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It’s called Top Down Terraria, but it’s not as deep as Terraria. Mainly equipment. I think it will get better in the future since it’s EA.
Also, this game is very multiplayer.
I’m not saying it’s boring, but the content is too thin and broad. A game where 80% movement, 10% combat, 0.50% base, and 0.50% other (including boss battles).
The level of solo map domination is insane and wide. Well, it’s just wide. It takes several hours just to find spots with unique equipment. Still can’t find it.
The violence of the strength and number of enemies also seems to be a multi-premise. I played hard solo, but on maps at the appropriate level, I usually die in 2 punches. You can’t defeat it unless you hit about 5 attacks with this one. Even Taiman was scared, but there were only 5 or 10 such enemies.

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It would be nice if you could at least make things easier with equipment, but this game is so tied down to progress that it’s almost impossible to get equipment in one go, and even if you have the right equipment, you can’t get out of the two-pan situation.
As expected, I can’t really explore properly in such a state, so I’d like to see something like adjusting the strength of the enemy based on the number of people.

The system in which the enemies spawned by the ground + floor tiles change is interesting. Easy to create a farm.
The pet system is also reliable, although the variety is small. In fact, stronger than humans

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Requests for development.
The map is too big and soloing is too difficult. Please cut it in half vertically and horizontally. At least let me choose the map size. If you die and drop an item, you lose the will to retrieve it. The primeval forest is terrible, but the sea feels nothing but malice.
It’s tough that the enemy’s strength is adjusted based on the multiplayer premise. Isn’t normal difficulty comparable to Terraria’s expert?
I would like to see more types of equipment.
I would like to see options or titles added to equipment. Even if you pick up multiple of the same weapon, it will only become garbage.
I would like to add appearance equipment functions. Ore armor is too lame.
There is not enough bag capacity.
I get hungry too quickly.
keyboard & mouse combat
In the case of long-range weapons, the mouse cursor becomes the aim and you can shoot anywhere in 360 degrees, but the sensitivity of the mouse is too high and it is difficult to hit.
There’s nothing that can be adjusted in-game, and even if you change the mouse settings, it’s still too early.
If you stop and shoot, you’ll still be able to hit them, but some enemies have long-range attacks, and if you get hit by a few shots, you’ll die right away.
As a result, you end up dodging the enemy’s bullets while shooting yourself, thinking that it would be easier to hit if you could lower the sensitivity of the mouse, giving the impression of poor operability.

Although enemies often approach from diagonal directions with short-range weapons, they can only attack in four directions, and their attack range is only two squares in front, back, left, and right.
It doesn’t have a high attack power and doesn’t have any melee armor, so I don’t think it will be used for anything other than hunting small fry or melee binding.

When you hover over an item, a description will appear on the right side.
The problem with this is that it takes a lot of explanation to repair the armor. At least I can’t get it out without covering the item.

To solve a mystery
Use the item to open the door to the small room.
I thought I’d find some hint or item to open it later, but there was nothing.
In the end, you won’t know unless you look at the strategy site, and even if the pattern on the door is a hint, it’s hard to understand.

Creating a key
While mining, you will find locked boxes, but since you can’t get any keys, the boxes just keep accumulating.
You can’t create a key until you’ve progressed to a certain point, so by the time you can open it, things like copper boxes will have lost their value.
If I could make a key suitable for the workbench, I could open it while it still has value.

Depending on how the map is generated, when you find a farm, it’s not an animal, but meat.
Even though it is a valuable existence that cannot be increased, the attack hits it by mistake, so the attack hits it by mistake. Moreover, since his physical strength is low, he may die in one hit.
I think you need to make changes such as petting them like you would a pet.

It seems like items that don’t last forever will remain, which makes me happy, but also makes me concerned about the weight of the game.
There is only one frame for garbage, and it is a hassle to take items there and erase them.
Items don’t disappear, so you have to pick up things you don’t need and throw them into the trash one by one.
I think it would be nice to have a feature where it disappears after a certain amount of time or distance. If you can change it in the settings, you shouldn’t have any complaints.
Pets are treated as items unless they are equipped, which is kind of bland.

I mainly took Steam offline, so I guess the actual play time was about 150 hours.
It was an extremely intense 150 hours. When you think about this and that and start doing this and that, you get stuck in a swamp.
After defeating the first three bosses, it was time for the real battle. From there, I was hooked.
I couldn’t stop until I finally beat all the bosses on hard. I bought Starfield and couldn’t stop.

Among the craft games I played recently, I played Harvestella.
I liked the story and substories of Harvestera, which felt like a picture book.
I didn’t get addicted to it like I did with this game.
So I think I personally preferred this one.

The way you get addicted to it is quite similar to Terraria. I find myself thinking about things even when I sleep.
As a difference from Terraria
It can be done completely with pads,
I liked how the milestones were presented in a way that was easy to understand.

By the way, when playing with a pad, there is no button to sort the inventory.

So I assigned it to the middle left double square button on the Xbox controller.

Also, there are three equipment sets, but I think it would be easier to set them up so that they can be switched with one button.

For your reference
Equipment set 1 → double square button
Equipment set 2 → press left stick
Equipment set 3 → press right stick
I made it.

I forget the details of the settings for the equipment set, but I think it was in English somewhere near the bottom of the settings screen.

If you set this, it will conflict with other operations, but if you set it as an additional setting, it will not interfere with play.
For example, sorting and switching equipment set 1 are the same button, but it wasn’t that inconvenient.
If I had equipment set 1 as my main equipment, I would have to change it every time I sorted it, but it worked out fine.

good point.
– You can create multiple maps and characters.
-You can challenge the boss as many times as you like.
・Convenient as there are mineral deposits.
・Easy to play and fun.

