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If Fromm makes Armored Core these days It felt like it was served exactly as it was.I’d recommend it, but if you play it thinking it’s an extension of previous games, you might be disappointed.On the other hand, if you’re looking for a soul-like experience, I can recommend it without hesitation.As a preface, it contains a lot of the subjectivity that I’m looking for in an AC.Please forgive me for sounding critical.First, the enemy is strong.Boss-class enemies are so strong that they are incomparable to previous ACs.He just takes half of my health with one punch.Since there is a repair kit, the actual damage rate is a little lower in terms of physical strength.To be honest, the repair kit is used immediately and there is no chance at all, so there is no bargaining, and it does not function as a so-called est bottle.
It was just a hassle to use it and check the remaining AP amount.I feel like they should have made the damage adjustment based on the assumption that there is AP for that recovery.

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Armored Core VI Fires Of Rubicon Review | Tips & Tricks | Steam Games | AC6 – Detailed Explanation

Also, the new stagger system, although fun, felt like it didn’t mesh well with the AC system.
The aforementioned bosses have physical strength and defense that are based on the assumption that they can deal heavy damage with Stagger.
Although it advocates free ascension, it is almost forced into combinations that tend to cause staggers and can be followed up with follow-up attacks.
I felt that the traditional way of playing AC, where you can freely rearrange the aircraft unless you are very confident in your skills, is difficult.

The fighting style is the same as above, and in order to cause a stagger, you must constantly attack and constantly land attacks on your opponent.
If you play passively, you will never be able to defeat the enemy.
This may have been intentional, but it’s a shame that everyone’s playstyles inevitably end up being somewhat similar.

In the end, these factors combine to make strong enemies and difficult stages difficult for most Ravens.
Instead of trying free assemblies and tactics
It becomes easy to fall into a state of finding the configuration intended by the developer.

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In the end, what I’m trying to say is that it’s easy for a modern from game, but too difficult for Armored Core!

I’m not only playing AC, but I’m also playing recent From games, so I’m enjoying them.
I’m not a good player by any means, so even if I have to play repeatedly
Next time, let’s play with something a little more edgy!
I don’t think it’s possible to play like that.
If you try to assemble even a slightly lukewarm assembly, you’ll be turned into scrap metal in an instant.
That’s how serious this work is.

After 10 years, what people want from FromSoftware has changed.
Armored Core probably had to change as well.

It’s not a crap game, it’s actually insanely entertaining.
It’s been a long time since I forgot the time and played all day.
No matter how many times I do it, the moment I hit a pile bunker charge on a staggered opponent is overflowing with exhilaration.
Time melts just by playing with your beloved machine on the hanger and looking at it in photo mode.

So I can recommend it. I can say that it is an interesting work.
But what about Armored Core?
This may be due to the fact that we had to wait for almost 10 years.
I don’t think I’ll be able to give a correct evaluation because I’m biased to just be grateful for what they’ve given me.

However, as a fan, I can only hope that the IP called Armored Core, which has been ignited once again, will not burn out.

Also, isn’t the enemy’s attack cutting down on my AP too much, regardless of stagger?
Are you sneaky?

After clearing all missions and watching the ED
I have something to think about again, so I’ll add it here.

Personally, the scenario, characters, and world setting were the best of all the works.
The story was easy to understand and the characters were all attractive, which left a good impression on me.

And in the end, this was definitely Armored Core for me.

It’s strange to say that it seems like something is wrong with you, but there’s a reason for that.
First of all, throughout all the missions, I wasn’t really put off by the difficulty level of this game, and there was one thing I didn’t struggle with.

No matter what boss mission or part is said to be highly difficult, of course I got stuck, but it didn’t take that long.
I can say that there has never been one that took more than 10 times.
It’s not like the assembler was a strong assembler either.

This isn’t to brag about how good I am or to say that this game was actually easy.
Although I agree with the usual argument against criticism regarding the difficulty level, that the previous games were also difficult, I still felt that the difficulty level of this game was generally high.

On top of that, I didn’t get too stuck on the mission.
I came to the conclusion that it was simply because the Armored Core inside me was alive.

How to view the status of parts, how to assemble the aircraft, and understand the characteristics of weapons and internal parts.
What should I do if I fail the mission?
How should I review the aircraft configuration, what should be the order of attacks, and how should I move?
That’s the same feeling I had when playing the previous Armored Core.

I burned down my escort target many times, got lost on the map and ran out of time, misjudged the distance and fell to my death.
I was hit by a pulse in a large vertical hole, was hit by a rainbow-colored beam shotgun, continued to be hit by a handrail gun with undetectable movements, and was repeatedly swatted away by an absurd number of enemy AC swarms.
I think that experience has helped me many times.

Still, he added that it seems like
Armored Core is an Armored Core because it keeps changing.
In response to the words often used to defend this work,
That change in Armored Core was accepted because it was a unique change that was not influenced by the most recent work.
This is because I still have thoughts that refuse to understand that, and can be called senile thoughts.
No matter what people say, this doesn’t change, because this work is clearly influenced by Fromm’s recent works. It’s not just an armored core. I keep saying that in my head
I think the stagger-based combat system should be reviewed a little more, and I feel that the average difficulty level is too high.
As for the width of the assembly, more than half of the parts didn’t fit on chopsticks or sticks during play.

However, as I played, my soul and body
It tells us that this is an armored core.

