Starfield – 5 FREE Ships You Don’t Want To Miss!

A note for the wanderwell (and any weapon racks on ships for that matter) – DON’T store your weapons on the racks. There’s a bug that will cause them to permanently disappear.

Starfield – 5 FREE Ships You Don’t Want To Miss! – Detailed Explanation

I turned the star eagle into a class C powerhouse with 6.1k cargo storage lol. for it being a free ship, it doesn’t take much to make it shred. I absolutely love the ship.

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On Mars when exploring the planet if you ever see a ship land close by make sure you run over to it. I did this and all I had to do was lock pick an advanced lock and the ship was mine. The ship is called “Thresher” and it’s actually incredibly good. It’s right up there with the Razorleaf and has double the cargo space
For the keplar R i feel like what you say to each of the design team matters too because i told everyone to make some comprimises at the end and still ended up with it. Its a great ship tho so im happy
You’re the only one showing those other 2 ships no one has mentioned yet so definitely a great video. I’m sure everyone has heard of the razorleaf and star eagle but those other ships specially the new game plus one I’m so hyped for.
I hate that you cant rotate certain structural components, and that you cant decide where the doors or ladders will be
I feel the same. The parts for your ship in the description says something along the lines that you can customize the interior on the layout, and Ive never found anyway to customize the interior except for actually just setting a sandwich on a table from my inventory
I don’t doubt it, I really hope they add some nuance to the outpost system. I love the concept, but it’s hampered by it’s simplicity.

They obviously wanted to keep it accessible to new players, but it ends up being more work due to its simplicity. Simple abilities like the ability to filter items by type when making “output links” or being able to manage the transfers in cargo links would make outposts feel like more of an investment and less of a chore.

Not having those features means players have to get it right the first time around, and have to force resources to go where you need them to buy constantly fast traveling from outpost to outpost, essentially removing any benefit from cargo links.

Gee, started to rant a little. Sorry if that’s off topic.

The only way I’ve been able to “change” the interior layout was when I used a 1×1 storeroom vs a 1×1 companionway. It actually relocates my ladder to go up from in my ship. If I use the storeroom (which I use) the ladder is in there where I also have my slim dock underneath. If I use a companionway, the ladder moves back into my armory and up into my research station as opposed to up in my all in one berth from the storeroom. So the trick is with the 1×1’s but it’s still very limited. You’re not choosing exactly where, you’re choosing this or that.
For the Kepler r ship you have to do the other kind of bounty bc when I did it all it had was the mess hall and no med bay or respect area
you forgot the Datura which you get from the Ryujin questline. Can be easily missed though if you choose the wrong dialogue option with a man you speak to on Mars
I have the mantis armor and ship which are definitely neat but working on the ranger mission to get that free ship 👍
Razorleaf shreds. Literally just replaced the lasers with 2 pb-30 cannons. Good to go. I keep 3 bars in each weapon stat and engines at 2 from the top and shields max. Deals with multiple spacers no problem. Half the time they flee like you said from fear of the ship and you can just target lock and destroy them quick before they grav jump.
hey dude! i love your content. is there anyway you can exolain the mechanics of linking outposts to each other or is that possible?
thank you in advance
No, it’s not a late game feature to get Wanderwell. I guess it related to your piloting skill. I have lvl 3 piloting skill on 13 lvl and after reaching 15 I got this ship.
I got the UC Prisoner Transport ship for free.
It’s my magic flying box of dreams and as many missile launchers as I can stick to it
Ya know I haven’t explored far enough, but If they really didn’t make a planet referencing Tamriel or even another fallout earth planet they missed a great Easter egg
On the star eagle mission, if you’re not high enough level of pilot when you help out the owner,do you not get to get the ship?
It’s not a mission, it’s a whole questline, the Freestar Rangers to be precise. And don’t worry, Star Eagle is class A, meaning literally everyone can pilot it!
The ones you can’t pilot if you don’t have points into the piloting skill is class B and C ships.
For the star eagle, which mission are we supposed to choose from the mission board?? Why does no video ever specify this?
Ok I got a new game+ question: If I skip the main quest in my second play through(if you know you know) will that lock me out getting the Kepler R? Hope someone can answer this for me.
The last one isn’t alien, the starborn are just us from a parallel universe and the chain is infinite…. essentially where locked in an endless loop with minor changes every NG+ which lore wise would mean this has been happening for thousands of years and thus technologically we are more advanced.
I checked every body for the “secret outpost” note during the particular mission. Never found it. Its pretty irritating.
I saw somebody else say they found it on some Spacers on Earth’s moon. I spent like an hour walking around and exploring. Eventually found a random Spacer Racoon landed. Killed everyone, found the note, stole the ship.
How do you know you are in early, mid and late game. I already got the Gran gran suit after first 3 main missions
Well there’s a lot of missions to do outside of the main story for constellation I highly recommend you mess around with activities and other side quests and see how much badass stuff you can get your hands on I’m about 22 hours in to the game and I have a lot of cool stuff from not just quests but looting, there’s a whole Space casino you can get a ton of money from after clearing it!
So I’m wondering how the Kepler works with new game plus. I’m powering through the main story to get to new game plus but that Kepler mission is triggered using the main story which as far as I know you don’t do in new game plus? So does that mean you can’t get it?
You can do the main story in NG+, it askes u if u want to skip it or do it all over again. Unless you roll a very specific encounter that is rare, then for that NG+ u cannot do the story whatsoever lol.
I’m trying to figure out how to repair a mining ship I found with a dead crew orbiting Porrima V. I can’t find anything about it on YouTube. Anyone know of a video on it? The ship is called the Pic Up I think and the crew died from toxic gas. If I repair it can I keep it? Not sure what happens after it’s repaired. Thanks for the video. Subscribed. I’ll be looking for the ships you mention in the video also..
Don’t care for spoilers I just a want ship that can carry all my stuff cause holy crap I have so much stuff mainly materials that I have to carry them around still. It’s such a pain like I miss the unlimited storage space like in fallout
Kid Stuf – recieving a start of the game ship sometime in the late-game seems pretty pointless. On top of that, the conversations with your ‘parents’ are pretty embarassing.
On the other hand, the StarEagle is one of the best ships in the game, but it could be better. If the Grav Drive and Fuel capacity is upgraded(also replace most of the MSLs & all LASs with PARs), this would be an unbeatable Hero ship.
Ya 500 meters wlaway at an unknown point from the razorleaf i found another ship just sitting there waiting to be claimed. 2 ships in 2 minites it was a uc vangaurd raptor… hell of a fighter… with shite storage space.

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