・I like that you can change your look with dot characters.
– Good monster graphics.
・You can make your pet stronger.
bad place.
・It’s a little difficult to choose a pet carefully.
– It’s a bit difficult to find materials for pickaxes, bows, and swords (it would be nice to have something like a navigation system if possible, but it would be nice if you could select it as an option)

I think it’s best for crime prevention to change when you tell other users your ID, close it, and tell them again.
I would like it to continue as is.

It’s a low-priced game, but it’s an excellent work with a lot of content.
An ACTRPG set underground. It has a lightweight and comfortable play feel that is unique to 2D.
Find and defeat bosses while responding to the messages of mysterious relics, and visit new areas.
At the same time, you will expand your base, create equipment and food, solve the mysteries of the underground world, and aim to escape to the surface.
– Full of playable elements as an exploration game.
・Rich biome and sub-biome.
– Abundant items (architecture, decoration, weapons/armor/accessories).
・Explore mystery-solving elements and hidden equipment scattered throughout the game.
・Good translation, good sound, especially the BGM has a good atmosphere.
– Implementation of creative mode.
・Controller friendly.

・There are fewer types of enemies that appear depending on each biome.
・The progress from the middle onwards is a bit boring as there is little stimulation.
・It’s a little difficult until you have sufficient means of transportation (it gets easier after the middle stage).
・Mysteries and hidden elements that you would never know without looking at the strategy information.
– Unique to Coop! It’s a shame that there are no unique gimmicks.

In terms of controllers, it’s twin stick action.
(Left stick movement/right stick aiming)
In battle, you can choose melee weapons, shields, and projectile weapons such as guns and magic.
However, it may be more for people who want to enjoy exploring vast maps and collecting items rather than combat action.
Rather than collecting items to strengthen the enemy (boss), I feel like the idea is to have fun exploring and defeating the enemies at the same time.
(There are so many types of collectible items)

Architectural elements, decorations, simple but automated equipment, weapons, armor, accessories, mine carts, boats, go-karts, cultivation, fishing, livestock farming, cooking, alchemy, and even raising pets to fight alongside you.
The main character and pets also have skill trees.

Although it’s not necessary to clear the game, the element of searching for items is fun and involves solving mysteries in the mazes and ruins scattered around the world in order to find materials to create useful hidden items.
However, the drawback is that you can sometimes spend hours or even days searching to find completely random locations with no hints.

Although the development speed of the game is a bit slow, the volume and quality continue to steadily increase, reflecting the voices of many users.
Even when you look at Easter eggs, you can really feel the love the creators have for the game.
Will it take a little longer to complete? As of now, the content is rich enough to be enjoyable, so I would recommend this book to anyone who likes things like mining and building bases.

I really like it. really like.
Thank you for bringing this game into the world.
I love it so much that this is my first review.

What I like about it.
I play a lot of sandbox games like Minecraft and Terraria, but this one is my favorite.
What’s good about it is that you can play it by yourself…and the difficulty level is really good even for someone like me who hates multiplayer games.
By the way, Core Keeper is fully compatible with multiplayer! But I like it because it’s kind to solo people.
This game has no concept of time. The best!
I have to act in the morning
I have to sleep at night
Don’t you find the above-mentioned restrictions quite frustrating in a work game where there are no restrictions?
There’s nothing like that in this game! Because it’s inside a cave from beginning to end…

As for automation, I tend to always do it manually because I’m an idiot, but Core Keeper is easy to automate and easy to incorporate.
Dots are cute, and even though 3D is common these days, I’m a fan of dots.
Those dots are really cute. Be healed. I also like BGM.
The Japanese translation is just amazing! I am moved by his high level of perfection, his love for games, and his great kindness towards Japan.

If you like sandbox games, give this a try.It’s a game you look down on from above, so if you like three-dimensional architecture, you won’t be disappointed.
I’m not particularly particular about architecture, so it doesn’t bother me.
later! Also supports cross-play! We look forward!

If I had to explain this game simply, it would be Terraria from a top-down perspective.

Players can mine, fight, build, farm, cook, etc. in the underground world.
You will explore and survive while honing various skills.

The adventure progress is closer to Minecraft than Terraria,
Mine, expand the map, find new ores in new biomes, equip and equip them,
Then defeat the boss that inhabits that biome. It has an easy-to-understand specification.

This game has a game system that eliminates troublesome things in a good way,
There are many parts that have been simplified to make playing the game less stressful.
For example, commonly used torches can be made only from wood from your inventory.
You can also make ingots from ore by simply putting it in a furnace. No fuel needed.

After the middle of the game, automation, monster traps, warps, etc.
This type of game unlocks familiar elements and makes it even easier to play.

Personally, the points I would like to evaluate are the ability to play solo and the ease of operation with a gamepad.

Looking at the video on the store page, I wonder if it’s multi-recommended? Some people may think that
You can play completely solo until all achievements are unlocked.
A large volume that takes an average of around 200 hours.

Another thing is that using the gamepad is stress-free.
Inventory operations allow you to easily move items or halve the number of items.
Even during adventures, you can place torches without having to switch your inventory while using a sword or pickaxe.

You can buy great games at relatively cheap prices with this time stealer. There is absolutely nothing to complain about.
Personally, I think this year’s GOTY is Core Keeper. And that’s not just in the indie category, but in all games.
If you look at the store page and find it interesting, please give it a try. I don’t think you will lose anything.