Starfield – How to Sell Contraband (and where to find it)

I am now officially hooked on Starfield. The more I play, the more I enjoy it. It just keeps going deeper and deeper.

Starfield – How to Sell Contraband (and where to find it) – Detailed Explanation

Great advice on selling at the Wolf system. Exactly what I was looking for.

This game does look good. I’m worried about starting this and losing a ludicrous amount of time to it😂. Getting hooked might be dangerous 😅

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Once you’ve gotten thru a bit of the main mission and figured out how to fast travel it gets more casual. 60 to 90 min sessions are doable. Have to be into RPGs.
I agree that you have to like in game discussions and being able to persuade the discussion etc… But it’s not an RPG in the sense of combat. I have had a decent good FPS combat scenarios since playing the game. The AI isn’t the best. But the different methods you can utilize as your character progresses is extremely fun. I never do stealth, yet I just did a stealthy mission with a 1911 45acp suppressed using the artifact ability to see living beings through walls. It was freaking awesome.
Lets put it this way: You’ll wake up earlier to play this game on a Saturday than you do to go to work during the week. At some point the Chinese, and Pizza delivery drivers will know you by name.
Hah dont be worried, you will sink stupid amounts of time you dont have into this xD
You can quest full RPG style immerse yourself in a little nook of the universe sink 10+hours in and go… What was i doing again?
Then go do quick arcade like ship battles for quick mission board loot and credits
Be a trucker n haul uranium and carrots too faraway outpost
Make your own outpost go knee deep in crafting and resource manufacturing.
Or just clear out random bases around / Bounty hunting..

You WILL find something too do, as soon as you get a little bored with something… uh look shiny over here…

Actually dont buy it… im in for life…. It’s a part of me now

oh sh!t this totally didn’t happen too me 😆 That smirk from the delivery person was gold
Hey I just started playing Tuesday and I haven’t been able to stop playing. I’m at work thinking about it every hour wishing I was home. It’s really addicting 😂
Tbh this game does feel like it easily can be a second virtual life. But it also means you can pick your own play style. Tbh I’ve barely dipped into missions, I’ve just been planet hopping and putting my money into my ship. You can build outposts(like a build your own city vibe), or try to “start your own mining company” and just make a bunch of outposts for gathering resources. All depends on how deep you wanna get into it, and how much self control you have when the dopamine hits. Like this evening 3 hours was a blink of an eye, and I struggle to find the capacity to sit down and play games for more than 30 minutes. Could spend your entire time designing just spaceships if that’s what you like.
You will get hooked for sure. I find myself playing for 4 hours and realizing I have shit to do 😂
I flew out to the highest level planet I could reach day one 50 or 55 😮 I got some high level guns, ships and contraband on my explorations.😊 (Main mission is telling me to return to the lodge) 😅
This game has been too much fun. The hours go by quick and im fully vested in the story especially based on some twists early on. They dropped the ball by overselling the exploration stuff. While it’s there, it’s not as in depth as you’d expect, if your expectation was NMS. Take that away and what you do have is probably the best Bethesda game to date.

Well worth the $35 extra I paid for the game pass early access

I drop my contraband to my ships floor and they did not take it away 😅 they took every stolen item that was in storage but didnt touch anything that was laying on the ships floor. I have so many items and my storage is full, so i just drop them, its a mess on the ship but at least i get to transport as many items i want 😂
You don’t even have to put out a beacon. I left contraband on a planet for in game days until I could figure out where to sell it and not get caught. Good look on the Wolf station man. Didn’t know that existed until now. Made an easy 20K and replenished all my ammunition.. But yea, contraband was still exactly where I left it on Arcturus 2. Tried initially taking it into UAC Jamison and warpdrived until I hopped onto Arcturus… Off loaded and went to Chyanne to pay the 1.3k bounty. The game 100% remembers where you drop items.
In the Shau Gang cave I found a bunch of contraband it was in one yellow create it was 2 types and 4 each in the one container
Thank you brother I didn’t know the difference between the red and the yellow but now I know💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Are there any particular buildings or planets or systems etc that usually have contraband? I’ve put 50+ hours into the game already and I’m on my second playthrough of it and I’ve only ever seen like 2 contraband items the whole time. Are there more general places that they’ll be or is it really specific places?
I’ve found them in hidden away areas like at the casino, behind high tier locked doors when on missions and also behind the doors you can open with your cutter and after a bit of a jump puzzle. I do seem to keep coming across them reasonably frequently, I do explore a lot when I get through dungeons though.
not directly, it’s more they are locked behind high level digpick doors which you just won’t have the skill for at low levels but they are not locked because you are low level
Also if you disable and board pirate/ spacer ships in space they always have at least 1 contraband item somewhere in my experience
Bro you gotta mention Vultures Roost at some point. Not sure how I found the mission but I was directed to go here, and there’s literally too many contraband items here
I haven’t found it yet but there has to be somewhere you can sell contraband for full value. Probably have to smuggle it.
It would he nice, however when you try to sell gear in this game it sells for a pathetic amount. Had something worth like 13k, and a trader would only buy it for 1k.. yeah its without the perk that increases sold and bought stuff, but a 20% difference doesn’t see this being huge. They need to sort this.
Agree 1000% it’s insane that it’ll show something expensive and get you for like 1K resell value lol 😂
Appreciate the level headed response. At the time I hadn’t had any levels/points into them to test them. Have level 3 right now but still haven’t tested.
Does/would it respawn after waiting for 24hs?

Cause if yea it could be farmed.

I have contraband in my inventory but it doesn’t show up in the trade authority vendor sell inventory
Me as well, i dont know if its a bug or something?
The wolf system. Entering the DEN. They don’t check for contraband
nothing on it online atm but im assuming there must be a way be it via a certain skill or whatever. There will be a way to earn the expected amount
isnt it 48 hours for trader refresh or so other ppl have been sayn not sure tho not tryd myself yet lol
I think it’s based off universal time, not exactly sure how much. You might be right on 48. For this guy two sleeps seems to always work, for others on some planets you can do it with just 24 hours of local time because of however space time zones work. Either way it gets the job done

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