Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet | Announcement Trailer

Welcome to the open world of Pokémon.

Embark on an open-world adventure in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, arriving on Nintendo Switch in late 2022.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet | Announcement Trailer – Detailed Explanation

Awesome! This is so exciting also ngl the opening with the security guard looking around the building made me think this was a reveal trailer for Detective Pikachu 2 at first

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With how many grass types are in this trailer, I would love a Grass-type elite four member. We haven’t had one (that I can recall) that really deals a variety of status moves and would make fighting them all the more interesting
An open world Pokémon game with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet plus a lot of what they added in Legends Arceus in here can’t wait to see more. Also I love Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly Fuecoco I love how it looks like it could less about anything.
Whenever the final forms of starters are shown off I like to think back on their very first appearance and whether or not they became what everyone expected, in this case I feel like they did
The 2022 release date kinda scares me, but so far, this trailer looks like the game is well into development. I love how the environment seems to perfectly incorporate Legends Arceus openness, while also including the usual route system we’re used to. Hyped to see what’s next
Always awesome to see New Pokemon Games, and it’s awesome an Evolutionary New Step is being taken with Generation 9, quite exciting as to how the Games are going to Pan out.
One thing I really hope they add is being able to have a Pokémon out with you while you play! Kinda like old school Ash and Pikachu! Where your Pokémon follows you and helps you out if you’re attacked! Doesn’t have to be base, but it can be an option! I think that’d be amazing!!
This was announced on the same date sword and shield was announced. We didn’t get news for sword and shield till June 5th so I’m hoping we get some more information then! Who else is exited for what scarlet and violet will bring?
If this is a combo between Arceus and a classic Pokemon game it’s going to be so good… I love the gameplay in Arceus. The way you battle and catch Pokemon is amazing. Combine that with a world and story layout of a classic game and it sounds like the best Pokemon game ever.
This looks really neat. Hopefully the whole game will be like the wild area, bit I’m not going to hold my breath. Also, I would love a 2D pixel art mainline Pokemon game with full online support included co-op with a friend. Probably too much to ask for.
You can tell Gamefreak was practicing with open world from Sword amd Shield, SwSh DLC’s to PLA, and now this!!! Im excited to see this full game… also definately going for the fire type starter
As much as I love Legends Arceus, they really should be taking their time with their next release. I think most fans wouldn’t mind waiting if it means the devs have time to do quality work on the game. Legends is a step in the right direction, but imagine if they took their time and had Pokemon Snap level graphics and pokemon behaviors/movements- it would be so sick!!
Definitely Spain
*The streets heavily resemble Barcelona with its beautiful mosaics
*That giant building resembles that one cathedral I forget the name of
*You can see a painting of a flamenco dancer on the wall of the MC’s house
*You can see a split second of the region map and it matches the shape of Spain
*I see lots of nautical stuff in the live action shots (you can even see some treasure maybe hinting at pirates?)
*There’s a carefully hidden globe in the live action shots that has its face turned away from Europe (the Pokémon company has done to hint at countries before)
*It would be perfectly tied to Galar since Spain and England have a historic rivalry
*The starters official names are Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly
*Spain’s republic flag in the 1930s had violet and red stripes on it
This looks amazing. A feature I would like to see is being able to do gyms in any order, with the leader’s team changing to match which gym you are on. I think that could also balance the starters as you could just choose the gym that matches it’s type. (Also a new type to balance the fairy type, perhaps magic?) Can’t wait to see what you do with this game as it has the potential to be the best Pokémon game to come.
I’m excepting Regional Variants to be back and honestly I just like how it is as it’s a reflection of the real world, plus this can let some Pokémon get another chance and be good (sometimes this didnt work, but most of the time it has), I don’t think we’ll expect to see the gimmicks from gen’s 6-8 returning (meaning no Mega’s, Z-Moves and Dynamax).

but im curious what our usual traditions this gen will look like: the regional rodent, the regional bird, the box art legendary’s, the pseudo-legendary, the Pikachu clone, the early bug along with what fossil’s we might get

edit: another thing that is not gonna be back is the National Dex, look guys we’re at 905 Pokémon now, the removal it was going to happen because of how many Pokémon we have now as it would take a lot of time to code them all in, you just have to accept that it won’t be back

Perhaps, I’m expecting too much, but I hope to see hundreds of new pokemon, a great story, a new challenging and strategical game mechanic and a region in which literally I could get lost almost easily. Who else agrees?
i feel like they managed to capture that original starter trio feeling that us og pokemon fans had back in the 90’s. 1st pokemon game that actually looks good. i hope the new pokemon generation isnt a flop like most of them are. the gen one and two pokemon were designed for a slightly older generation it feels i hope they go back to their roots, i really do.
Personally I think the fire dino is based off of a chilli/pepper. You can see its body tapering to a point with the tail, and it has a stalk coming out of its head, which resembles the shape of a chilli. The spiciness of chillies works with the fire typing. Additionally, the new region gives off some Spanish vibes and Spanish food commonly makes use of peppers.

