Starfield Outpost Beginners Guide / Step-By-Step Base Building

Helpful tip that I just discovered by accident, when you are placing anything down in the build mode on your outposts, you can use LT or RT to change the connection point for multiple items. I use this for placing storage containers, because it is so complicated to line them up.

Starfield Outpost Beginners Guide / Step-By-Step Base Building – Detailed Explanation

Where in the base does crafting pull from? Do you have to have the materials on your person or ship, or will it pull from the outpost storage also?

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It will pull from your ship, your inventory and also from your Outpost, any of the items listed under storage in build mode (like the solid/gas/liquid crates etc).
I’ve found it tends to pull from outpost storage first then personal inventory and ship inventory I filled a bunch of storage with aluminium and iron and then went to make some more adaptive frame to make more storage and found the storage I’d already filled had been used and I had to fill them again 🤦 for context I was carrying around 3,000 of each iron and aluminium and had stored about 2,000 of each and I made a mountain of adaptive frames to make a tone more storage thinking of I’ll use up some of the excess I’m carrying yeah didn’t happen
Hmm is there a way we can effectively sell all our abundance resources for money?
Like if i goes on to a shop, how can i sell the resources stored on far away outposts?
There is only the ‘sell from ship’ option in the vendor menu. But i have limited storage on my ship compared to the outposts.
Do i have to manually transfer outposts resources > ship storage > then goes to vendors in multiple trips?
The staryards offer resource contracts where you can haul like 2000 aluminum or whatever for a reward. Ask around the NPCs there.
I cannot for the life of me figure out how you move around with a beacon, let alone when you are in the overhead view. I cannot move at all. I can pan around in a circle but I cannot move my view point. I am stuck in one spot as soon as my Outpost Build mode is activated.
Please tell me how you are doing that ?
I haven’t even watched it yet, but this is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting for! Thanks in advance!
— update: watched it, great stuff! Looking forward to some base building now. beardguysGOODGAME
As an American, please say aluminum as you would. I watched too many hours of British TV/Films for you to not say it as you would. 😂
Through media and a series of European and eastern professors when I studied chem in college I’ve heard more people say Aluminium than I’ve heard say Aluminum through my life. Aluminium is my head canon now and I’m ‘Merican.

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