12 MORE Starfield Tips & Tricks You STILL Didn’t Know

Also note for Amp: During the Crimson Fleet quest, you can find a magazine that teaches the recipe for Redamp. It costs one Amp, one Red Trench, and one Mercury, and makes two Redamp, which is just better Amp. 50% move speed boost instead of 35%. And it’s an easy way to use up the Red Trench that you find in various areas.

12 MORE Starfield Tips & Tricks You STILL Didn’t Know – Detailed Explanation

Other one with power control for ships, is holding the d-pad up or down, instead of adding/removing one at a time, you can completely power off an item by selecting it and just holding down.

It won’t work properly if you have the companions who give permanent boosts to certain power categories.

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Regarding the secret containers, I had noticed that there were oftentimes food items in what looked like toaster ovens.
Took me a few minutes of finagling to realize you could actually pick up the toaster ovens and dump the contents so that you could add them to your inventory.
The zoomed-out ship is an awesome tip. I was a bit peeved when we got to make all these massive, creative ships, and we’re stuck looking at the thrusters. Hopefully some better view options become available.
Oh, so the Magsniper is basically the Gauss rifle from Fallout 4. I thought there was something wrong when damage was +700, but hardly scratched the opponents. Still prefer the Hard Target though.
The non-lethal Nova Disruptor works the same way. Just tapping the trigger makes the weapon seem weak and useless, but if you hold the trigger to charge until the weapon vibrates it should knock out most human enemies with a single well placed shot.
I approach weapons the exact same way (and also use those Vanguard projectors… they become comically OP once you max out particle beam skill). I use that 3rd weapon space for suppressors for those odd times when you get a really high level ship in front of you that’s alone. It’s just a nice extra tool to have since they can just stay completely unpowered until you decide to use them.
I went to Serpentis right after getting the Mantis ship on my new character. Set the difficulty to very easy and I power leveled every skill in the tech tree I wanted while sticking up on credits and ship parts.
Awesome tips, especially the one about trading with ships in orbit, it’s super helpful. Also, the Hornet Nest Magazine and Battery Weapons Modification absolutely melts everyone, even on Very Hard. It’s awesome; highly recommend!.
When you’re in the serpentis system keep an eye out for varuun Revelation or revelation II board. As soon as you board you are in their armory lots of guns spacesuits etc and the ships themselves sell for a decent amount.

As an added tip after you take over the ship make it your home ship and register it right there. Your ship will undock and try to fly away but you can redock with it and continue on about your piracy 👍

I used to think you have to add enough power to the module to cover the damage, but I don’t think that’s the case. With just one pip of power, i find it repairs just as quickly as with full power. There is a hint in the loading screen that simply says “your modules repair faster when you add power” and i think that’s the case, any amount of power works. Note I do have most of my ship tech skills maxed and one of them speeds up repairs, but this should still hold true.
Another useful tip about space combat: If you have a whole weapon slot spare, just add a bunch of turrets, but don’t give them any power. That way, they’re just there if you need them. Give them power, and they’ll nuke anything around you while you navigate or flee. Don’t give them power, and you can dogfight manually and still take over ships.
Those turrets can really save your bacon if you’re fighting multiple enemies at once.
Jemison’s snow area making a perfect Amp farm is some great info. I wouldn’t mind carrying a thousand units of Amp tied to a hotkey to keep my movement speed up while exploring.
I made it to like level 30 before i learned about ship thrustsrs. A couple more things. Use the oxygen power when out of o2 when sprinting to replenish it immediately. Also get in the habit of doing a game save just before working on a lock, instead of using all your digipicks if you mess up
I just buy digipicks at every vendor I come across. I have hundreds of them now. It’s way faster than save-scumming the locks.
only have to actually use it on the expert and above anymore, but im in tje habit of doing it now. Off topic, but i think they need to have something in the GUI to remind us before we get to planet ship scans that we have contraband
Love trading in space. I find it much quicker and you get about a third of the average credits but all you have to do is just keep selling. Jump if needed. Sell some more. Love this for early outpost builds too because as you are selling stuff you may come across some items you’d rather just buy right now.
Someone needs to make a MOD that retains the power setting for each ship.
I often board ships and when i get back to my own ship, the power is all over the place.. shields may be all the way down, guns all the way down, Grav all the way up. If you’re attacked as soon as you get back in your ship.. it is a frantic moment trying to get your power sorted out. Especially if one of them is trying to taunt you or strike up a conversation. Can’t change power until the conversation is over. Mean while the guys buddies are pounding your ship!
use the mining drill when you max out your lazer skill and you can shred everything regardless of difficulty, the fire damage and how fast it stacks makes everything look weak
You can trade with “pretty much any ship”. Obviously non-hostile ships. But be aware, you also can’t trade with pure military vessels, or Galbank ships. The Galbank ships carry a lot of credits, but their job is to facilitate the economic flow of the Settled Systems, since digital currency transactions need to be processed faster than light speed, and they won’t trade with you.

