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Set in America, which has collapsed due to the spread of a mysterious zombie virus,
An open world survival game featuring biker Deacon St. John as the main character.
He lost his wife at the opening, and along with his friend Boozer, a fellow biker.
While hunting former humans called Freakers and bounty heads who were rejected by the community and turned into bandits.
I’m spending my days.

Deacon is often emotional due to the loss of his wife and his anger.
In the early stages, he often acts in a way that is so exclusive to others that some people find it difficult to accept him as the main character.

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However, the scariest thing in this work is not the freaker, but the humans.
In a collapsed world, bandits and cults are rampant, turning their fangs against others.
The community cannot afford to continue accepting the survivors,
There are even some places that seem to want slaves instead of warriors.

In such a world, a certain event causes Deacon to once again run around the world to recover what he lost.

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It’s still a classic zombie item.
To be honest, things like freak cars and firearms in this work are standard among standard items.
It’s a zombie game, but it also features headshots and burning, ensuring the action of a AAA game.

What sets this work apart from other games is that the main movement is by motorbike.
Constant fighting with Freakers is not an absolute necessity, and bandits and people with malicious intent will also attack each other with firearms. Humans attack Deacons and others with their emotions, but Freakers attack living creatures in groups as food.
Therefore, even during the game, you can fight by calling in free cars and having them destroy the opposition’s base.
Motorcycles have a concept of durability and fuel, so they need to be repaired and refueled from time to time, but since I can easily refuel after a certain distance, I didn’t feel the stress of traveling until the end.

From a survival perspective, except for certain weapons, you can craft them yourself.
It was great to be able to come up with my own approach and try out different approaches.
However, the swarm of Freakers in this work was literally a swarm, and it was so overwhelming that they attacked me to the point where I thought I might fail.
In the early stages, there are some situations where you can’t do anything, but in the latter half you can think of approaches to how to deal with the hordes, and even on normal difficulty, the game felt quite challenging.
What is really scary?
As a standard zombie story, humans are scarier than zombies, and there is a lot of emphasis on the story.
Even when we look at the current situation of those who used to be called Freakers, we can see even more of the evil intentions of humans.
Due to the community issues mentioned above and the rampant malicious people, there are times when I think Freakers are better.
From the middle onwards, there are many developments that make the player angry through Deacon, and there are also scenes that make the player cry at the kindness of humans in a collapsed world.

However, after playing this work to the end, I experienced repeated crashes due to my own environment,
I would like to emphasize that the reason I didn’t give up until the end was because the story was so good.

From consumer to PC.
Consumer works, especially exclusive titles from Sony, the parent company of PlayStation, were released on PC.
This is good news and can be welcomed with applause, and I look forward to seeing it in the future.
It would be good for PC users if more titles could be played in the future, such as Quantic Dream’s works.
This is something that users should honestly evaluate as well.
It was also a flagship title for PS4, and it was a very interesting work.
It is therefore unfortunate that the unfortunate points in the regulations have become too conspicuous.
Without even mentioning that point, this is a good work that can be recommended to users who like zombie apocalypse stories or human dramas.

I’m more afraid of people with malicious intent than people who have turned into freakers.
That is what this work is.

I started playing it with a casual mindset before playing Dying Light 2, and it was interesting.

It was interesting, so I’d like to share it with you all. Be sure to play without looking at spoilers.

That’s why I don’t really recommend playing by looking at a strategy site.
I’m not saying that instead,
What I was concerned about when playing was which weapons and skills are best? That’s what I meant,
You can use almost any weapon, and as for skills, first you have to use ruthless coordination.Then you have to focus shots.The goal is to have good legs.Anything else is fine, and by the time you clear the stage, you will have mastered most of them. .

As for how to fight, when a difficult situation arises, I can usually get by with hit and away. Battles where the key point is how much you can remove with a thrown weapon will occur frequently after a certain point has progressed.

In any case, the most important thing to avoid is spoilers.
There are many sites that post the text of the log that remains after the quest is finished, but in the end, that text… right? It contains a lot of things, so you shouldn’t read it.

The worst one is Wikipedia.
Never watch the character introductions.
Everything from the beginning of the story to the ending and the so-called hidden ending will be spoiled. Please be careful. seriously.

I am generally a lenient person in my evaluations, so please use this as a reference only.

・It worked without any problems on a DELL laptop with Iris Xe graphics (16GB of memory).

・There were no particular bugs. Was it luck, or was it just a case of Omakan?

– Character operations and weapon switching were smooth and easy to play. (using PAD)
Maybe it’s because of the focus mode that allows you to slow down for a short period of time.
However, this person can’t jump.

・The story was good overall. There are some pushy parts though.

– There are no complicated things like building or managing automatically decreasing gauges (hunger, thirst, etc.).
Although I do worry about gasoline when traveling, it’s not that tiring.
Ah, I wonder if there was a durability value for melee weapons.
I’m the type of person who finds it annoying when my weapon breaks while I’m using it.
I didn’t use it much, so I vaguely remember it.

