponents you can’t beat and put them on the back burner.
In any case, it’s a testament to the beauty of an open world, where you can go to various places and explore.

As for the action, it was still difficult, but this can be managed by raising the level.
Summoning the ashes significantly lowers the difficulty, so even I, who is not good at action, enjoyed it.
There are places where you can easily level up, so it was relatively easy.
Anyway, the enemies were strong and there were some parts that were boring, but it was more fun to explore and try out new weapons, combat techniques, and ashes.

However, the second half felt a little underdeveloped, and I got the impression that the story got more and more boring as it went on.
In the early stages, it was interesting to go to the same dungeon again because it was a from-game game that I wasn’t used to, and there were new discoveries.
In the second half, I got used to the game and the map to explore became smaller, so it felt like it was a straight road.
There are also a lot of ashes, weapons, and magic, but for some reason I don’t think many of them can be used very much.

The event-related aspects were not suppressed at all, and the ending was a bit disappointing,
I would like to go back and enjoy the event one more time.

It looks like Elden Ring’s journey is far from over.

I never thought that I would be so addicted to it that I even tried my best to get into it.

I was helplessly overrun by grafted noblemen and tree guards that suddenly appeared, I was killed by the boss of the first mini-dungeon more than a dozen times, I didn’t even know how to level up, and I regretted buying it for about 10 hours after the game started. I was wandering around a vast map.
However, when I tried to challenge the boss who had been killed so many times, I easily defeated it.
Basically, if you take detours and avoid enemies you can’t defeat, you can move forward.
I was able to defeat all the powerful bosses by watching strategy videos on the internet and trying again and again.
However, it requires a lot of concentration, so middle-aged men need to take a break every time they try.
It’s painful.
Sometimes I want to throw the controller away, but after a break I want to start playing again.
As I repeated this process, I was able to row to the clear stage.

Although the world is hopeless and desolate, the scenery is truly beautiful.
When I passed through the tutorial dungeon and looked up at the Golden Tree from the top of the hill, I couldn’t help but sigh.
There are sometimes breathtaking views that soothe your mind after repeated game overs.

The NPCs were also fascinating. I especially like the members of the Volcano Hall, and even though I thought they were all different when I first met them, I like them all now.
However, if you want to get to know them deeply, you will need to manage the flags in a very strict manner as you progress through the game.
For players who want to collect trophies efficiently, we recommend checking out the strategy information from the beginning.

A really small mistake can cause you to miss an event or fail.
I watched the spoilers from the beginning, but I was able to thoroughly enjoy it.

After clearing Elden Ring three times, I felt like I was good enough to try my hand at other deadly games, but even though the difficulty level itself was similar, I felt that Elden, where you can get stronger while taking detours, was easier. I did.
I think it’s a good introduction to the high-difficulty game called Soulslike.
It has become a very memorable game for me.
Now I’m waiting in anticipation for the DLC to call me beyond the fog once again.