You can still Pirate them, though.

the missile launchers really aren’t great weapons overall. I prefer to use the vanguard autoprojectors, the auto helion particle beam, as well as the vanguard autocannons. The autocannons also allow 6 weapons, once I’m through shields it takes quite literally a second or two of firing the autocannons, while the particle beams easily deal with shields on a single pass. would also recommend playing around with using less ship engines while still maintaining mobility if you can. I’m using 3 of the Dunn engines like in yours with my most recent ship and now I get more power to allocate to weapons. got 2k cargo, C class 40 power reactor and 1500 base shields. the extra power to weapons really does make a difference….. gunna have to try make one with just 2 engines soon and try keep the mobility. 😀
3320 (I think is the name) particle beam is pretty decent as a secondary to the auto helion beams or whichever you prefer. They fire infinitely and you can run 4 of them. Good sustained dps imo.
Missiles are a bit better with Targeting Systems. Or at least, some of them can be cheap to fire in that mode while dealing decent damage. The part that is silly about them is how they have 4,000 range but require a lock on that doesn’t occur until about 2,000 range. But you can still use them at 4,000 distance for mining asteroids I suppose.
thank you for mentioning the ship traders, i’ve been posting about that on every video where someone mentions waiting to reset merchants.. just go to neon, so many merchants on the ground, and more in orbit, that should do it unless you haven’t sold anything in 40 days and 40 nights.
12:00 “set the game to very hard when you load the area, because that’s when loot is determined” AND “save just before the boss and if you don’t like the loot just reload your save, because loot isn’t determined until you actually loot them” sooo.. which is it???
i’ve tried setting the difficulty to very hard and loading into an area, then reduce it to normal multiple times, i don’t really think it works. the game does load multiple “cells” at once, so seems like you’d need to stay set on very hard for a couple loading sessions for that to work. i know the reloading does change it, very much recommend saving just before getting the mantis armor for that reason, i “rerolled” it twice and got such a good set at level 20, i’m still using it at level 42.
My friend playing the game “steals everything that isn’t nailed down until they start nailing things down.”
He doesn’t sell ANY of it. No. He takes it and puts everything in the locker at Constellation. It’s not uncommon for him to be over 1000 mass over his carry capacity.
After a few days of play time, the game freezes for about 5 second when he tries to look at his locker.

Not a tip just thought I’d share.

