30 Starfield Tips & Tricks (You Probably Didn’t Know)

At the Lodge, there’s a legendary suit with a Master rated pick. You can actually get the suit by moving your cursor to the joint between the glass panels, savibg you time and effort

30 Starfield Tips & Tricks (You Probably Didn’t Know) – Detailed Explanation

Please keep making Starfield videos. I just made the Bat wing ship in the game and I just want fly everywhere to show it off!

Also for the Oxygen challenge where you have to use ALL your oxygen running, just run over encumbered it’s much faster

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Thanks for these tips. Especially on how to access storage. Till now I just dumped everything on ships floor. One thing I wold like to find out is what I’m doing wrong when shooting enemies. Some of them literally take 100 bullets.
First make sure you’re using a weapon that actually does some damage. Even a legendary weapon is useless if it doesn’t do enough damage. The enemies also have resistances, so some need to be shot with a laser weapon, some with ballistic. If you notice you’re not doing damage, just change the type of weapon you’re using or upgrade to a better one. Oh and make sure you’re not fighting enemies that are much higher level than you. For example, if you try to kill a level 50 enemy while you’re level 7 it’s going to take much more shooting than killing a level 5 enemy.
Any idea if there is a better way to store resources than in your ships cargo? All of my resources are taking up my ships cargo space, but am afraid that moving it will take a while, and won’t be accessible at work benches.
I build a settlement and place storage about and store it there
Could you do a list of 30 nefarious things to do? My life is boring and I’d like to live dangerously through an avatar in space.
If you get arrested you can retrieve all your stolen belongings in the crates at the security places
Was excited to hop on and play Starfield and then massive disappointment when its 30fps on Xbox series s. Straight to the uninstall button and see you later. 2023 and its still 30fps, what a joke.

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