Welcome to the Paldea region! | Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet

A lot of people assumed that the legendary Pokemon were obtainable early on as Pokemon that can be used in battle but from what we’ve seen, I don’t know if that’s the case. I think it will be similar to Wyrdeer and the other rideable Pokemon in PLA where you don’t necessarily have them as Pokemon that can battle. I assume they will be catchable later on in the game.

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Welcome to the Paldea region! | Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

I appreciate the idea of having the legendary pokemon as ride pokemon early on since it’s most likely intended for the player to build up a sort of attachment to the pokemon. It’s a subversion of the normal “only the worthy can catch me” trope while still retaining the “worthy” part via the pokemon activily choosing the player. It makes me wonder if something will happen to the legendarys though

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I understand Koraidon is supposed to be the legendary of the past and Miraidon is the legendary of the future, so it makes sense for Koraidon to be just running and Miraidon has the motorcycle wheels, but it bothers me too much when Koraidon is running on its legs despite having wheels on its body.
Why does he have those wheels at all?
The fact that you can walk with Pokemon gives me happiness. And the ending looks intriguing! It kind of looked like the Legendaries were about to protect the protagonist from something. Perhaps a hostile Pokemon?
The more I look at the trailer, the less I’m sure on which one to get cuz both Legendaries look really freaking cool. Might be wish fulfillment, but I hope both versions have considerable differences between them enough to make me want to buy both verisons.
For the other stories I believe 1 will be about time travel and you’ll be the professors assistant, discovering why Hisuian Pokémon show up. I believe the other will be the treasure hunt going on like a field trip with the school and maybe running into the evil team who could be like a biker gang
How do you people not understand that Koraidon doesn’t use its, “wheels,” because it doesn’t have, “wheels.” It simply uses that weird inflatable organ that many reptilians have to represent wheels. It crawls on all fours like creatures of the past, while Miraidon has evolved futuristically to actually ride on wheels.
Seeing Sawsbuck again put a smile on my face! I love it so much and even though I’m gonna pick weed cat I might still add it to my team. I hope they’ll add seasons back though I have a feeling the various forms will just be obtainable through terrain that matches their said form
This is looking really great. I’ve always liked when Pokemon games sort of open up and let you do some of the gyms outside the set order. I just hope there’s an option to turn off Exp Share.
This feels oddly familiar, but also like a breath of fresh air!! As someone who’s played countless Pokémon games this feels like a step in the right direction for GameFreak I honestly haven’t felt this way in a long while so the fact this game is giving me these feels again is so serene it’s good to be home again.
The box pokemon are now a lot more interesting. I was planning on getting Scarlet but the more organic bike dragon has be a bit off to the robot bike dragon. But it does look pretty flying.
This makes me just want to get violet due to the fact that the purple one is an actual vehicle and it looks appealing, while the red one just looks so damn goofy with that wheel in the back.
It looks like evolution takes place on site rather than in a void in a cutscene, which is SICK
Also, at least your starter can follow you with more hopefully on the way. Always nice to see
This is basically everything I wanted to see from Sword and Shield when it was a thing but better late then never :). This game looks soo good! I like Violet more though becauze I prefer the future over the past. The legendary in Violet symbolizes the future. Looks like Legends Arceus was more of test when it came to the visuals. This truly looks like the BOTW of pokemon.
My prediction is we get to ride the opposite legendary from the box art. I think they could do something interesting story-wise in the one legendary needing your help to explore/calm the other or something like that
