Starfield – 15 MUST KNOW Tips & Tricks (SPOILER FREE)

When in your ship in space, hold down the B button (XBOX controller, same control for getting up while on land) to get up and walk around so you can interact with your crew or ship habs while in space.

Starfield – 15 MUST KNOW Tips & Tricks (SPOILER FREE) – Detailed Explanation

Excellent info!
#16 Docking – get within 500 m of the target and click the interact button (E on PC, X or A on xbox?) to get the hailing and docking options.
I destroyed the ship 3 times trying to line up the docking ports. 😂

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I hope TBG do a lot of Starfield content! Love these guys
Sorry maybe I overlooked this cos I flicked through quickly but I didn’t spot it…

The LB thing in space is the same on land. You aim at an unknown area in the distance and press A it will tell you what it is. Once you’ve been there you unlcok it as a fast travel so you can hop back and forth with fast travel in land just by pressing LB opening the scanner and pressing A on whatever place youve been too.. It’s handy mostly for getting back to your ship real quick

Lets gooo! Can’t wait to try this game out for myself! Looking forward to your Starfield content 🙂
It’s very fun, if you like Bethesda games its fantastic. Although it is veeeery daunting (at least for me) in a good way, but still, I have soo many different directions I want to go. Thankfully I am interested in almost all of it and that’s what Starfield is all about
The best beginners guide I’ve seen, cheers earned yourself a sub here!
NOW I remember the ‘pick up’ button from the Fallout games. Thanks for the content! A lot of these took me some time of gameplay to figure out.
Love this stuff bro I just got the game and I love it man this was helpful 🙏
How do you clear a bounty while you’re in space? Without setting up a bounty express of your own
Not gonna lie, I’m not playing starfield neither do i have the intention of playing it. I just came here for the support and wanted to wish you the best with starfield content!
Go to Cydonia and talk with Phill Hill, he’ll give you the quest “Top of the L.I.S.T.”, he’s at at mining colony at a table with a LOT of books.
I have bounty hunter perk. Have 8+hours of gameplay and still have yet to have someone attack me
That’s annoying, I’ve had to spaceship attacks and 1 on planet in about 14 hours. The first was only a cpl hrs in
lucky. Hopefully it picks up for me. I’m feeling like it’s a wasted perk
I got attacked on mars by one of the buildings near the landing zone.
Does anyone know how to punch without unequipping weapons?
Click the right stick

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