Top 10 Best Early Game Guns & Weapons in Starfield

I know it doesn’t really matter, but single-shot means it loads and fires a single shot before needing to reload. Most of the weapons that you called “single-shot” are actually semi-auto which means it fires one shot per trigger pull, but the weapon doesn’t need to be reloaded before the next shot.

Top 10 Best Early Game Guns & Weapons in Starfield – Detailed Explanation

You can find the urban eagle at the nova galactic ship yard. Behind the locked door in the first room as soon as you exit your ship

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I’m right there with you on the Kodama. I found one randomly and it has been my go-to since.
If you really want the best starting weapon that kind of makes the game a joke, set your game to very hard BEFORE you land and steal the Magshear on the wall at the vendor in Hopetown. Then clean the stolen tag off at a Trade Authority vendor. It shows as a normal item on the wall, but on very hard, it will be “advanced” once looted. Fair warning though, it allows you to basically one to two shot most enemies on max difficulty.

To clean any stolen item, just go to Trade Authority, sell the item/s and DON’T exit. Then scroll down to Buyback, and purchase them. If you exit out of the menu, your item/s are gone.

I did like that shotgun but i found an old earth shotgun with both the slug ammo and choke mods on it and it does WAY more damage 1 shotting most normal enemies and 2-3 shotting bosses even at distances of 25-30 yards as it does shotgun damage but with the choke and slugs it has essentially no spread and deals all the damage in one projectile making it crazy powerful. The reload speed is slow, but it carries 6 rounds and it tears down enemies so fast that i dont often need to reload it during combat and will just boost pack away when i do. Also BEAST for clearing ships, i havent found a better weapon as of yet in my playthrough
I’ve found 2 Advanced AA-99’s (40 plus damage even as a full automatic) and 1 x Advanced Solstice Pistol (50 plus damage) even at level 7-8 in a POI called the Deserted UC Listening Post. I’ve found the POI south of New Atlantis on Jemeson and it also spawns in the random zones when you land around the planet. The guns are in a locked room close to the entrance. It’s an advanced lock but there is a key card on a stand sitting on a desk back by the jail cells in the dungeon.
I’ve found myself using multiple guns in this game, as compared to the Fallout games were i only use a few different ones
Yea I’ve got like 9 guns on the go at the moment, I can’t pick a favourite 😀
Just to let you know, a “single shot” firearms means it shoots once and then you have to reload it. What you were describing were semi-automatic firearms. The Kodama is not a rifle, even if it says so in the description (if it does, Bethesda got it wrong). It’s a sub-machine gun.
Yea it seems like they didn’t bother with SMGs and just called them rifles. I guess it’s space, not Earth, they can call it whatever the hell they like now 😋
Is there a way to “disassemble” guns into parts or do you just sell the old guns you don’t need?
As far as I can tell, you cannot dismantle, only sell or drop.
I don’t think so. It would be great if you could at least remove and reuse or scrap mods. Just have to sell at the moment
i make 321 dmg with the magshot with 3 on ballistic and on pistol and some tinkering on it. Best weapon. But the best thing is: It makes a cute pewpew sound!!
I’m in a quandry. I’ve into PUBG and spent way too many hrs in that game to count, but the game is dying. From losing nearly all the guys I played with, to most of my games being bot fests. My question to you is that given you’ve left PUBG recently, do you miss the game, or has Starfield filled that void? Also, if you had a post PUBG support group number as I have a feeling this is going to be like coming off heroin 😛 Joking
Shotguns are the best get master shotgun perk first you will doing over 200 a shot with any random shotgun
Like GTA V did, Starfield really wants a PC. I’m only on a modest 3060Ti and a laptop variant at that and I can see a huge difference.
I’ve seen a couple of XBOX vids and the loading times, graphics and such really suffer. I watch it thinking ‘how painful’ for example 5-10 seconds waiting time every time you open a door.
BGS have really had to nerf Starfield to obtain a stable 30 FPS. Moral of the story, if you really love large open space games then use a PC.

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