Second Trailer | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

I love the detail of how during the Legendary reveal, you hear ancient sounding instruments with Kuraidon, then technology based instruments for Miraidon, and finally the 2 meshing perfectly together when both Legends are shown side by side!💖

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Second Trailer | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

Considering the time and work that goes into these sets, I would love to see some behind the scenes clips of the creation process. The designs of these are truly next level. Huge props to and the team for this one!

Honestly, something that caught my eye. When the legendaries are revealed, there’s a split screen as they are shown off, and the rock looks exactly the same rather than a split at the top. So my theory is there is only one legendary, just altered by the past theme of a scarlet or the futuristic theme of Violet

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I reeeeeally like how even the professors reflect the styles of the legendaries. In Scarlet the professor has a feather/fur looking rim on her coat with a stone necklace to reflect the tribal/primal style of Koraidon whereas in Violet the professor has an advance tech lab coat to reflect the techno/futuristic style of Miraidon.
Reveal season is officially here and these new Pokemon (especially Lechonk) look great! Also, those two legendaries left me awestruck… I already had my mind set on purchasing Violet since the reveal – but after seeing Miraidon, I’m glad I made the decision I did! Seeing as the legends are based around the past (prehistoric times) and the future (futuristic times), I’m really curious how the story will play out this time around.
I think the pokeball flying through that crystalized area is indicating we will be able to transfer Hisuian variants over to these games. The crystal like matter makes me think of Diamonds and that corralates with Dialga.
I’ve noticed folks are already thinking the legendaries are going to somehow be vehicles, but what if the wheel on Koraidon (The Scarlet Legendary) is an homage to the Wheel, because of the past and the thrusters on Miraidon are an homage to the future?
I’m a little sad about the catching mechanic personally, rather the way you interact with the overworld. I really love that style of throwing a pokeball to go into battle and it attacking you, the trainer. I don’t foresee it being in SV, but still excited for this game nevertheless. Excited to learn more about what’s to come in the come from Gen 9
The past vs future theme is even on the professor’s names. Sada may be for “Pasada” which is the female conjugation for past, and Turo may be for “Futuro” which is the male conjugation for future.
I believe the gimmick in this game is gonna be linked with time travel. Meaning Pokémon will have past and future versions of themselves. Being able to change in battle, which will ultimately affect their typing. It makes the most sense.
What’s really interesting is the theme about the past and the future. Both professors names are Sada and Turo. In Spanish, pasado means past, and futuro means future. For the names of the legendaries, Korai means ancient, and Mirai means future, in Japanese.
Something I really love about this trailer is that when the legendaries are being revealed, the music changes depending on which legendary is currently being shown. When Koraidon is in view, you can hear drums in the music, but the moment the camera switches to Moraidon, the drums are replaced with a synth. And when both mons are in camera, the two styles of music are blended together.
I’m picking Violet. The legendary looks amazing. I love the design. I love them both Scarlet legendary looks a bit much. Looks like both are dragon types, but Scarlet is probably fire/dragon type, and Violet is probably electric/dragon type. Also, I FREAKING LOVE TALONFLAME!! I will use him in my play through. I’m probably picking the grass cat.
As someone who really didn’t like Sword and Shield that much and was on the fence about Legends Arceus, I have to say that so far this looks like it might end up being the best new pokemon game in years. The textures are still a bit muddy, but they’re acceptable for an open world game and pretty much everything else we’ve seen so far looks really good.
Also, I’m definitely buying Violet to get the mecha dragon.
Based on the legendaries seeming to be rideable and the gas station looking things, I’m kinda hoping that maybe the storyline will be based around like climate change? I know it’s a leap but I think it could be an interesting change for the franchise that could motivate people to take action. Just a thought, I’ll probably be wrong, but yeah
When Nemona turns around she says “Are You These Three’s trainer?” which is to suggest she sees three of your pokemon out of the pokeballs. Which! Might suggest we can have pokemon travel with us over world. Or what if we can somehow get all three starters? I would love to not have to pick between them for once! Lol
I’d like to see more new characters and Pokémon in the next trailer. For characters, I’m thinking Katie, the player character’s little sister with a Grass-type gerbil Pokémon; Oscar, an intelligent boy who has an Electric/Fighting cat Pokémon that can speak the human language; Chelsea, a sweet girl who aspires to be a doctor; Xavier, a boy who like to cook and wears a saucepan on his head; Pamela, a young photographer; Travis, a travelling salesman; and Tim Goodman, alongside his partner Detective Pikachu, who the player can understand just like Tim. For new Pokémon I’d like to see Clockoo, the Cuckoo Pokémon that is one of the first Pokémon that you can find; Gerbean, the Grass Mouse Pokémon who is the partner of the player’s little sister; Voltabby, the Pokémon who is Oscar’s partner Pokémon; Pybex, the Fire Goat Pokémon; Dalmutt, the Dark-type Dalmatian puppy Pokémon; Meutie, the pre- evolved form of Meowth; Tamoto, the Tomato Pokémon; Smalt, the Salt Pokémon; Delphin, the Water/Psychic dolphin Pokémon; Dewver, the water beaver Pokémon; Bonbunny, the chocolate rabbit Pokémon, Kangaskid, the pre-evolved form of Kangaskhan; and two new evolved forms of Eevee: one Bug-type, and one Flying-type.
Miraidon and Koraidon seem to represent the concepts of past and future and together perhaps evolution/advancement of civilisation.
Their names are plays on “korai” meaning “ancient” and “mirai” meaning “future”.
Their designs also reflect this: Koraidon has a wheel-like protrusion on its throat and chest (one of the first human inventions) and Miraidon has jet propulsions for legs (and digital-like features in the eyes).
Really hoping that a 3rd one will emerge that represents something of the present or something similar.
I don’t believe they’re the same Pokémon from different Eras. I believe that Koraidon is an ageless Pokémon who represents a time before technology where everything was more savage and untouched. While Miraidon on the other hand; represents how humanity and Pokémon have evolved (Pun intended) and have transformed the world into what it is in the present. Which is why; to me at least, it would make sense that Koraidon would be a Dragon/Fighting or maybe a Water/Fire (Ground and Rock could be thrown in there too) as these types are what closely resemble his Era. While Miraidon, in the same aspect would be Electric/Steel as to represent the major achievements that humanity and Pokémon have accomplished through history.