I love how goofy and cute Koraidon is when you ride him. The map seems really large as well, so I can’t wait to just spend time riding Koraidon around it. The characters all look pretty cool (except the main character). The gimmick seems pretty cool as well.
One thing I’m honestly curious about, is where will the next Pokemon game be located? Paldea is based on Spain, so what location will be used as the next region’s inspiration? Egypt? Greece? Maybe another Legends game set in a Persia-inspired region? The possibilities are endless!
One of my favorite parts about this region so far are how many old but forgotten Pokemon are in it like the Slaking line, Eelektross line, Gogoat line, and even the Cacnea line, Massive W from the Pokemon company today!!
This is gonna sound crazy but considering that we know that the legendary’s can fly through the air and Pokémon legends had Pokémon straight up or flying in mid air in certain areas the map, how likely do we think it is that we will be able to bump into flying Pokémon while flying through the region and be able to do a trailer battles was flying Pokémon in mid air?
This whole Terastalize thing feels like the closest thing to Mega Evolution as we’re going to get. Here’s something I would have done with this. Pokémon, hear me out.
When a certain Pokémon Terastalizes, in addition to changing shape, they also change form. For instance, say Cetitan (the Pokémon used by the Gym leader, Gusha) Terastalizes with an Ice type. Instead of how it would normally Terastalize, it would become a Tera Cetitan form.
I know this sounds like Dynamax, but it’s as close to either that or Mega Evolution as we’ll get.
My only gripe with paldea itself is that, if a design is not great, to me it feels fine best. But For me, it’s because the community make Pokémon that felt more Spanish and Portuguese. A lot of the Pokémon are inspired by places Spain or the Portuguese colonized.
I hope that currently Koraidon’s ride model is a work in progress because it does not look good with it running and not using the wheels unless it gets explained away as it flexing on Miraidon then it’ll look bad but at least it has an in universe explanation
I saw some new pokemon and some returning pokemon that I like. I saw Gardevoir, so the Ralts line is in the game. I also see the new game mechanics; I wonder what different typings I can get on the pokemon; that would make it a very complex competitive scene as people will not know what kind of Tera type the pokemon might have. I wonder if we can breed Tera types, like if I want a max IV Pikachu, can I pass down the flying Tera type?
I also see that the region legendaries are usable as mounts in the game, but I thought they would still be battle-ready, maybe later in the game.
As for the gym battles, they did not show a level counter on the battle scene, so maybe the gyms will be set at a universal level? or would they still be at the traditional level scheme where the next one is stronger? If it is later, that will make the open RPG style of the game somewhat wrong feeling why would we want to battle the strongest gym first if the others would be lower level?
If I can raid battle by myself, that’s a challenge I wanted in sword and shield, I didn’t want to share the battle. Hoping for Pokémon I actually will like. I wanted scarlet, but I want my dragon cycle and jet haha
This is very pleasing to me, actually. There were many things I probably missed but the new Pokémon, new moves, and wutnots. I even love the crystal evolutions that are a unique match for Mega Evolutions. The only thing I didn’t notice is Pikachu having an classic GB cry instead of the anime cry, so that’s pretty odd to be honest. But all in all, this is very good, especially Miraidon and Koraidon having a combination of a bike and a glider! Thanks Game Freak, this is really good I must finish Shining Pearl on my Switch to get ready for this! 😆🎊🎉💎💯🎮
Scarlet and Violet seem to be going the same route as Legends Arceus in a graphical sense and I don’t really mind it. As for the new gimmick, the Tera types/Terastallized designs look interesting and it seems to be more useful than dynamax/gigantamax. Cetitan’s design is amazing as are the designs of many of the new characters (Grusha looks great)!

