50 Starfield Tips & Tricks You DIDN’T Know (SPOILER FREE)

One I recently discovered was to level laser all the way to level 4 then use the cutter on animals and people, it allows for a chance to catch them on fire. By level 4, the cutter becomes a very powerful weapon with the fire ability. Also, it has unlimited ammo, it just needs to recharge, so there is no danger in ever running out of ammo and needing to buy more.

50 Starfield Tips & Tricks You DIDN’T Know (SPOILER FREE) – Detailed Explanation

Well done and even with a sectioned timeline. 😎👍
Yeah, in Starfield there is sooooooooooooo much to do which is a bit overwhelming for new players. Especially non-RPG players like myself who also never played a Bathesta game before. But I’m getting the feel for it and even managed to kill 3 Terrormorphs (UC Vanguard storyline)… 🤟

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Thanks! I just did that UC Vanguard bit today actually, was very cool! I also came across a random terrormorph in a cave on a totally random planet once!
One tip if you are trying to get the Adv Magshear from the shop in Hopetown.
The game does not decide the stats on the item until you mouse over it. So set your game to Very Hard before leaving your ship, go to the shop but do not mouse over the weapons. Autosave then see if the game has spawned in the Adv Magshear.
With a few tries you should be able to get both guns to be the adv model, you can steal them if you have a point in stealth and gear with Chameleon on very easily. (You may have already done the Mantis quest for the legendary armor and ship and it’s certainly worth save scumming to get at least 1 piece with chameleon)
Alternatively you can grab something like a trash can, and knock the guns onto the floor, then hockey puck them into the back room, close the door and just pick them up. Obviously you will need to clean them by going to the Trade Authority, but once you do you and your companion have one of the most powerful guns in the game very early on.

Also take not of your companion’s specializations, Whilst Sarah will pretty much shred anything with the magshear, Sam Coe specializes in Rifles and is much more effective.

the ammo cases behind the weapon bench in the lodge are also infinite.

and after a certain point in the main quest line another infinite storage box will be added making 6 or 7 total so you don’t have to lug everything from the bedroom to the work space

I learned about the walls that can be broken with the cutter! I knew about the big red ones, but didn’t even think to try to break down stones or ice.
#26 if you set the difficulty to very hard before moving into loading screen area’s it will set the loot to its max. then after tthe loading screen you can change it back to a lower level of your chosing and the mobs will change levels but the box loot will not.
I don’t think mobs , they change level I went in to the cave with very hard and very easy, spacers were still level 8 didn’t change a bit and didn’t see difference on the loots and I got a legendary loot from a spacer with very easy loading screen and kill idk I’m just confused I might just play normal to the end default settings 🤷‍♂️🤔
Thanks Ben, currently playing starfield. Great content as always man, very helpful vid I’m gonna watch it all. Don’t forget about the time stamps tho guys ✌🏻❤️
I thought maybe I needed higher stealth to make chameleon work like an invisibility cloak instead of just an invisibility effect. Good to know that I actually need two armor with chameleon for it to work. Saves me from putting points in stealth (or is it concealment?) just yet.
Thanks. Its very difficult to find spoiler free tips that are all about maxxing out your game. I learned a few things here and most of the ones i discovered, i discovered far later than i should have had to.

Ill add two more for your list. #1, you cant use your jetpack without a point in Boost. I was level 10 before I figured that out.

#2 the boost pack is a little bugged. This only works on computer. Your pack can travel faster horizontally than it does on standard. Go to bindings, jump. Leave the main one as Space. Add the alternate binding as L ALT. Now if you hit space, you can boost vertically as normal and L ALT will boost you horizontally. Saved me a ton of time.