Edit: a few people have pointed out that chillies are more Mexican than Spanish, which is a fair criticism. I did try to fact check that before posting but didn’t realise that mentions of peppers in recipes were referring to bell peppers rather than chilli peppers.

Excellent job on graphics! I originally stopped playing Pokemon after diamond version. Then I grew up, life got busy and crazy. But until recently I got myself a switch lite and purchased Shield and WOW what a difference it has been. Art Director and designers did an excellent job. I’m 30 years old now and looking forward to playing Violet.
I am watching this trailer Tuesday September 27th, 2022, 10:53AM Hawaii Standard Time. I am hopeful. I will begin saving my money this moment to buy the console combo. I think Pokemon continue to tinker with the formula, and we all benefit. The moment they announce the title where it’s Ultra Beasts and we come to find out there are just as many Ultra Beast, as their are Pokemon, and they invade each other’s dimensions, that’ll be like peak lore and storytelling. Knowing Pokemon, they go rogue sometimes, and that’s a good thing. I’m hella excited for Scarlet and Violet. I’m getting both, because don’t want to miss out on any mons. My current Switch is damaged from water. Haven’t used it in a year. But for this game, I’m saving up for two Switches. 🍹
I was NOT expecting Gen 9 until next year at least!! This was a great surprise!! I’m really glad they’re using the Legends Arceus art style for this game, it’s so pretty! I hope they also implements most of Arceus’s mechanics, too, like hiding in grass to sneak up on wild Pokemon to catch or battle them. And I really hope this game will be open world, and let us tackle the gyms in any order (even though that likely won’t happen). The forced, linear path is stale and annoying at this point.

In the Pokemon Adventures/Special manga, the gyms can be tackled in any order, and gym leaders keep Pokemon of various levels to accommodate trainers of varying experience to give them a proper challenge. I want to see this implemented into the games going forward. I want choices, THAT’S what makes an adventure an adventure.

This is an interesting reveal. The game looks nice, and it seems to be what people thought Sword and Shield would be like before it’s reveal. Judging by the starter designs right now, this may be the first time I actually choose a type other than fire (in this case the grass starter), but I’ll wait for the evolutions first (I’ll probably get both if I get both games). I didn’t think we’d see Generation 9 so soon, as I assumed that 2022 would just be for Legends: Arceus.

I also wonder how many people realise that this Generation will actually push the number of Pokémon into the quadruple digits, and that we’ll finally see Pokémon Number 1000.

I gotta admit, I wasn’t expecting Gen 9 today at all, but it looks so good! That city reminds me a lot of the one from the Rise of Darkrai movie, which is my favorite Pokemon movie. The Pokemon models look amazing! And a seamless open world (according to Serebii)? Holy crap? And I currently can’t pick between the Grass and the Fire starter. The Grass one is really cute, but the Fire one easily has the most interesting design. Like what the heck is that one gonna evolve into?

Update: I’ve decided. The Fire starter. Fuecoco. I want that one. I can’t stop thinking about it.

These are gonna be the games that determine whether or not I’m gonna keep playing the Pokémon games. Considering Gamefreak hasn’t opened their mouth about these two games since this video was uploaded, and we STILL don’t have Home support for BDSP, I’m now noticing Gamefreak and TPC truly don’t care about their community whatsoever.
No way. I’ve been hoping for a Pokemon game like this for *ages*. While I doubt it, I really wish that the battles will be real-time, like an ARPG like Kingdom Hearts or the Final Fantasy VII Remake(s). This would make for a truly incredible experience as you obtain more powerful pocket monsters as the game progresses. No doubt that this would bring back old players and drive new players to the series! Can you imagine Groudon or Kyogre intensely battling to the point where it affects the world’s landscape? It would be such a game changer…! Since not only would it be immensely interesting, but it would be a sort of, in-game explanation of how the world of Pokemon always seems to be changing! That every couple of generations, the Pokemon world is essentially rebuilt on the ruins of the past!
I’m super excited! Glad they seem to be going the Legends route for wild Pokémon, love the starters, and – while Pokémon game graphics aren’t a personal high priority for me as long as the game’s fun- this looks like it could be the best looking 3D Pokémon yet (low as that bar is.)

All I’ll say is Gamefreak; PLEASE, take all the time you need. I know it’s only two months into the year and I don’t know how long you’ve been working on this, but if you need more time to make this game great, use it. I’d rather see an early-to-mid 2023 release if required, than see this promising setup squandered just to make an arbitrary release schedule.

It’s really beauty and still appreciated to see the visual looking refreshing and the uses of different colours… But I keep thinking about the shadow ghrappics texturees down from the threes can be improved. I preffer the style you use on this game, that the previous one employed on the Arceus Game. It would help the player to dive inside the game to keep playing with the beauty of environment. Nice job! Keep improving! Peace and love.

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