But again, this is Pokémon we’re talking about. Watch as they hit us with two new types one for each Legendary or maybe even triple typings.

Koraidon – Water/Fire/Dragon
Miraidon – Electric/Steel/Dragon

Yes mother of arceus the new trailer looks awesome the game’s look awesome everything looks awesome the pokemon look awesome i canot wait to play these game’s plus I’m having a feeling that this generation will be a successful year to add more new and existing pokemon to my family and use them plus if the legends arceus pokemon are in these game’s I’m definitely going to add them in this game and use one on my team i say thank you pokemon company and game freak for this awesome trailer you all do awsome and great work on pokemon as always
Omg That Looks soo cool and the Legendary are so cool I am excited to play it I hope it’s will be cool like the other games ( And that Game looks Like Pokémon Snap + legends Arceos a little bit bis never mind it’s looks bratty cool actually) and the new starter looks so cute I am excited of the Evolution of it I hope you enjoy this Video guys have a Great day🤗🥰
I’m willing to bet the legendaries’ typing for scarlet and violet are going to be fire and electric respectively. Fire has a lot of association with progress in the past: the discovery of fire, steam technology, combustion. Electricity was a game changer and and is integral to technology as we know it today and to futuristic technology: electric cars, computers, etc. I know this isn’t worded the most eloquently but I hope it makes sense. I think I might actually get both versions this time around
Two very slight details that I haven’t seen mentioned yet:

The fact that, in the no gameplay cutscene for Miraidon and Koraidon, Miraidon not only has the digital eyes, but also has what looks like a carbon fiber jaw/mouth area

And secondly, if you listen closely in that same cutscene, you can hear a more olden style sound motif for Koraidon, and a more futuristic sound for Miraidon. And when they show the two together, the motifs join together as well!

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