15 Tips for Outpost Building in Starfield that you NEED to Know – Ultimate Outpost Building Guide

The scan booster should be a planet-wide bonus. That’s the entire point of bothering to build one somewhere. As it stands now, it’s only marginally useful for detecting enemies during an outpost attack.

15 Tips for Outpost Building in Starfield that you NEED to Know – Ultimate Outpost Building Guide – Detailed Explanation

I just use the scan boosters as radar props or other cool looking embellishments for the roof of my outpost. They may have little functional use, but I think they look really cool.

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WARNING: be very careful when moving your outpost beacon to another area within you current build zone! I moved my beacon to the edge of the build zone to keep it out of the way but after I lost the ability to fast travel to that outpost because the planet map icon disappeared! Luckily I had to travel to several different landing sites to find my outpost again and was able to find it again but it was a struggle. I moved my beacon back towards the centre of the build zone like it was previously and now the fast travel icon is back . All my resources are in that outpost so I was extra scared for a while!!!
Did you put the beacon facing outside of your outpost? when you fast travel, you show up in front of the keyboard on your beacon, so I’d assume that if that were outside of your outpost it might have trouble.
i moved mine next to my landing pad and lost the fast travel icon, def not on the edge. luckily i still had my original landing zone nearby and was able to walk back to the outpost. once i moved it back to near it’s original spot the fast travel point came back
was the keyboard pointed at the landing pad? because if it was then that might do the same thing. if not, then I could easily have been wrong about the cause.
no it was pointed away from the landing pad. my suspicion is the proximity to the landing point itself but I havn’t moved any more beacons since then to test it (my outposts test to be a bit of a hike away from the initial landing spot due ot searching for good multi resource outposts)
The hand scanner is also a good ‘estimating’ tool for Sniper Ranging – to make sure you are within range (and you’ll learn distance range – ing as a result of practicing this) for your weapon.
Outpost building is great, it makes the game so much more interesting and research and crafting is no issue when you have you network all set up where all your outposts send resources to your main outpost.
I tend to build living quarters for my human settlers on elevated platforms in Fallout 4. Defensive turrets too. I have a feeling my build policy will be quite practical in Starfield.
It seems silly – but the tip that you can move your outpost beacon after initial placement is REALLY helpful. Since the beacon locale is where you spawn when you fast travel to any outpost it can be problematic. (example – my placement, that was needed to get four resources all in range, happened to be next to a toxic gas node. Meaning any fast tvl after that – poisoned me). LMAO – now I’ve moved it right next to my landing pad, and I’m much less…wait for it…toxic.
be aware, though the moving of the beacon can lead to buggy behaviour, like loss of items in chests, inability to build and things like that
I have moved my beacon without problems until now, but be aware and do maybe a hard save before moving the beacon, just in case 🙂
Knew quite a bit of these, but some great outpost building tips I didn’t know, cool lake outpost and height ones. Definitely need some overhaul in future expansions. And fricken walls.
Yea the lake stuff is really nice. That lake was only a cpl hundred meters or so from the main base shown too, on the other side of the hill, so quite a nice example of biomes changing.

Shame there aren’t that many lakes/rivers, though I suppose it makes them more interesting to find.

Def need walls!

So far, the best spot I found was on Bessel 3 b. found a five resource convergence, including iron and bauxite {where aluminum really comes from}, nickel and cobalt. in addition, one day local is 1300+ hours. I advise there over anyplace else, the xp is insane.
Liking this, because this is also where I’ve set up due to the aforementioned. Also, I will mention that there will be naysayers saying there’s no such way to acquire all of those resources without having multiple outposts on the planet. This is because the spot is very rare to find, but IS possible to find. I am currently playing on XBOX ONE X (Not the Series S/X) via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate streaming. I recommend everyone take advantage of the area as it’s really good to acquire quick experience early.
I know a good way to make the thing you are placing perfect straight, on pc you can press tab to go into the different build mode, if select the item you want to place then tap tab twice it’ll line it up perfectly infront of you
Outposts are occupying a lot of my game time right now. Lots of fun! I built an alien bug ranch and next up is an industrial-sized drug manufacturing lab 😂
Scan booster can make planet surveys faster, especially if your scanning skill sucks like mine.

