Top 10 ESSENTIAL Starfield Skills (and how to level them FAST)

Just learned this one. If you are going to craft, especially getting into weapon modifications, you will need huge amounts of adhesive. Get one point in botany. That gives you the ability to create a greenhouse. Now hook the greenhouse up to water and you can grow. Sweetwater cactus. Each plant will give you one adhesive. You can scan the plant on Gregarn. Or, however, it’s spelled anyway, thank you Reddit.

Top 10 ESSENTIAL Starfield Skills (and how to level them FAST) – Detailed Explanation

I’m ALWAYS running out of adhesive before everything else. Another thing that took me a while to learn, is that the storage bin by the crafting benches in the basement of the lodge has unlimited storage, so I offload my crafting mats in there

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You can also get sealant on this planet which you will also need tons of. Tip though, if you have already done 100% scanning on the planet before you have botany, you will need to scan each of the relevant plants one more time. If you don’t, you won’t see them in your greenhouse to farm. You. Don’t learn that you can farm them UNTiLL You scan them with botany.
The fitness perks become redundant once you get the Personal Atmosphere power, unless you’re running a melee build and are constantly running around in combat.
For the Fitness skill, you can just run in place (up against an object) instead of up and down the ship, to use up O2
Fastest way i got the final rank, i had all my resources in the lodge basement and getting them all out was very heavy.. comvine this with personal atmosphere power (weightless) i run untill it quickly depeleted cast power and repeat
It’s always nice spending the time to pick an expert lock to find nothing.
It’s a treat aye.. only time it really paid off for me was on a luxury ship cruiser (crimson fleet mission) an I decided to loot the entire ship including the Expert Safes in the passengers rooms before progressing my objective, netted me atleast 30k worth of Credsticks in total. Otherwise it appears 90% of the time the best loot is actually behind Novice Locks
Learned this the other day, if you are trying to level concealment you can take a melee weapon into Reliant Medical (right next to the Lodge) and backstab the vendor as long as you are hidden he wont sound the alarm so no bounty or assult charge and he will stagger then get up soon as he stands hit em again and you can essentially stun lock him
With the locks, use a game save before starting, instead of using your digipicks if you mess up. Also, using the oxygen power when you run out of o2 to keep sprinting. It shpuld recharge bu the time you run out again
for starship design, you can add the same pieces to different ships.. so anytime you “find” a ship, add some of the cheapest parts before you sell it, if you are working on the starship design skill. (get it to level 4 by character level 41 i believe for the best reactor)
Rank 4 for lockpicking made it SO MUCH easier for me. The master locks would really take me a while.
I’d agree with most of the choices but I’d say Fitness is rarely worth the points. Admittedly I always take the Terra Firma trait and I haven’t played a melee build but, unless I’m encumbered, I have to deliberately go out my way to run that low on O2. I’d rather put the points into Weight Lifting to reduce the chance of getting low on O2 to begin with.

One question I’d ask is do most people do Research or go with Scanning to get the prerequisite points for Weapon Engineering. I’ve found it does cost a bit more if I don’t do Research but I can usually afford the money by the time I have enough skill points and I just find the planetary survey play mode more entertaining.

The only skill I’d advocate for that you didn’t mention is Persuasion. Not for metagaming purposes but for role playing. They’ve done a good job with the scenarios where you’re given the option so finding a peaceful solution can be gratifying. And, if you’re dealing with pirates or the like, you can always just fast talk your way out of some of the ambushes then come back and kill them from a safer angle.

The social tree has ship command at the bottom, which to my mind is essential to get the most out of your ship. IMHO persuasion is the best lead into the rest of the social tree.
Also Outpost Management is in the social tree, also essential if you’re into that.
Security should be seen as a utility skill to unlock alternative areas/ pathways during quests and exploration. Instead of a money making method to get extra loot.
Being able to unlock doors that players would normally need to spend more time finding the key for it, or hacking systems to take control of security bots and turret and use them to your advantage.
For people who care about the in-game lore, hacking will allow you to read computer files and information that would otherwise be locked out of.

