15 Starfield Secrets You Didn’t Know (plus tips & tricks)

For those of you trying to add clutter to your house, if u drop whatever misc items you’re trying to place and then use the panel to go into build mode u can then grab and place misc items just like regular built items, they will have a yellow outline

15 Starfield Secrets You Didn’t Know (plus tips & tricks) – Detailed Explanation

MORE IMPORTANT TIPS: #1 Scanning gas/ice giants will automatically 100% fully survey them since you cannot land on them. #2 You cab pickup any weapon and the ammo in that weapon will be added to your inventory, drop the weapon immediately if you don’t want it and the ammo will stay in your inventory. #3 Use the hand scanner whenever you see an NPC, if that NPC has a unique name go up and talk to them, there’s like a 50% chance they will have a side quest/mission/activity for you. #4 Having Vasco as a crew member on your ship (not an actual following companion, just crew on the ship) will make him secure the perimeter of your ship everytime you land. He will be out there standing by the entrance and will help in combat if you land in a dodgy area with enemies. #5 Do the main quests up until the quest “Into The Unknown” and once that quest is finished, hit the breaks on main quests for a while and go do other side quests and explore. Thank me later

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Also best hint: change difficult to hardest before loading a “dungeon”. 1st thing after load is change back difficult. Now u has best chance of loot with ur normal play difficult.
You can lose heath with too much weight… who cares if you on a planet with no hostile fauna ur HP will never fall below 10% and ur ship must have a bed!
I use the storage boxes in the basement of the lodge as they also have infinite space and are right next to all the research and crafting stations
I had this argument with my brother. His will not use them at all. He thinks his loot can be deleted randomly. I say even if that happens, just spread the resources around rather than using one container. All the time saved, not traveling while encumbered, will offset a random loss.
To walk (no oxygen drain while encumbered) you can use the capslock key to go into walk mode. That way you don’t have to wave a gun around wherever you go, which would (should) frighten passersby.
This the best list of actual hidden features, with many I had not heard of. Far better than the ‘things on the menu if you can read’ lists of “secrets”.
I must say I’m pleasantly surprised with Starfield in some aspects, not at all surprised with others. Bethesda just couldn’t ditch the core quest loop of come here, get job, go there, do thing, report back here for new job. It permeates their games and in Skyrim and Oblivion made a bit of sense. There’s no reliable way to talk across vast distances but Starfield is in the distant future. You’re telling me there’s no way to access the Ryujin mission board, for example, except in Ryujin tower? With a minimum of three loading screens(landing, going down to the main level of neon, and entering the tower). Traveling is incredibly tedious, but it doesn’t have to be.
Starfield’s quests and missions are 95% all “fetch quests.” The Ryujin faction is completely fetch quest it got me so bored I didn’t care for it much I just skipped all dialogues.

I’m 100 hrs in and hoping I’d come across a unique mission encounter but nope…ALL FETCH QUESTS…like goddam Bethesda. I’m done with this game until mods come out for it.

on PC, when you have an item you’ve lifted with E you can tap SHIFT to change which of the three axis it rotates on with M1 and M2.
Thanks for the vid – number 14 (picking up items) is great – I had no idea! I did wonder, then got distracted by something else in the game (as you do) and forgot about it. Going to try it with some exploding things…
One little secret I’ve discovered is… At the beginning, before your character creation when you are mining with Linn and Heller. When Heller is talking about strange gravity readings, instead of going up that little incline, instead, go to the left and down the slope. At the bottom, hug the right wall until you see a discoloration in the rock that doesn’t look like the surrounding rock. Blast it open with your cutter and inside, you’ll find a souvenir NASA cup and a few nodes of Europium to mine. Also, while you’re down there, you can look around and find some Neodymium to mine.
Hitting caps lock on PC toggles run/walk. You can use that instead of ADS too when you’re over encumbered. Also helps when doing stealth and need to be extra sneaky
On controllers u can just slightly push on the move stick and “walk” while over encumbured and gain stamina as well.
When I’m over encumbered I use my controller with stick drift flick the analog forward and I’m sweet 😂 go make sumn to eat
Here’s one: totally feels like cheating, though. For those annoying stealth missions: since you can’t really see around corners without being seen, enter Photo Mode and fly the camera around to scout enemy positions and potential objectives.
When trying to place items, you can switch between direction of spin by pressing in on the left stick on controller.
One thing I noticed is that when you take fall damage sometimes you can break a bone sometimes you can just sprain it and sometimes you won’t injure yourself at all just take the normal health hit, also when it’s something like a sprain it slowly heals itself overtime
I think the trade authority one is on purpose. A quest has you steal something sell it to them so it’s not stolen anymore
The chameleon trait, and selling stolen items and buying them back isn’t broken, it’s been a thing since The Elder Across IV: Oblivion. It won’t be patched, I can guarantee you
If your over encumbered you can also just transfer your heavy items to your ships cargo hold from your inventory then fast travel to your safe or vendor then pull them all out from your inventory also
Hope you are enjoying the new game. Miss having your Pubg content but hope this new game will get you all the new viewers you need to keep on working. Cheers mate..
I found a way to steal stuff from that same merchant without the chameleon trait. When he gets up from his chair, stand in front of him and walk into him. When you do this, he will take a few steps backwards each time. Make sure you face him in the direction you want him to go. Keep doing this until you push him outside of his store. Once he’s outside of his store, shut the door and sprint over to whatever you want to steal, then take it. You have to be quick about it, but I was able to rob him blind when I was only level 2 and didn’t have the hidden/dected meter.
If using a controller, slightly pushing the left stick will give you a speed walk while overencumbered. You will regen O2 while walking this wau
I feel bad for those mouse+keyboard players while being over encumbered because on controller you can just lightly tilt the joystick and your character will jog without using o2
Nope, you can be carrying over 1000, walking does not drain your oxygen only running. On a controller though, you can tilt the joystick further right before a run and you will jog, not as fast as running but faster than walking and you will not drain oxygen.
download a trainer or plytch or something i cant remember but its cheat stuff and program to make your game harder. cheating sure, if you hate the game, try the weak way out and download a cheater …i mean a “trainer as they call them”
Imagine streamers on Console getting the ability to get a ban on all pc users from being able to play on Console lobbies… you would be crying… “why cant i go godmode, why cant i pretend like im good”…..😂😂😂😂
People crying about vendors not having enough money in stores… just hail a ship in orbit they have at least 1000 on them.. theres sooooo many people to sell to..
does your game not crash? Mine crashes about every hr.. anyone else experiencing this.. pls not being a hater.. Xbox or Bethesda is not acknowledging this is all

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