-If you’re having trouble getting around on your bike, there’s also fast travel. I’m running out of gas though.

・We are occasionally attacked by wild animals such as bears. Once you defeat it, you can cut it up and sell the meat on the spot.

– After defeating zombies, there is a system that collects ears and sells them to shops.
Since they sell it at food stalls, I thought they wouldn’t eat it.

– Even if you defeat all the zombie hordes, you can reset and revive the horde.
In fact, you can play with hordes of zombies indefinitely.

・In the second week, I installed the MOD and played casually. Make bullets unlimited, change the main character’s skin, etc.
There are various things in NEXUSMOD.

I come back to this world once in a while.
Riding a motorcycle in the great outdoors, hunting animals and becoming a hunter, collecting wildflowers for no reason,
Revive and defeat hordes of zombies and opposition parties.

Writing the review made me want to try it.

I don’t particularly recommend it. It’s different for each person.
To me, it was the best game.
Thank you for reading this far.

It’s long, it’s long.
I’ve completed the story, but the ending seems like there’s more to come.
While playing, I often feel a sense of accomplishment and fatigue rather than fun and surprise.
It’s like coming back from a trip and finishing all your homework.

I get tired of just hiding, running, running, shooting, and throwing Molotov cocktails over and over again.
But it also has the advantage of being able to advance the story by simply repeating the same thing over and over again without thinking.

Sometimes people or things are missing to move on to the next scene, so
If you check the strategy site and see that there is nothing there, give up and load the previous save data.

The graphics and production are extremely detailed.
It feels like a lot of people’s hard work has gone into this game.
But what the player does is simple: just run, fight, and survive.

Recommended for those who want to chase hundreds of freakers (zombies) for dozens of hours.

There are stealth elements, craft elements, and above all, the customization elements of the bike stuck out to me.
Although there aren’t that many customizations, they will become your companions to help you survive.

Also, the game difficulty level is just right, and if you make the wrong choice, you will die normally.
You’ll die fighting hordes of zombies, or you’ll die trying to take shortcuts.
If you’re thinking of something like a zombie game where you customize your weapons and become unrivaled, it may be a little different from what you imagine.

Personally, I’m very satisfied with it, but if I had to say anything, I’d have to say that the upper limit for items you can own is low, and it’s a pain to pick up items one by one (you can get them by holding down a button, but you can’t pick them up while moving).
Also, you can get experience points by defeating zombies, but it’s a bit of a bummer since it’s only zombies that make leveling difficult.

However, I’m so satisfied with it that I don’t care about the disappointing points, so I definitely recommend it.

Was funny.
Cyber ​​Somehow is more recommended in terms of scenario and volume.
The terrain is diverse, so even if you are cornered, you won’t get stuck.
I can escape. It’s good that there are cases where things can be done somehow, and that you can devise ways to defeat them.
You can still enjoy it even after clearing it.
Clear the main story in 84 hours.
I played the game without any information at all.
The first time I used focus (slow mode?) was right before the final boss.
It was a very silly play, but it was really fun.

I was drawn into the story until the very end.
Each character stood out, both good and bad, and was appealing.
In a world where this kind of society has collapsed, even the people who are hostile to us
Each person wants to wield their greed and have power based on their own opinions.
It’s well expressed and makes you think that this kind of world really exists.

As a game, at first we were trying to procure enemy weapons locally.
Zombies that suddenly attack in response to sounds? while also dealing with
Sometimes, you are helplessly swallowed up by a horde of zombies.

I proceeded quietly and hid in a trash can so that I wouldn’t be seen.
Before turning on the power to the base, let’s cut the cord of the speaker that makes the sound.
Now, turn on the power. There’s one speaker left! A lot of zombies have gathered here!
I jumped on my bike and ran away. Just when I thought I had made it, I was attacked by a wolf and died.
I felt a sense of accomplishment when I managed to open up my base.
What fun.

I can’t seem to express how interesting it is, but to sum it up:
It was the kind of game that made you want a bike, a girlfriend, and a best friend.

Clear commemoration.

The feeling of the story continuing until the end is tedious.
The words and actions of the hero and heroine are either meaningless or unpleasant, making it difficult to empathize with them.
My buddy Boozer is my only comfort.

The system felt good.
In the beginning, when the gas tank is small, there is gasoline everywhere, so it’s a hassle.
I wanted to have a rapid-fire weapon with me in case of a so-called zombie rush, so I almost never carried a shotgun or rifle.
Since it’s an errand game, it’s not suitable for people who are tired of running errands.
As a drifter, even if you contribute to the camp, the camp will not grow in size or have more equipment.
There is also no customization of weapons.There is an expansion of the magazine, but it is only near the second half.

Recommended if you don’t mind exploring around and making Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs with the materials you find, and if you don’t mind the story being trash.