I haven’t heard anyone else mention this yet… if you are within 250m of your ship, you can transfer items to and from your ship’s storage via the menus – go into your ship options, select Cargo Hold, if it says Take all in the corner, you can then hit Q (on PC) to switch to your inventory, any item you click on will be transferred to your ship. This can be especially helpful on some missions as you don’t need to be able to see your ship, so it works inside separate instances, as long as you are within 250m. I was in a mission inside a mine, but the mine entrance was right next to the landing pad, if I got encumbered inside the mine, if I went near the entrance, I could offload all my gear without leaving
Pick up weapons as well as magazines for even more ammo – enemies leave rounds in attached magazines. Then just drop or sell the weapon.
I was wondering if this was the case like it was in FO4. When you have 5k ammo knowing that answer usually isn’t that important like it was finding snippet ammo in FO4.
You can mine large asteroids too. It just takes longer. Supplementing your laser or ballistics weapon with missiles can speed up mining larger asteroids. You get more from larger asteroids.
You should have access to all ship components your ship building level allows if you buy a Landing pad thingy on an outpost. (Correct me if I’m wrong). But I love all these neat tips and tricks.
You don’t have access to unique items. You have to go to those places specifically. However 95%+ stuff is there so it’s still a good tip.
FYI- When mining asteroids, the smoother asteroids contain more minerals while the ones that look like shaved ice mostly carry water.
I think more power in missile modules means quicker refresh rates. At least when I play it feels this way, so if you expend your missiles the higher the power the quicker you can shoot again?
If you are able to view a System Map and the Planet or Moon resources appear “Gray” it means you have not ever scanned the planet or moon. Once you actually scan it for resources the resources will now have the appropriate colors. So if you can’t ever remember on visiting a system or looking at galaxy map if you ever scanned the planet and not want to hop around to check, the color indication in resource looking at the planet or moon is your visual indicator if you have or haven’t scanned it. It’s crazy how many subtle secrets are in the game not obvious to so many players.
#37, 250 hours in and I didnt know anything about the ability to power up the cutter. Never explained in the game IIRC. Thanks to you, mining Caelumite just became much less annoying!
The storage area near the ship docking bay in new Atlantis also has unlimited space.
I have an addtional tip — Companions can wear the gear you give them. After transferring a wearable item to your companion, go to their inventory screen, find the item you want them to wear and press the Equip button. Done.
Damn you nailed like all the tips. However another really good one is adding an alt button you your jumping so when you jetpack you can go further…try it out it makes a huge difference especially when exploring or encumbered
The thing I found that blew my mind, is drawers. All those basic white desks and cabinets. Some of those drawers open, not by pulling, just shoot them with something cheap to run. I started finding credsticks, digipicks and perk magazines in them.
Did not know about charging the cutter or that hard difficulty rewards better loot the game is too easy for me on normal since I’ve got advanced and superior weapons, gear, and a crazy ship at lvl 50 before ive even barely done the main quest so thanks maybe i will see the Superior Bounty Hunter suit now
Just started the video so this may be mentioned, but you can sell books for a ton of $ in Akilla City at the book store. (Edit) the lady buys old earth books for 2000 credits Moby Dick, Dracula, and a few others but only one time. I was able to make about 12,000 off her with various novels so far.
Switch into build mode for more options decorating with “junk” after you drop it, way easier to move
I bet you didn’t know you can fully view your ship outside in space and can control it for spectacular film moments .Just press and hold = on your controller when you’re in Third view mode..
If you have Organic Materials you picked up elsewhere in exploration to sell, Noel at the lodge offers you the best value in price compared to any other vendor. If you did speak to her she asks you to bring her Organic Material if you find. They used for crafting though. However, her credits is low at around 3500. But still best price compared to sell to other vendors the Organic Material.
You can just shoot the breakable doors open with regular bullets, don’t need the cutter/explosives, having the cutter in your inventory is a waste of weight unless you are farming resources.
Another tip for quickly leveling up Pick pocketing and Sneak skill
1.get a Nova disrupter and a weapon with a silencer
2.Stun however many enemies
Then you can pickpocket and shoot them after. And if I’m not mistaken even if the pick pocket fail you can still shoot them either way it’s a win.
I’ve gotta admit, even though you had some shitty “tips you don’t know” like you can use your scanner, your piloting perk gives you extra stuff for piloting, your lockpicking perk let’s you pick harder locks, or my personal favorite; there’s a help screen, and other stuff that the game literally tells you or you’ve already covered in previous videos, like how to wash your contraband, but you did have a few tips I didn’t know yet like that tip with the 100% scan on a planet helps with outpost production, so I’ll have to drop a like. I don’t like how I had to skim through 14 minutes of filler content to get two good tips out of this video though
For crying out loud!!! People stop saying the doors/destructables can “be taken down by the cutter or explosives”. Most of that stuff you can also hit it with a sword, shoot it with any old gun including a pistol. The 4 pieces holding up the door can be taken out with a single pistol round if in the right spot and right caliber, sometimes 2. I’ll admit the cutter is quicker and doesn’t use ammo but if you lack a cutter and resort to explosives it’s only because you don’t know your gun can do it as well.

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