Go to a new biome, plop down an outpost beacon, a scanner booster, and a power generator, and look for anything with a blue outline. Then once you’ve scanned all of that, delete the outpost, rinse and repeat.

The placing any item one was huge, thanks bro. I’ve been rotating and dropping them rotating and dropping until I get it exactly right this entire time.
I just go for places with sick scenery. A crater on Grimsey for example. My Jemison outpost is across the lake by the Armistice Archives in New Atlantis. Waterfront property and “floating” Landing Pad..it’s in the water.
I made an outpost within walking distance of The Lodge in Jemison. For some reason when I do the “air view” the parts just load, load, and load and doesn’t let me change between type of parts. I can only put parts down in first person view
I gone crazy with outpost building, even made 25k cargo ship for just building outposts and dont even have all the cargo perks yet so should be around 30k cargo size after leveling that up
im defintely going to make some cool outposts now after i saw that you can drag the bottom one out and game does not even build foundation after it theres been so many times when i tried to place something to specific spot thats cool and all but “FOUNDATION IS TOO TALL” Drives me nuts. why there is up and down button for foundation when you raise it by inch it cries that its too tall!!
How much xp do you get for building a base? I would think that starting out it’s a good idea to do even if you’re not that into base building because you get a good XP boost and the landing pad with the shipbuilder on it is something everybody’s going to want.
The problem with outpost building is that all you is mine elements to make materials for more outpost building. This design should have been tied to the story where the outpost you build can turn into a center of operation for ongoing missions. As it stands, you build only to be be able to continue building with no other benefit. Unless, at 120 hours, I haven’t yet reached a point to continue building.
It used to be that starships used He3 when jumping. So to explore the higher level areas youd need a network of outposts not only funneling fuel but resources to build medpacks and drugs for combat.
I don’t know if it’s because I play on Very Hard or just lucky, but atleast 8/10 enemies I kill drop a medpack or medicine. I had to start storing it in my ship.
I ignored outpost building in my first 100+ hour playthrough, but in my current playthrough I did it from level 1, it completely changes the game, you can do the research in no time and all crafting is very easy because you have everything at your main outpost. It’s also very good for farming xp and sell stuff for cash.
As an RP in my game, the reason my toon has it’s wanted bounty is due to drug manufacturing while trying to set up an independent pharmaceutical company their competitor doesn’t approve of. I sunk one point into botany early on (which allows scanning plants to determine if they can be grown at outposts) and started an outpost producing large amounts of Amp. As I have progressed I added Chemistry, which I have maxxed. I can now make all kinds of wild pharmaceuticals, including some wildly powerful ones I haven’t seen anywhere else, after adding “Special projects” research. I may add zoology as well to see what items I can produce raising animals. I couldn’t care less about minerals, I have only ever had the one outpost making Alum and Iron.

This has accelerated my levelling without feeling artificially grindy like making HUGE bulks of random stuff has because my toon makes a batch of Amp daily as an RP thing and sells it to fund further research and exploration. This RP “purpose” of my toon’s life gives me reason to visit and explore planets and scan plants and maybe soon, animals; seeking to find new resources to expand into new products. As I hit NG+1, it was fun rebuilding Amp Camp with the highest tier stuff instead of the first go round, and then decorating the place to LOOK like a pharmaceutical lab. I am now trying to figure out where to source all the ingredients for other aid items most efficiently.

Making up my own “mission” in the game has added a ton of fun. Sure I am willing to do the Constellation and other stuff, but even the main quest is a side quest for me. My toon isn’t just some factions errand boy, it has it’s own life goals as a semi shady cyber runner, and everything else is just interesting stuff I did along the way during my own adventure.

usually I only need one or two outposts with multiple resources, after that it becomes duplicates most of them time. I really don’t need 4 outposts all mining iron.
what is useful however is helium-3 so that I can make links.
Question. I don’t know if it is a glitch or a mess up on their part. But say you build two outpost. one near the Starter area and the next near a level 75 area. I was able to travel between my two outpost without doing short hops. Guess you can say a fast travel spot.

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