I’m happy about the open world aspect, but gyms may not have level scaling which makes certain open world promises seem a little underwhelming. However, I’m assuming the gyms have set difficulty in terms of Pokemon typing. So even if we did have level scaling, the person battling the gyms in regular order may have a harder time than the person battling the eighth gym first, etc.

Either way, it’s hard to believe we’re just about 3 months away from another new generation!

I tried to make a list of the first time I saw each pokemon in the video, starting from 9:25 for the S/V segment. If I missed anything, please let me know.
Pokemon Seen (Video timestamp [Section starts at 9:25 of the Pokemon Presents 8/3/22 from The Official Pokeemon YouTube channel
Growlithe 9:25
Arcanine (Kantonian) 9:25
Deerling 9:28
Sawsbuck 9:28
Houndour 9:31
Houndoom 9:31
Wooper (Paldean) 9:33
Snorunt 9:35
Gyarados 9:36
Murkrow 9:37
Honchkrow 9:37
Koraidon 9:47
Miraidon 9:48
Girafarig 9:57
Mareep 10:02
Flaaffy 10:02
Skiddo 10:11
Gogoat 10:11
Drednaw 10:14
Cufant 10:15
Psyduck 10:20
Sunflora? (Statue?) 10:22
Fletchling 10:24
Fidough 10:26
Vigoroth 10:27
Slaking 10:27
Cacnea 10:28
Cacturne 10:28
Donphan 10:28
Dragonair 10:29
Pineco 10:30
Misdreavus 10:31
Mismagius 10:31
Cubchoo 10:31
Beartic 10:31
Pikachu 10:32
Pachirisu 10:33
Swablu 10:33
Drifloon 10:34
Pincurchin 10:35
Cubone? (Kantonian) 10:41
Cetitan 10:53
Talonflame 10:55
Sprigatato 11:00
Fuecoco 11:00
Quaxly 11:00
Rotom (Phone) 11:09 (normal form at 15:01)
Sylveon 11:12
Scizor 11:12
Alteria 11:12
Elektross 11:12
Hatterene 11:12
Lechonk 11:12
Noibat 11:16
Noivern 11:17
Eiscue 11:19
Stonjourner 11:19
Golduck 11:20
Hydreigon 11:20
Hariyama 11:21
Persian (Kantonian) 11:27
Azumarill 11:31
Drifblim 11:32
Lilligant (Unovian) 11:33
Dragonite 11:42
Lumineon 11:44
Slowking 11:44
Clawitzer? 11:44
Luxio 12:29
Luxray 12:29
Raichu 12:36
Makuhita 13:09
Axew? 13:15
Rockruff?13:15 (for sure at 14:10)
Sinistea 13:21
Polteageist 13:21
Skwovet 13:21
Hippowdon 13:58
Mudbray 15:34
Tsareena 16:08
Pelipper 16:08
Eevee 16:11
Ghastly 17:16
Haunter 17:16
Gardevoir 17:35
Smoliv 18:14 (though I feel like it appeared earlier)
I wonder if they’ll be some more news for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to be revealed at Pokemon World Championships 2022 during the opening ceremony. There was some news for Pokemon Sun and Moon during the opening ceremony at Pokemon World Championships 2016, There was some news for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon during the opening ceremony at Pokemon World Championships 2017, and there was some news for Pokemon Sword and Shield during the opening ceremony at Pokemon World Championships 2019. Something like that can be possible.
Here is a lore idea i cane up with: so dialga came and with the help of arkoos created paldea and named it paldea after palkia. Dialga and arkoos then created koraidon and miraidon to protect it. Koraidon representing the past and miraidon representing the future (or the other way around i forgot lol) but with the new good arkoos had to create a bad. And so arkoos created the 3rd legendary of paldea(whatever the 3rd lengendary will be) and it is your job now to help protect paldea
gamefreak are slowly getting there, each new game will have more resources than the other eventually building the perfect pokemon game we all dreamt of since we were a child, especially og pokemon fans like me. imagining pokemon games on the next nintendo system gets me very excited, let’s hope it’s a lot more powerful so pokemon games can get even more better. i’m so hyped for this game, it’s vibrant and reminds me of the orange islands and the gimmick makes it even better because we could get a “crystal onix” which is what i’ve always wanted so it’s the closest thing we’ll get to it xD
Lechonk, Fidough and Paldea Form Wooper are the 3 Pokemon carrying the popularity, though the crystals look pretty sweet too. I don’t know how I feel about getting the box legendaries(?) at or near the start. Maybe they’re more common than they seem. I just hope they don’t make the early game trivially easy.
Edit: Did a test and it seems that the game will be 30fps
Something I like about having a mount in this game is that, and I’m being hopeful, is that the legendaries may feel more like characters this time around. I didn’t care for solgaleo or Luna when they came out, but that they were integrated to the story and you even ride on them at points made me love them. I’m hoping they do something like that here, and while I would like to ride my own mons, I was not expecting to ride the legendary. That immediately makes me like it much more, and it can swim, rub, glide climb etc makes it very exciting and way better than a bike IMO.
This trailer has got me pumped in a way that SnS did not leading up to it’s release

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