Grafaiai makes its mark! | Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet

We have something truly amazing to share with you, Trainers!

We’ve been lucky enough to obtain a video from the Paldea photographer, documenting his unique experience observing Grafaiai. 📹

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Grafaiai makes its mark! | Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

Seeing a Pokemon be revealed like this while showing off its personality and what makes it unique is 100% better than seeing a picture next to in game footage. Genuinely really enjoy the concept of Grafaiai and it looks like a lil scrunkily

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That is very clever! Using the signature long finger of the aye-aye as a finger-paintbrush! I give the design team a round of applause not only for the concept but also being able to tone down the aye-aye’s frankly disturbing appearance to something much cuter but still keeping a bit of the unsettling feel to it.👏
Absolutely living for this documentary type of reveal, I love it so much, like with Hisuian Zorua and now Grafaiai. I would love to see full length documentaries like this with more Pokemon, not even just new releases but old Pokemon as well! Super fond of this photographer character too!
I love this documentary style! I’d watch a whole documentary series about Pokemon in this style.

Edit: Some people have some really fun ideas down there. How I would do it is each episode would be based on a species/line or 3 and the Professor of the regional Pokedex that Pokemon comes from would be the narrator.
I would love nothing more than hearing Professor Oak talk about Magikarp for 45 minutes. Professor Rowan talking about Bidoof etc. Maybe even have champions for certain Pokemon. So give Leon Charizard line, Cynthia the Garchomp, Ash does Pikachu etc,

I’d love to see a Pokémon documentary series like this someday. It’s so relaxing and it’s a blast to learn about Pokémon like this.

Also, I think Grafaiai would probably get along great with Smeargle. Love to see what those two could come up with.

They’re definitely on a right path of marketing the brand with this short films.

This are pretty awesome, and it shows the franchise can give Ash a break and expand the films/ anime with other characters points of view.

I love the whole design of this Pokémon, both appearance & concept. And the part at the end differently fits the concept, the Aye-aye is believed to be a harbinger of evil & death, but this is just superstition. Sadly, not for that camera.

By the way, does anyone else think that this Pokémon is perfect for a Team Skull member to own? Again, for both it’s appearance & concept?

Thought this was going to be a smeargle evolution what with it being able to naturally paint, but the designs are really dissimilar so probably not! Still a great way to learn about new Pokemon, I’m glad they kept this format from Legends Arceus and I hope it continues!
This is so brilliant!! Not only is that such an amazing Pokémon concept, but I love how in depth this video went into its behavior. So naturalistic, you could almost believe it’s a real animal
Okay, but I love how they’ve been revealing Pokémon recently. From the Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark to Grafaiai now. Way better than the 24 hours Glimwood Tangle stream.

Also, glad that Scatterbug and its evolutions are back.

Absolutely love this!💖 They need to reveal every Pokémon this way, both old and new!🤩 also when the loud crash happened and scared Grafaiai, I was hoping it would show a teaser/glimpse of a big terrifying new Pokémon passing through, then continue to display Grafaiai.
I can’t wait to see more of these!
I really hope they continue these!
I love the nature documentary style of presentation! We definitely need more videos like this, for older as well as newer species!

Honestly, if there was an entire Pokémon series done in this style, I would watch the heck out of it.

Great design and concept. I really like Grafaiai. It’s super cute and looks mischievous. I absolutely love the reveal. Documentary style reveals for every Pokémon and/or a series like this in the anime would be perfect.
This is how Pokemon games should go. This gives us the impression that we are in a living world, and being able to explore this and see it for ourselves in the game would be the greatest thing of all time. Even if it meant having less Pokemon, having them interact with the environment is insanely cool. I want to see scatterbugs on trees. I want to see Pokemon chasing each other for food. I want that immersion from the Pokedex to be seen in game. Also, the design of Grafaiai is amazing. Aye-aye and graffiti from berries is a cool concept.
My gosh, I absolutely love this nature documentary type style of video, and the Pokemon Itself! I wish we had more of these type of video documentaries, but of course, with Pokemon. When I saw the Pokemon this morning, I thought the Lil’ guy was so cool! This is why I love Pokemon. Good job, Pokemon Team.
God, I’ve only known him for a half hour, and I already love him so freaking much! This vid reminds me a lot of what they did with Impadimp and H. Zorua. Super cool, and I can’t wait to add Mr. Monke here to my team!
I will always love trailers that act like documentaries. They really get you invested in the subject. I can only hope the animations are this good in an actual pokemon game someday; A Pokemon Snap-like game where you’re the researcher would be the best thing.
I love that similar to the real life Aye aye, Grafaiai has a rather long index finger that it doesn’t use to dig grubs out of trees but uses to graffiti. Classic Pokémon and a top tier mon, taking a real life animal that many may not know about and putting a cool spin on it and making it a Pokémon. A very thought out mon indeed.
Aiai’s in nature have a niche that allows them to grab insects through small holes in tree bark/pulp with their long fingers. I think it’s implied that Grafaiai takes advantage of a similar niche in its environment by luring bug-types (like scatterbug), onto tree bark using berry juice graffiti. Painting colorful markings with these same long, boney fingers. Subsequently eating them once trapped. Obviously too graphic to show on camera/animate, but still an extremely creative and refreshing concept for a Pokémon!

From what I can tell, the berry graffiti doesn’t seem to be sticky, mostly strongly scented and brightly colored to lure prey. This tells me that Grafaiai is probably a very fast and stealth oriented Pokémon. It must be in order to catch and eat the diverse slew of bug types it lures onto its sweet smelling berry graffiti. Hopefully it has a high base speed stat to compliment this. Even better, a move pool that contains something like sketch would be awesome for this Pokémon!

I’m excited for the many other new concepts and designs SV will bring!

EDIT: Correction looked online and learned that Grafaiai mixes berry juice with poison and stuns pray using toxins in the graffiti 😂 still a dope concept tho! (Thanks for reading if you did lol)

Loving the nature documentary style of showcasing our new “grafiti Aye-Aye” Pokemon 😀 Looking forward to seeing if this poison lemur is as versatile in battle as it is cute/cool 😀
Wow…this has got to be one of the coolest ways Gamefreak has released a new Pokemon. At first, I thought it was a regional form of Impdimp by the way the features were shown on screen, but this looks so cool. Definitely catching this one when I get to play the games.

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