Competitive Play Trailer | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

I was a little skeptical of type switching as a mechanic, but seeing it in action I can see how it actually has good potential to add depth to fights without being too overwhelmingly powerful. I like it better than Dynamax at least.

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Competitive Play Trailer | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

also I’m really excited to see how this will work on the meta! substitutes, typing, and stat changes are probably gonna have some huge changes competitively now.

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Yo Toby is absolutely killing it with the music. I didn’t even hear the ending of the song the first time I saw the trailer, sounds so awesome!
Even as a casual/story mode player some of these items are great. I remember playing earlier games (specifically RSE and ORAS) and liking multi-shot moves like Bullet Seed a lot, but it’s just not quite powerful enough. This item could make those moves a lot more fun to use in casual gameplay.
I’m just saying that if this battle track is anything to go by, the music is gonna be banger after banger after banger. I’m VERY excited for this one
The soundtrack in this trailer is freakin awesome, im amazed of how makes the trailer even more epic, when Tyranitar uses that ghost attack… holy yisus… Gamefreak I always thought that you know how to do everything.
Being able to change Types and also having an attack of that same Type is going to be a big positive change. Whether people love it or hate it, it will change the game for sure.
I legit squealed out of joy when i saw that breloom was in this game. Ive been praying to myself that we get breloom in here, and now that ive seen that hes gonna be in this, i dont think i can sleep till this game comes out.
It’s great to see more of the battle mechanics. And seeing Cyclizar, I wonder if Koraidon and Miraidon will be the second pair of Legendaries after Solgaleo and Lunala with a pre-evolved form?
I’m super surprised that I’m not seeing more talk about cyclizar having a clear resemblance to the legendaries, this combined with the fact that they refrained from showing what stage the koraidon and koraidon cards are in the new ex reveal makes me imagine cyclizar must either evolve or transform into them to some extent? Or maybe cyclizar relation to the legendaries is similar to the whole diance and carbink thin where the mythical/legendary is an exceptional variant
Shed Tail is gonna be so good!

And Loaded dice if it works well means that Pokemon with Technician (like Breloom) are gonna be really threatening.

I would’ve loved if Terastalize added a type vs completely changing the type of the mon using it. Triple type would be so epic. But it seems like it’ll be a cool mechanic. . Just wondering how it’ll effect some mons movepools

Shed Tail looks fun, especially if more ‘mons can get it, or if it functions like Baton Pass as well (though that might be too broken).
I’m glad there’s a move around the Tera-form mechanic, though I hope it’ll be still useful when you don’t go mineral.
I’m glad to see Breloom back, and doubly so if this Tera-form means I can give him STAB Bullet Punch, double down on Fighting to make him more damaging with Mach Punch, or Grass with Bullet Seed.
I do like the Loaded Dice. I love multi-hit moves, but it’s a shame they were never THAT useful. About time they appear to be.
New ‘mon itself is… alright. Wheelie Toothless Lite, I guess. Would need to see more about it, but overall just kinda eh.
this is insane;y amazing! This is going to change competitive battles to another level. Really excited to make a team. Hope we get more info on what pokemons are available. Are they keeping it a secret until they do a big reveal?? Would be amazing to see them bringing back the entire national dex during post game
I like how the move Shed Tail adds more distinction between the HP stat, and the Defense, or Sp. Def stats. A Pokemon with a high HP stat’s substitute will be made tougher if a Pokemon with high defense stats is switched in.
I forgot that terastallizing was a potential buff to coalossal, and I heard this pokemon was already pretty powerful in sword and shield. Now that you’ve shown Coalossal is in the game. That’s mad. This thing can learn both solar beam and scald.
Anyone else notice how Cyclizar looks eerily like the two legendaries, Koraidon and Miraidon? Did they just let us know we’ll have a Nebbie situation because if so, that will be cool.
cyclizar is definitely related to the legendaries, probably like a pre-evolution or modern day version

edit: just saw an image that confirms that npcs use this pokemon as a bike, so the connection to the legendaries is there

Something tells me the past/future theme is especially present with Cyclizar. My thought is that Koraidon and Miraidon are the past and future incarnations of the species, with Cyclizar being the current-day incarnation. I doubt it’s a not-fully-evolved Pokémon if it’s showcased in a trailer like this.
Honestly a perfect example of Terastallizing power comes in Coalossal being water-resistant to capitalize on Steam Engine better and making 4x weaknesses now null and void like with Tyrannitar.
I wonder how many Pokemon will have access to Shed Tail? it pretty much being a free switch-out with Substitute is insanely good, and almost makes Substitute itself not as relevant in a lot of situations, I feel like
Cyclizer makes me think it’s gonna be like a Carbink – Diancie situation. The website doesn’t say they’re directly related, but the stance and stature is similar, plus the Dragon typing falls in line with what the legendaries’ typing is theorized to be.
This confirms that you become mono type when you terastalize. Coalossal is fire/rock. It said “not very effective” which means it’s pure water now. If it only changed one of the types, it would have done neutral damage.

Still, giving up 2 stab options for this is interesting. Power boost to the type seems not as good when you are not using your original type, as said before. Tera blast fixes the issue when you don’t learn moves of that Tera type. Is it only a special move, or is there a physical version of the move? Maybe it chooses the stronger stat. Otherwise physical attackers are at a disadvantage.

Also, confirmed that terastalize is not bound to an item like megas and z moves were. Breloom was terastalized and still had access to the Loaded Dice.

Lots of subtle info in such a short time.

Loaded Dice is gonna be huge. Skill Link automatically makes anything with it an absolute monster and now EVERYTHING can have Skill Link. It combined with the fact that it gets Shell Smash, Icicle Spear and Rock Blast is exactly why Cloyster has been so good in Singles ever since Gen 5.