Special project skill is not very useful unless you fully invested in all the crafting skills (Weapons, Spacesuit, Chems, Outposts). First level unlocks some unique crafting recipes, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th level just allow you to craft higher rarity of components. It is good if you are a crafting focused player and enjoy that. But for general gameplay, most people will not require it to complete the game.

something I’ve found that is useful is Targeting kills count towards Piloting kills so it’s possible to rank them together
Rejuvenation is an easy one to level. Its required that you reduced your health to 25% and heal back up a certain number of time. When you are overencumbered and use all your oxygen and max O2, you’ll start taking health damage. But that will never go down below 25%. So, go to a planet, set down an outpost and a bed. Fill up your carry capacity and run around the bed until your health goes down to 25%, rest in the bed. Rinse and repeat.
I think i agree. But it depends on playthru. Some characters heavy into building, others melee focused or whatever
Laser lv 4 should included, reason everyone will have cutter,so when scanning mode can easily defeat enemy rather than exit scanning mode
BOOST PACK TRAINING: Rank 4 of Boost Pack Training provides significant noticeable improvement in boost pack performance. Ranks 2 & 3 provide marginal(+10%) but not noticeable improvement in performance. Fuel regeneration at Ranks 1 & 2 takes 7 seconds, a pathetic improvement of 6 seconds at Rank 3, and a noticeable improvement of 4 seconds at Rank 4. Unfortunately, to get to the useful rank 4, you have to spend 2 ponts on the relatively useless ranks 2 &3.
Fitness skill is pretty easy once you realize that you don’t have to be on the ground. So start off sprinting then hit your jump, then single boost. Once you hit the ground you will have most if not all your O2 and boost back. immediately jump and boost back up a second time. Just keep repeating.
I’m level 80 2 days in . I’m interesting to see what perks you think is good . I got 20 points to spend 👌
Sanity tip for the Botany skill:

If you have already done 100% on the planet before you have Botany or Zoology, you will need to go back and scan the plants and animals one more time to learn that they are farmable.

I feel like fitness levels kinda naturally. You just sprint everywhere until red O2 reaches about 3/4 and then slow down until it regens.
I found not ranking up any skills until I needed them helped me make better choices. Even then I only ranked them up to the minimum lvl that I need.
you switch class reactors. ie the frontier can be a class c ship just delete whatever reactors is on the ship and you can replace it with any class reactor. obviously u need to change any utility that doesnt correlate with reactor class
SECURITY: The question is: do you really need to crack the expert and master locks? Is there super OP gear behind these doors/chests? No. Is it necessary to pick expert and master locks to get special outcomes on quests? No. Then what is behind the master locks? Credits. So, this is mostly pointless. Also, you can occasionally get randomly generated Legendary gear that is usually not useful. So, you might wind up with even more stuff to sell for Credits. Even more annoying and more pointless. I would hope to see Unique(one of a kind) Advanced/Legendary gear, not just another Legendary(Boring!). But I have never come across this.
WARNING –The rewards you get from picking locks do not correlate to the level of the lock. The loot behind Master locks does not appear to be any more special/powerful than the loot behind Advanced locks. One would think that a more difficult lock would guard more valuable loot, but that does not seem to be the case. In fact I have come across many Master locked doors/chests that have essentially nothing of value behind them. How many times have I opened a Master lock to find less than 100 credits and some random ammo? Too many times.
So, since the loot is generally worthless, are there better quest outcomes behind the Master locks? More story? More Roleplay? Help for my companions? Again, no, apparently not.
One or two Expert locks might be worth your effort, but 50 Expert or Master locks? Sounds like a waste of time and effort. The fact is, since the expert and master locks don’t gatekeep things that are absolutely necessary, then there is no reason to waste so much time and energy on these locks. Maybe once or twice(Mantis anyone?) but not over and over again.
In summary, you don’t need Security 3&4 at all, and you might even consider skipping Security 2 unless you intend to make lockpicking a roleplay-based specialty. You should also plan to skip most Expert locks(unless something gives you that ‘itch’). Ultimately, lockpicking is essentially roleplay/flavor. You can skip it.
…and Bounty Hunter starts you of with three of them. Piloting, Boost Pack, and Targeting. Pick up Security as your first me skill during first mission and you’ll be ready for rank two in it before you kill the pirate captain.
i was all set to say no way to the oxygen boost one.. it’s not horrible, just meh… BUT then i remember my current character has both alien DNA and serpent’s embrace, so has a lot of oxygen (and hps) anyway, so i can already run nearly forever, just do a boost jump occasionally while it refills..
for any of the skills that require you to destroy other ships, i highly recommend just doing ship fight missions, get the points for the skill, money, xp and loot.. you do often get 3 or more ships per mission, plus when you go to the system of the mission you may find more randomly. (especially if you have the wanted trait)
i’d say weapon engineering may be the best skill in game, upgrade your and your companions weapons, and can also make a lot of money from it.. i can raise the value of a gun from 20,000 to over 40,000 with a few pieces of metals and adhesives or whatever you can just buy if you don’t want to gather.
I’m level 129 & have zero points in Fitness, Botany or Zoology. Instead, I have Chemistry. I think a point in medicine is also important.

