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I’ve spent many hours testing with Bessel III B to see if I can figure what causes the outposts to appear. They are present on my main two characters saves at lvl 48 and 17, but when I load old saves of them from under 15 the outposts aren’t there. I made a new character and went there at level 3 as soon as it let me and they were both there, then reloaded about 20 times and they were there every time, apart from the first time the top one had a different icon (but a other things like orbiting stuff did change each time).

So it doesn’t seem to be related to any scanning skills you may have, or mission/level related. I think it likely just decides between a small amount of possible presets options on each planet when you visit a system for the first time, and then just stick with that.

If anyone manages to figure out anything more concrete then please let me know! Not sure I can commit any more hours to the mystery of Bessel III-B 🙂

Starfield – 15 SECRET Tips & Tricks You Still DON’T Know – Detailed Explanation

Well I guess me building my main outposts in the Bessel system works out better than I thought 😂. Great videos and thanks for the info even after over 300 hours you still teach me something such as the registration info I always did it the long way. Have a great day and rest of the week from one bearded guy to another!

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Some of the raving about the Cutter is specifically about Terrormorphs, which cap out physical resistance but lack any energy resistance. So stacking burn damage on them seems amazing compared to to shooting them with hundreds of bullets.
Noel: She buys Quark Degenerative Tissues for about 960 credits(no perks), and those are semi-guaranteed from any alien with a multi-segement health bar, so it is easy to get a few thousand credits each visit.
When building ships you can tap RB on console to highlight individual parts. Which makes moving large sections easier. There is an unmentioned feature related to that though. If you have multiple ships modules highlighted you can duplicate the entirety of all those parts. Rather than wasting time duplicating individual ship modules.

Super awesome when I’m building ships and need three or more parts duplicated.