Also, I need to know if Tera Blast is physical or special and if there will be a version of this move for both attack stats or if it’ll just use whatever attack stat is higher like a couple signature moves do. I assume it can be learned by every Pokemon.

Just watching a tyranitar being inmune to close combat was hype enough. I’m looking forward to the updated models, all shown to this point feels like a step up in the right direction (they don’t look washed out) I also noticed new animations like Breelooms attack, Blissey’s hit, and I don’t know if I’m correct about this but that cloyster followed the other pokemon’s position while using the move hmm
Is nobody talking about how Cyclizar is possibly a PRE-EVO FOR THE LEGENDARIES?!?!

I’ve always loved the idea of making a base Pokémon evolve into the box-art legendary! My favorite main series games, Sun and Moon (preferably USUM though) did it first, but I still think it’s so cool!

Honestly the most hype thing for me is finally having breloom in a regional pokedex again. I don’t know why it hasn’t been in one since Hoenn but its finally back. It’s also cool to get what will likely be the canon names of the player characters, Juliana and Florian. And as everyone has mentioned, Cyclizar is 100% related to the legendaries, sharing all the features that they have in common, just on a smaller more plain body. Considering the past/future themes in this game, it’s possible that rather than evolvinbg into the legendaries, the legendaries are Cyclizar’s ancestors and descendants, that meet the player through time travel shenanigans.
One thing I notice right away is the change in music. The music (not sure if it was just for the trailer or in-game) might indicate the Pokemon Company is moving back towards (at least it seemed to me) their older style of music. It is less orchestral as newer generations have been, and more closely resembles the 90s and 2000s rock style that pervaded the era of the first few generations. If this trend holds up for the games, and future titles, it is a change I will welcome wholeheartedly.
I strongly suspect Cyclizar is basically the Cosmog of Scarlet and Violet. Like it evolves once or twice over the course of the game to become Miraidon or Koraidon, and whatever causes it to evolve one way or the other is connected to the school you’re attending. Like maybe you feed it some kind of special version of the fruit from the school crest and that’s what makes each version exclusive. Maybe even a fruit that was Terastalized somehow, and that ties the Terrastalization gimmick to the box art legendaries.
mirror herb sounds like the most annoying thing to face. Can’t tell if it borders into OP or gimicky, prob a bit of both. Hopefully it reduces bs sweeps that you have no chance of defending against. I used to run psych up and focus sash counter/mirror coat Pokemon just to avoid that
and that sub switching ability…I’m hoping it’s not as powerful and annoying to face as it sounds and instead opens the door to really cool strats
everything looks good so far tho. I’m not too keen on the terra form stuff yet tho, every new mechanic they’re adding now just sounds really gimicky and this seems like the peak of that. Hope it makes battles more fun tho
Mirror herb is cool, but definitely not broken. I honestly can’t see it being used too often over other metagame staples. First of all, you’d realistically only be able to utilize it on mons that you know are about to set up. So Shell Smash on Cloyster, Quiver Dance on Volcarona, and that’s about it. You’d be required to scout out your opponents’ mons before you try to go for the Mirror. If you make a bad predict and it’s choiced or just goes for damage, you’re screwed.

That’s not even all. You also run the risk of having your Mirror Herb mon be completely useless if your match-up isn’t good. If the opponent decides to run a physical sweeper, and your mon is a special attacker, or vice versa, you just wasted your herb. Also, you run the risk of the Mirror Herb mon having a bad type match-up against the sweeper, in which case you’d have to switch out anyway.

Even if everything goes well, it’s still only a one-time boost. Your opponent isn’t nearly as obligated to stay in. They can very easily switch to a counter that takes even boosted attacks, and attempt to set up another time. They can also attempt to just boost past you. If their Swords Dance is faster than yours, then the boost won’t even help you. They might just set up Calm Mind in your face, knowing you can’t do the same.

It’s not as simple and straightforward as something like choice items or life orb. It can probably do well with good strategy, good luck, and a good team, but even at its peak I’d say it’s only a bit more powerful than the aforementioned on an average game-to-game basis. Most of the time, I think it’ll be significantly worse and more niche. Probably will find itself as the signature item of specific pokemon, kind of like White Herb with Shell Smashers

I like the fact that the legendary Pokemon have a preevolution so you dont just rush the entire game with the Legendary cuz that would be too OP, imagine if u started, for example, Pokemon Black with Reshiram💀💀💀that would basically make the game way easier than it already is
I still think Cyclizar should have another preevolution cuz it looks like a powerful Pokemon still
Calling this now. The whole other gimmick of this game is time travel but the time travel is version exclusive. Cyclizar is present day version of each Box Legendary as it has been in Paldean households since ancient times. Scarlett is going to be ancient stuff. This is how they sell you back ancient regional forms like the Hisuian ones and maybe some new ones. This explains primal looking professor lady and Koraidon too. Then Violet will have future regional variants. This explains the weird cyber daddy professor and Miraidon too. This is how they also force you to buy both games as now the version exclusives will be regional variants. I’m almost certain this is what they’re going to pull. Now what I am less sure of is that I don’t think there is going to be an evil team. Not like Skull or Yell were evil. Instead the other thing they announced at the beginning was your version changed your school uniform you start in. So I say whatever version you pick the other school is your rival school. One school focuses on the past and Paldea’s traditions or whatever. The other focuses on Paldea’s future and scientific progress. Hence the two professors. So you’ll probably be duking it would with the head of the opposing school because they think all of Paldea should care about their ideals. I am less certain of this second part. Still I think I nailed the gimmick.

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