Most damage is physical but the final fight at the Buried Temple is energy. So energy dissipation & Pain tolerance is preferable.

You might not even loot, and weightlifting becomes necessary because every mod you add to weapons and spacesuits can add a LOT of mass. So you an suddenly find yourself weighing 180 kg with no loot and cant even walk without some carry-weight-buff.
The fitness skill can wait abit if you ask me. Just get to Vladimir part of the main story with the temples. One power is infinate O2 for 10 sec.
So just run untill its allmost completely red and boost the power
I don’t think fitness is worth it unless you’re doing a pure no-cheese playthrough wish if you’re actually trying to complete the challenges for the skills is unlikely. Once you get personal atmosphere, co2 never really becomes an issue.

I also think one point in to targeting is all you really need. You can only own 10 ships in this game, so after a point there’s almost no point in targeting their engines and after a certain point just blowing ships out of the sky becomes trivial without having to worry about disabling systems on it.

Noo. Quickest and easiest way would be spending basically a circle until you fill up a red bar you get rid of the white and fill up the red and then you use the personal atmosphere power until that goes away and then run around in a circle again I mean you can do this 15 minutes.
I’ve got one better example of how bad not having max piloting can get. Did you know that ships can take off WHILE you are boarding them to kill the crew? Well they can, and guess what, if it’s a class c and you don’t have rank 4, you better wish your last save was recent. Thankfully the auto save was looking out for me so I only lost about 5 minutes of time but it seems like they should have accounted for that.
I have never heard anyone say “Kay – Gees” instead of just “Kilo gram” as it rolls over the tongue more easily and thus easier to pronounce, unless you don’t care about metric ofcourse. Neither does Bethesda btw, their outpost container model says it can store a lot more.
The game is bugged and it’s possible to use every part in shipbuilder without Starship Design, it’s just less convenient since you have to select something you have access to, and click down to the part you actually want while it’s a blueprint.
Yes and they are also level locked. Some parts are unavailable until 50 skill points , others until 60 , Starship-Design notwithstanding.
I hate the lock picking. There’s nothing enjoyable about it for me. And like you said, you waste a bunch of time only to get useless items. I normally just skip them and take my chances.
Thrusters have nothing to do with turning nor with momentum. Its basically strafe, nothing more. Still, very useful in combat.
While holding down the thruster button, your engines stop firing but you maintain your momentum in the direction you were headed. If you turn the ship 180 degrees you are effectively moving backwards (still in the same direction you were moving, but now you are going tail first instead of nose first). You can see this when you look at your speed. When you release the thruster button, your engines start firing again and they slow you down and then accelerate you in the direction you are now facing.
Nah, Weightlifting and especially Fitness are utter garbage. Botany and Zoology are for outposts that you should only get into on your final NG+, as in not a starter skill, you use Research Methods and just buy materials instead since it’s infinitely faster and time efficient, since outposts are completely wasted till NG+10 or more.

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