Starfield – 10 Tips for Beginners (Things I WISH I knew before I played)

I got hung up on docking for a bit too.

I find resources to be so bulky I’m constantly offloading to my companion, but then I never have anything on hand for crafting/research/ cooking. I wonder if this is going to be a problem or at least enough of an annoying hassle that I don’t end up crafting anything.

Starfield – 10 Tips for Beginners (Things I WISH I knew before I played) – Detailed Explanation

Its def annoying and I’m hoping this gets tweaked at some point. IMO If you pick something up and have it in your inventory even for a few secs and then offload it to a follower or a storage box you own then it should share between them all.

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Maybe explain how to get the ‘Star Eagle’ starship via a couple of missions? It’s the best A class ship in the game.
What the H! I seriously thought when I purchased things for my ship, it was applied like an upgrade. I had no idea it was separate. Also, I did not know at least 6 of these tips so, thank you!
Don’t know if it is possible, but I heard that there was an option to hide your spacesuit when you were in a settlement. I like to see my characters clothes when I don’t need to be wearing my spacesuit, but I cannot find the setting for the life of me. Any idea if this is real or not?
Yep, you can! Go into you inventory and then select spacesuits and you should see the controls at the bottom of the screen, for Xbox it’s RB for “Hide spacesuit in settlements”. If you go to view your helmet in your inventory you can do the same thing there.
It took me so long to figure out how to add items onto the ship too lol
Holy cow I did not know about the speed mining trick
I hope i dont get op to early, i like to do a lot of the content so ima try to skip as much xp as possible
I’ve found the leveling to be fairly slow, and not in an annoying way. I’m 20ish hours in about around level 14 I think. Though I’m sure those who wanted to grind out levels a bit faster could do so.

There’s also so much to balance skill wise between normal combat, ship combat, exploration, social, stealing, research and crafting etc that it would take a long time to get really strong in one area

Not zure if this has happened to anyone but when i stored items in my captains locker it removed the items the next time i checked it, couldnt/ didn’t want to load up a preview save so i lost out on a lot of good items, so i dont use it anymore
They probably ended up in your ship inventory. If you change anything on the ship it will move all items including captains locker into ships cargo
That’s the thing though, I remember this cool rare 1911 I had stored there and tried checking the cargo hold and it wasn’t there.
I might try and test it out with some smaller misc items to see if they’ll stay there or if they’ll disappear at some point too. It’s a shame but probably some random glitch that I’m guessing isn’t gonna happen again (I hope)

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