Ultimate Guide to 100% Planet Survey & Exploration in Starfield

The tip about finding the coastal zones is really helpful. I was getting pretty frustrated early on before realizing there were aquatic animals!

Ultimate Guide to 100% Planet Survey & Exploration in Starfield – Detailed Explanation

For water fauna where the water is harmful, I’ve found it helpful to build an outpost on the beach and build habs over the water. Most times you can build a wide enough reaching web to scan the water without getting in the water yourself. When you DO need to go in the Hans make it easier to jump to safety.

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Also note that those organic resources can be sold to what’s-her-face at The Lodge for credits. Any resource with the parenthesis are valid, like Structural Material (bone) or Spice (carapace), for example.
Thank you VERY much for this guide. It cleared up a lot of confusion.
I find it is super relaxing to explore and survey planets (well until I get stalked and mauled by a group of over aggressive alien animals)
I don’t understand why people think doing another playthrough changes anything. A single character can eventually collect all the same stuff/abilities, why start over.
For the coastal, it sometimes bugs. I Landed on the coast as close to water I could. walked/ran for 3500 m to get the water in view and the msg “You can’t walk that way. Return to ship?” I’ve also found coastal without any animals in the water for like 3000 m stretch forcing me to relocate.
I’ve landed on 1 planets coast 8 times for about 20 min of exploration to not get the aquatic animal..
How do you scan all the moons from orbit of the planet?
Probably a bit late with the answer, but with the Astrophysics skill

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