If you hold the d-pad and press LB or RB at the same time for selecting the quantity of something it goes super fast. The joy stick is the slowest then the d pad then the bumpers
Super useful! I learned somethings I’ve been too lazy to research, like firing around something I’m hiding behind. Also, since I’m on console, learning about the ship install-point compatibility trick was very nice.
A note for the demolitions skill though, there currently a bug for everyone where if you have a throwable equipped the reload perk won’t work and you will not get any of it’s buffs or benefits! So be careful!
I was wondering why my reloading perks weren’t working, thanks for the clarification
I was lucky enough after God knows how many landings on Venus. I found an outpost where there is a stool and a nice fellow that never ever moves from his spot. Not having to stand up makes it soooo much faster to buy and sell. I built an outpost right outside of his shop so I don’t get confused by the other 30 landing zones I made lol.
Your missing half the perks for the lazer cutter 😂 it also counts as a heavy wep and you are missing armour penetration then it becomes op 😮 ✌🏾❤️
Good tips, thank you.
You can just board and take over the ship without killing any of the crew on the ground at all. If you fly it off after, you dont need to fight them at all, just leave them on the planet and take their ship. Also, if you do that, you main ship will have its inventory / ship clutter and displays reset. So taking over ships is not recommended until they fix that.
The cutter also scales with heavy weapon damage. I use it as a primary weapon on one of my characters, with no recoil it means you can near enough 90% headshot enemies and its more effective than any other energy weapon I’ve used so far in the game. I believe the recharge time is also reduced by the reload skill.
Dunno, for Crimson, ecliptic, and that other one, the moment to enter the hatch, alarm goes off, either they fly off and you clear the ship in orbit, or with Varu’un, often you just clear it on land. Civilian NPCs have locked hatches that you need to pick. A few, that lands next to settlements are inaccessible.
I did find a vendor on a planet where 24hrs of wait was 300 UT hrs. Moon Tessah in orbit around Erubus (I think) in the Olympus system. There is a little colony there
Omg THANK YOU!!!!!! IVE BEEN DYING trying to sell ammo and having to wait ages to get it to go past halfway or more. The lb rb will help me a ton!!!
Sometimes the ship land off even if you are on board, and now it is battle against time to kill all people in it before it gets destroyed 😅
Love how buggy the game is sometimes 😂
I found that vendor on our moon Earth’s moon but I had to wait 3 hours for a restock which I ended up buying over 10 thousand mass of resources to build outpost and upgrade all of my weapons which cost me 500 thousand credits which wasn’t much of a problem for my character because he’s a starfield millionaire
But the one thing this secret outpost is good for is before you start your new game plus spend all your credits on resources and craft and upgrade everything u can use all your resources to level up as much as possible
Regarding the Bessel outpost, my current save didn’t spawn any. However, I did happen to find one on my first landing, which is obviously less convenient because I have to remember the landing site, exit my ship and fast travel using the surface map to get there, but the vendor was everything you said – lots of resources and aid items, and resets in just one local hour. Thanks.
One of the tip videos I saw said to place an outpost beacon right next to the civilian outpost and then you can fast travel to your outpost.
You unintentionally showed me something I didn’t even know, when you point your scanner at a structure or other, you can click on it to get the details. How did I miss that? 😅
The connection points tip makes me want to give ship building another go. I had no idea you could do this … on pc. I gave up because pretty much everything I tried to add was getting the ‘errors’ warning
Ship building took me a second to understand but once you understand each mod it will become easier
There is a stealth suit you receive as a reward for a faction quest. No need for underpants sneeking.
Best way to steal a ship on the ground is to sneak onto it. As soon as the people on the ship know you are there they go
Its actually not same price when registering a ship from vendor (techician) or by yourself. Its much cheaper to register the ship by yourself than by using vendor service.
With the ailment symbols, for PC players, get the Star UI Inventory mod, it shows the affliction type icon next to the aid item in the inventory list. Its an awesome mod in many other ways.
You can literally just run up to the ship and get onboard taking only minor damage. Don’t need to stun or sneak or anything
Sometimes it’ll still take off though… And if you can’t fly that high of a ship you’ll be stranded in space lol
yeah had that happen. My method is only safe with a high pilot skill. Which you can easily get by gaining access to the uc vanguard flight simulator
Everytime I run up to one I get the inaccessible text on the door. Wondering if this happens to just me or if I’m doing something wrong
I pick up every gun and sell them unless they are a rare gun. I have mad 500k just selling guns and doing on a few missions. I am basically trying to level and explore. What I run out of is Digipicks but I can buy about 15 at the various shops in New Atlantis. So while I am farming stuff, I go back buy Digipicks, sell off my guns, store the rare, go back out, maybe do a mission, etc.
For the civilian outposts on planets, are you sure you don’t have any perks that allow you to see more stuff when you scan? I know when I upgrade my ship scanner I am able to detect a lot more locations on a planet before landing
I go to the key for selling, because:
+ there’s 4 vendors ( 6 even including the ship mechanic/doctor) VEEEERY close together
+ one of them has around 10 digi picks on sale
+ the trade authority guy has I think 12k creds (great for selling contraband)
– you’d have to wait 48h for them to restock (might be less, when 24 didn’t work I only tried 48 hours)
why bother waiting to reset a single merchant? go to neon, there is 7 or more different merchants, some of which have more then 5000 each.. AND there is ships in orbit you can hail and sell to as well… if you actually use up all of their money, go to new Atlantis, where there is another 5 or 6 merchants.. and again, ships in orbit you can sell to.
Can’t be called best vendor in game with only 5k credits. All your weapon / suits loots will be sold for half price or less. Fastest vendor reset maybe… But absolutely not better than The Key vendors for selling your items for propper cash.
For PC players the best “tip” is to learn how to use console commands.

I have entire outpost cities with NPC traders, doctors and citizens and no build limit

I’ve cleared 3d POI markers off my scanner UI to make exploration more immersive

And I’ve changed the frequency of POIs spawning and the distance between them significantly

All with console commands. You can tailor to game to your liking and it’s not even that hard to learn. Highly recommend

with weapon engineering you can make most guns light people on fire, no need for wasted points in laser to use the very short range cutter. plus you can make money with simple mods on guns before selling them. seriously weapon engineering might be one of the best skills in game, increase gun range, damage, accuracy, and lighting targets on fire, on every one of your weapons AND your companions is a huge difference.
really happy for that tip on having it show items that fit there with controller.
Can someone please help me look at my page? I Post a video of this star film game? I was level 41 and recently completed the my control mission. I have 3 sea class ships, 3B class ships, and the rest were regular. But it is nowhere to be found. It shows me back at level 37 and I have no B class or C class ships.
Imagine pronouncing Noel incorrectly when it’s said in the game. Think of the Christmas carol bud, the one from ENGLAND.
Edit: this is a Big L instead of Noel.
The best thing for everyone to do for this game is to COMPLAIN , The glitches are unacceptable , 6 hrs of gameplay today netted me about 2 hrs of PROGRESS because of the constant crashing . About to give up BETHESDA . … just not worth the effort to have a bit of fun
Hmm… I am currently lvl 78 and I don’t have a single civilian outpost on Bessel III-B. I do have my biggest outpost on that moon though. 🤔🤔🤔
It seems to be fairly random, although with quite a high chance or there being one

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