So this is definitely a sequel to Armored Core.
Even if it changes depending on the era and style, I’m sure that’s the case.

I’m sorry that the main points are vague and it’s a long post, but this review caught the attention of more people than I expected, so I won’t add anything.
Very interesting, but maybe not Armored Core
I didn’t want to leave this as a review, so I’m going to add this post here, knowing that it’s redundant and lame.

It’s difficult, but definitely worth it
That’s why I want you to try and ignite that unburned part.

What is born once does not die easily
All achievements completed.

A new Armored Core released nearly 10 years ago. There are various opinions, but personally I would say
Check out detailed parts information
Regardless of one Asen
If you fully understand the system that can be used
It falls into the easy category among all the ACs of all time. It took me less than 40 hours to get all S, so I think it’s an easy from game.
However, this is only possible if you understand the detailed data for each part and decide what kind of fighting style you want to use.
For example, the Gatling, which is said to be a powerful weapon, has a fairly long effective range of 226m.
The performance guaranteed firing range and the distance without being hit are quite short at 130m.
What if we don’t understand this and take action? You tend to end up with less firepower than you expected.

It was good point
Operability that allows you to move almost stress-free.
Up until now, AC required targeting using the right stick to keep the opponent in sight, but now you can apply a strong lock called lock assist, so you almost no longer need to pay attention to this in battles. At first, I thought there were too many buttons to press, but when it comes to fighting strong enemies, you don’t have to pay attention to the right stick, making it much easier to fight. Furthermore, the Assault Boost equivalent to the previous Overdo Boost is comfortable, and it is now possible to move up and down at high speed, making it possible to perform three-dimensional high-speed maneuvers.
A story that requires almost no From brain.
This was especially the case in Armored Core up until this point, where there was a lot of backstory that wasn’t told, and it was necessary to use the so-called From Brain, but in this work there are almost no portraits of the characters (in the form of posthumous manuscripts, most of the characters are shown from the back) I think the story is very easy to understand except for (I understand). The main story line is solid, about who gets the substance called coral in the land called Rubicon, and what it’s used for, and the characters are all interesting. The story didn’t let me get bored until the end, especially with Walter, the handler who handles the enhanced human C4-621, and Air, the Rubiconian who starts communicating with himself and follows him. People who behave strangely and people who fall into debt are so inhuman that it makes me laugh.Also, it takes 3 weeks to complete the entire route, but unlike previous Fromm works, there are scenes where the conversation itself changes with each turn, so it is difficult for repeat players. There was also consideration given to not getting bored.
Offline assembly has many options
It’s true that there are things like stun needle launchers and shotguns that people tend to think you can use, but when it comes to fighting against manual transmissions, you can solve almost anything with a single assembly such as laser rifles and pulse missiles! There is no such thing.
There are quite a few enemies that are said to be difficult, but depending on how you assemble, you can win even if you’re not good at it! I think there were many enemies.
Mecha behavior is cool
The detailed operations such as SE and heat exhaust operation are cool. A photo mode has also been implemented in this game, so feel free to take screenshots of the aircraft you think is cool. Charge-type weapons have deployment gimmicks that will tickle a man’s heart.
pros and cons
Stagger system and its reduction in engagement distance.
It’s a system similar to the core of a lone wolf, but personally I think it’s a system that visualizes and develops the solidity that existed in Armored Core up until now. However, there are some drawbacks, and perhaps because of this stagger system, the sniper rifle category itself has disappeared from this game. The linear rifle is probably the best choice, but since there are ricocheting bullets, missiles have the best range in this game, and I feel like the long-range suitability of the FCS isn’t really being taken advantage of. I think the stagger itself is a good system, but I wonder if this could be adjusted a little more.
Parts release is a little slow
This game has a solid flow including the tutorial, but there are not many parts, especially in chapters 1 and 2, and there are not many ways to improve the depth of the assembly. Perhaps because of this, the boss of chapter 1, Baltheus, has a really tough time. I was able to defeat him pretty easily after the second lap, but I had a tough time on the first lap. Since your opponent is equipped with pulse armor, you can have a relatively advantageous fight if you bring in a pulse gun, but I think that’s why many people have a hard time because there are few options to begin with.

The operating feel is quite different from previous works.
Regarding this, personally, I feel like it’s too late since the operation feels so different from 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The operation feels unlike any of the previous Armored Cores, and if you perform that operation with 6, you’ll get pretty beaten up. Let’s forget it.

Bad points
Multiplayer balance is quite poor.
Missiles are strong. Regarding this, there is no chest weapon that existed before, so there are no chaffs, decoys, interceptor machine guns, etc., so the only countermeasures against missiles are to avoid them or receive them with a pulse shield, but it floats on four legs and drops missiles. The aircraft that flows is roughly strong. Isn’t there some other imbalance? There are many weapons like this, so the current situation feels like the end of the century. However, I wonder if the regulations will be updated like past Armored Cores, or there will be adjustments only for interpersonal use for Elden Ring?
In relaunching the series that has been silent for nearly 10 years, I never expected it to turn out so well from the first installment.
I can safely say that the story was the most interesting of all time, and there was also plenty of fan service that would make fans of the series chuckle.
It’s a fun game if you’re a fan of just bringing it back to life. I’m not saying that, but I think it’s a great first robot game for anyone. Also, there are a lot of characters who like themselves, so it actually feels like a love game.