Starfield: How to recruit Erick Von Price AND save the ship (or lose him FOREVER)

I don’t think this is a glitch. If you talk to Jane after recruiting Erik, she tells you that she’s glad that she has the ship, disappointed about losing Erik, but also glad that he’s coming with the player. She references everything that happens, so this must be a scripted ending.

Starfield: How to recruit Erick Von Price AND save the ship (or lose him FOREVER) – Detailed Explanation

Perfect – I did notice that Erick is quick to leave the ship so I don’t even think you need to follow him to double check. Just wait for him to leave then wipe em out. He’s a funny one though. I couldn’t find him on my ship at a later stage but he had locked himself in the Brig or the other crew had put him there 😉

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This makes me wonder how many other quests have secret solutions like this. Well this wasn’t really secret it’s more a glitch in how the game is handling the quest.
When I board the ship I can’t even get the captain to start the dialog. I’m guessing it’s glitched. Anyone have an idea of how to fix it?
I used the dialog to convince the ecliptic to give up the ship and then killed them anyway
Not sure if it’s just me or if the mission has glitched but after completing Erick is nowhere to be w
Anyone think the Ecliptic captain looks like Alec Baldwin?
U don’t want to recruit him. If u do u will forever lose to Walter and risk Rhea

He is just a E-VP which is hard to fight unless u own the tablet already

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