World Overview | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

It’s actually really interesting you won’t have to wait for your teammates in the raid battles! I can already SEE the chaos.

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World Overview | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

I gotta admit I was very very sceptical, but I am very happy to see they expand on features like playing with friends and open world. Also love that they FINALLY let us walk our own route, and decide which gyms to take on. This is a great step towards the future of pokemon.

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I think someone already said this but but would be cool if the levels of tye gyms scaled with how many badges you have and it would change thier team depending on how many badges you have so you can truly pick which one to do first
I was just thinking, it would be even cooler for open world if there was more than 8 gyms. In the original pokemon anime, they mentioned that there were more than 8 gyms but you only needed to collect 8 to go to the pokemon league. If they had more than 8 gyms, and you could choose which 8 to do, that would increase the replayability.
Maybe it’s because i haven’t played a full fledge game in ages but i am honestly so hyped for scarlet and violet, i love the character designs, the storyline’s have a whole bunch of potential, the pokémon that we’ve seen so far are great, sprigatito is perhaps my favourite starter designed ever and while i’m not rlly used or bothered by raids or the strengthening gimmick this year round, i am still very excited for multiplayer
I am hoping in vain that one of the possible “stories” involves Contests, but then I’m also probably one of a handful of people that would absolutely buy a game completely focused on pokemon contests, albeit more in-depth.

Also hoping Banette is one of the available pokemon, because I just want my beloved spooky doll to be in my team =C

I like the idea of having three different stories to follow. the first one being the gym challenge. The second one seems to be the treasure hunt. And the third one might be the regional evil team.
And I like that you can do them all at once one at a time or switch back-and-forth between them
I hope we get the legends at the very beginning of the game. That’s what it’s looking like. It’s a very unique change that I’d love to see. Instead of only getting the legend in the dramatic end of the game when you’ve proven yourself worthy or something, you start your journey with them, growing closer together along your adventure. I also love that you can ride them
A better Multiplayer experience was what I was hoping for, especially with multiple people and not just 1. I wish you could do the entire storyline together, but at least this is a step in the right direction. I’ll enjoy cruising around with friends and catching mons.
That BGM with the bagpipes 3 Okay while these trailers didn’t exactly wow me, I AM getting very excited from that BGM!! Can’t wait to hear it in the game! If that’s a field theme, the exploration promises to be stellar!!
About the story, I’m really hoping that the “pattern” that started with Black&White will continue, and that we’ll get some JRPG-level storyline in this one, even if it’s only one of the 3 promised stories. Black& White branched out from the traditional Pokemon recipe to provide a JRPG-level storyline with chara depth and twists etc, then X&Y reverted to typical Pokemon games, then Sun&Moon was epic again, then Sword&Shield reverted, so now logically if we follow that pattern, Scarlet&Violet is the gen where they go more JRPG-like/mature/deep again. At least, that has always been my hope!! Fingers crossed! I know what you’re capable of Game Freak!! Please make it happen for this portion of fans!
Still not totally sold, but I’m definitely considering it more now that I’ve seen some of the cool additions they added.
The main thing still holding me back from hype is dependent on how full/empty the open-world section ends up feeling, and how obnoxiously in-the-way the story gets(unless they somehow managed to make a good plot for once, which would be a real shock lol)
This looks very promising, bringing new concepts along old ones is something bright for the future of pokemon. For exemple, the very open world wich let you choose your playstyle and the multiplayer are very nice addings. Also, the fact that the gyms, companions and overall the look of the few new pokemons are things from the old gens that are very great. Like it was said, you kept the best and added some new concepts that seems very fun. Cant wait to try it out! Also, about the legendaries. Of course we have seen in Legend Arceus that we NEED vehicules in an open world… But the legendaries? Honestly its quite cool, but it maybe means that we’re gonna need to get them early in the game to actually travel on it… Im open about it because they look pretty good, specially Koraidon (the red one), but I also feel like getting the legendaries was an accomplishment, that could be done not so early… Lets see
Here’s some explanation for those who’re interested. Paldea comes from the Spanish word “aldea” which means village or hamlet, and the p is either for Pokémon or “pals”. Cetitan gets its name from titan and cetaceans, the scientific term for whales and porpoises. And finally terastilization likely comes from the Spanish word “terraustral”, which means earthbound, which does kinda go along with the crystalized motif.
I didn’t like koraidon before but ever since the presents he is growing on me. Like come on the fury doggy like dragon that pretends to be a motorcycle, floats like a balloon and turns its tendrils into wings 💜
Big, broken, cute, and I’m here for it.
Cetitan is so dang weird, definitely the most unique Gen 9 ‘Mon we’ve seen so far! Slush Rush and Thick Fat are great Abilities as well, hoping they can see some play with perhaps a Tera Steel Form! I do sincerely wonder if they’ll have a dolphin pre-evo.
Also, how is nobody talking about 3:29? We got a dumb photo mode!!!!!! I love stuff like that! Alola Photo Club 2 baybeeeeeee!!!!!
I think Tera forms could be that perfect mix of mega evolution and gmax forms. The problem with Megas was they were often given to already over powered Pokémon. Once box art legendary Pokémon were allowed in VGC (which I always thought was stupid) it was game over. Everyone brought the same type of teams cause the same legendary Pokémon would be there. Z moves were nothing more than a fun power boost. Gmax was good cause everyone could get a power boost in dynamax but only some Pokémon could gigantanax and extra effects from certain moves like gmax wildfire handed out extra damage.

But it was too short lasting only 3 turns you really had to be careful when you used it. This looks like the prefect mix. Everyone gets that extra boost like dmax but unless I’m looking at it wrong, only some Pokémon get the different Tera type like mega evolution and gigantanax. If this lasts all battle it’s a win win.

Wow. We’ll be able to essentially transform our Pokémon into crystalized gem forms? I was planning to name my Pokémon (and my Pokémon Trainer character) in this game after Power Ranger characters, but maybe now I’ll also name a few of them after Steven Universe characters.
When you think about it, koraidon and miraidon’s movements are similar to the ride pokemon in legends arceus. They can ride like wyrdeer, swim like basculegion, climb like sneasler, and glide like hisuian braviary. We don’t know if ursaluna’s ability will be part of koraidon and miraidon though.
I hope they’ll do something about the water when Pokemon are swimming in it. It looks so weird without waves. But there are three months left.

Also Koraidon’s “wheels” look too big. Since they aren’t actually wheels and only used as floatation in water, they can be smaller without looking like they dig into the ground when it’s running.

Other than that. I like what I see. And and! Fidough! Must have it!

I’m actually super excited about there being no set order to gyms. I HOPE this means the later ones we try are higher levels so it’s always getting harder.
This definitely looks like something I’d love to try out since I haven’t played the last two entries in the series.
Also the Pokédex being a library with books representing each entry is a lovely design.
The website implies that you can do the gyms in any order, but there’s an actual proper order to do them in. I believe the solution should be that the pokemon in the wild, and the gyms, should scale based off of the number of badges obtained. This concept isn’t foreign to gamefreak. In BDSP’s underground the wild pokemon’s encounters and levels changed based off badge. If this sort of system is implemented this game would truly feel like an open world game, in the “Champion rank story” sense at least.
I have a feeling that Pokémon with different Tera Types from their base types aren’t going to be optimal. The reason is because if the Tera Type is the same as your own type, you will be compounding the damage boost with stab, making a move like fireblast be base 110*1.5*1.5 =247.5. A move with that power is still worth using even if it isn’t very effective, and it’s going to one shot just about everything, especially if you add on a life orb or choice item. This gens gimmick has potential to be as overpowered in singles as Dynamax.

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