I don’t need to watch anything beyond that first tip. Holy crap I had no idea. Wow I mean I’ve got 450 hours and I’m on new game three but that’s literally one of the greatest tips I’ve ever seen. Anyway, I’m gonna go watch the rest of the video, of course.
Can you or did you make a detailed, step-by-step video on how to capture ships in space? I have yet to get one without destroying it and I am having trouble targeting engines(Xbox)…
does ship farming works like xp farming on higher planets ?! (i understand that it works when u first travel there on vry hard difficult, save the game, and load with a lower difficult ? the ships / monsters still high lvl but way easer to farm) ..
At level 60 you unlock two 40 power reactors. With Sarah in your crew you gain +1 power. That’s how you get a 41 power reactor.
I have 1 point in the aneutronic fusion skill on the bottom of the science tree, which gives me + 1 power, and I’m using the 104DS Mag Inertial Reactor, which does 39 power (class B). It takes Piloting 3 and Starship Design 4 so I guess it probably unlocked at level 60 or near there (level 60 is needed to unlock all ship pieces). No crew buffs adding any.

I have a more detailed video on ship building going out in a couple of days, and could also do a step-by-step build at some point if people were interested.

To get the most out your reactor: Aneutronic Fusion skill at the bottom of the Science tree gives you +5 power, having Vasco or Andromeda on the ship provides another +1 due to their NPC version of the skill, Sam Coe and Omari Hassan provide a free pip of power to Engines and Shields respectively. Altogether that functionally gives you an extra 8 units of power; so 48 with the top of the line C Class reactors.
Funny thing about fast travel. You technically don’t even need to be on your ship. You can be roaming a planet open the starfield map and fast travel to a different planet or Star system. Making space flight basically useless. I remember being on the lock in kryx and then fast traveled to the lodge in sol. This helps skip all the loading out and into systems, the same cutscenes of your ship launch and docking or landing. One load screen compared to 4-6.
On the flipside, if you’re overencumbered you can still fast travel the moment you sit in the pilot seat. This is useful if you’re hauling a few thousand units of resources, maybe to set up a new Outpost or something.
wow that first tip is the snorefield experience explained fast travel to a place twice to actually get there and people wonder why some are not into it. thanks for the video duder.
I don’t understand this game sometimes. I randomly will get the guards after me for no reason and a bounty. Sometimes even when just moving a trashcan to look in a toilet or box for items. It’s really irritating to have to reload my saves because I’m wanted for no reason.
‘Moving a trashcan’ – Found the reason!
Unlike previous games just attempting to move an item marked with a ‘steal’ icon causes a bounty. So, how to get around this? Use a SECOND ITEM to move the item with the ‘steal’ icon. E.g. want to steal some mag weapons from the store in HopeTown, drop a book and use that to knock the weapons off the shelf and sweep them into the bathroom where no one can see you take the weapon.
Trashcans/movable objects don’t have a steal icon. There is nothing showing me “Steal” when moving objects. I’m on Xbox by the way, so I can’t move items that can be picked up and placed into my inventory. Trashcans and tissue boxes, napkin holders, etc. can’t be placed into my inventory but I can hold the “A” button for a couple seconds to lift it up.
I want it to land me on the planet and NOT PUT ME OUT OF MY SHIP. I want to travel, not just click, oh I am there. That is great for when you have limited time, but it shouldnt be the default action. I would rather pull the map up, pick where I want to go, leave the map, then actually do what I need to travel. The way the game is now is very broken. You technically dont even really need your ship CAUSE IT SERVES NO PURPOSE.
Loot drops are yet another way this game is a step down from previous Bethesda titles.
Used to be when you looted someone you got what they had on them, stripping them down to their underwear.
Hear they have gone for random loot, rng’d at death, which encourages save-scumming.
You could always go back to a save before you entered the area. but this trash mechanic is the bane of all games that have it.
Pretty sure guns are bugged as I have zero perks in combat or anything related to guns:

Yet I have a 89phys beowolf legendary that does random fire and random knock back. Nothing else damage related.

It melts everything with ease. Teramorphs? Might as well be unarmored humans with this gun.

I have guns with better stats and perks that don’t touch this gun. I have no idea why it melts people but in a pinch it’s literally saved my life several times. 🤷‍♂️

Can anyone explain? Full streams available to see the gun yourself.

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