Check out Grafaiai, a very territorial Pokémon! | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

Now that you’ve gotten a fascinating insight into Grafaiai, see it in all its glory in Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet, coming to Nintendo Switch November 18th!

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Check out Grafaiai, a very territorial Pokémon! | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

Oh. An Aye-Aye Pokémon. Freaky lemur actually gets a Pokémon inspired by it. The finger painting theme is a good spin. I would love to see an interaction with it and Smeargle.

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Honestly this makes a ton of sense, there’s always so much fricking graffiti around in Spain it doesn’t fully feel like it without, and it’s just generally also a lovely spin of the other more colourful artforms that are iconic to Spain and the aye-aye’s funky figers lolol- also it just makes sense as a poison/normal. Gotta love this, solid lil guy
i love how this pokemon alters the environment around it, perfect for an open world game! i really hope there are more like it, if not it’ll be some missed potential for sure.
1. Glad that Smeargle isn’t the only marking territory.
2. I knew that it’s a NORMAL/POISON type, due to it spitting purple fluid. Hopefully they’ll do a DRAGON/BUG, FAIRY/FIGHTING, FIRE/FAIRY etc duo types next.
I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of new secondary normal typings in this gen
What’s cool is how it being half normal doesn’t debilitate it at all since Poison types are already resistant to fighting. So it’s going to gain a ghost immunity for free!!
I actually like this Pokemon. It’s genuinely sort of creepy, which is a nice change of pace from all of the soft, marketable looking pokemon we’ve seen so far.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the others, but Grafaiai is a nice change of pace.

Wow… Didn’t think I was gonna like that little guy as much as I do ! It’s pretty cute and I like It’s colors

Maybe I’ll get one on my team if it evolves (Unless I really don’t like the evolution or the grunts of the potential new bad guy team of this generation has them all over their teams, it gives me those vibes kinda)

This design is genius… the cap-brim hair and the hoodie anatomy on the upper part of the body and around the head fits the graffiti theme so well… as well as monkeys/lemurs being able to reach high or unconventional areas. Really in love with this design!
I think his design is so dope 🔥 and I really like his backstory. Very creative. I’ve liked pretty much all of the designs so far.

The legendaries are ok, although their vehicular gimmick is really cool!

Really looking forward to these games. I’ll probably take that day off of work haha

Pokémon interacting with the real world, yes! This is what we’ve needed for so long! And also, this is an awesome introduction to the poison/normal type combo!
Not only did they reveal a cool new pokemon, they also answered the burning question within everyone’s minds from the moment this game was announced: Jumpluff is confirmed to be in the game.
He looks so cute!! The eyes remind me of Spiderman tbh. I also love how you’ll be able to see the trees painted by Grafaiai in the game. So when you see a tree that’s painted, you’ll know thats where a Grafaiai is. Damn I wanna play this game so badlyyyyy. Can Novemeber come any sooner? 😫
I really like the Poison/Normal typing. I think it would be really cool if they let it learn Sketch. I would quite like to have another Pokemon capable of learning Sketch. It would be cool to have a Pokemon that can learn Sketch that doesn’t have as horrendous of stats as Smeargle.
Based on the mockumentary video: it’d be so cool if Grafaiai has an ability where the type of berry it holds changes its secondary type or maybe changes the type of a signature move
Grafaiai is one of the best designed Pokémon I’ve seen so far form the ScV Pokédex. It’s an Aye Aye, and not only does it release toxins from its middle finger, like with real Aye Ayes, it also uses it as graffiti. Also, It’s Poison-Normal type, so it would pretty interesting to see that in battle.
First ever Normal/Poison type Grafaiai is a Lemur this design is so awesome. James Turner has left Game Freak so whoever designed this Pokemon gets a thumbs up from he screams evolving so I am excited to see what his evolution looks like.
This Pokémon is so cute! I especially love it’s art. I’ll definitely keep one on my team. It also loves berries and since I’m a berry hunter it will go hand in hand with me.
Poison/Normal ey? Swapping poison’s fighting resist for an added normal STAB and a ghost immunity, not bad at all.
Also on the website it has the ability unburden! That’s a dang fine ability, lots of potential there.
Tbh while I was curios about new Pokemon I wanted to hate on it being colorful, but seeing context I like how it looks. I mean it’s cute awkward animal and it paints. That’s quite creative design while fingerpainting explains hands being very flashy colored
I like this Pokémon already. Its design is cute, the name is catchy, it has a unique typing with Poison/Normal, and the fact that it is a reference to the Land Art of the Oda Forest in País Vasco is genius. Makes me wonder if it’ll evolve and what its Ability, or Abilities, will be.
I think Grafaiai might be based on an Aye-aye, which is a real nocturnal animal that lives in trees and feasts on insects. The long fingers this Pokémon uses for painting are similar to the long middle finger an Aye-aye uses to locate and skewer insects under the bark of trees.
I’m glad they finally made an aye-aye Pokemon. The poison-typing would definitely fit a Pokemon based on a slow loris, which are closely related to lemurs and aye-ayes and are actually venomous in real life.
I have a feeling this is a gimmick mon, normal/poison is actually pretty good, only weak to ground and psychic (and steel I guess lol) losses it’s fighting weakness and also an immunity to ghost. Hope this has an evo, the design looks a lil frail
Make Wailord a Water/Normal type and give it Drizzle, plz. Also, Make Explosion and Self Destruct Great Again by lowering our foes defense by half, like in 4th gen. This Wailord will be a BEAST
Grafaiai looks like a robot and has robotic noises. It’s name might not just be combination of graffiti and Aye Aye, but also AI. Maybe it’s a Pokémon from the future. I wonder what it’s evolution is like.
Grafaiai is so awesome and he’s one of my favorite Pokémon now, but I’m more interested in the music. This might be one of Toby Fox’s songs, but it sounds like the soundtrack from a completely different game: The Cruel King and the Great Hero. So interesting and I’m excited to hear the rest of it with my Monkey Friend!
Watch out Smeargle, you’ve got a paint rival now. I wonder how it would be like if Smeargle and Grafaiai were to do a paint battle in the anime if that were to happen. Of course, it’s unknown (as of right now) if they’ll be an anime series for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
I would preorder if I at the very least I knew the exclussives for each version. But at a pace of a pokemon shown each 2 months is a bit hard to decide with zERO info about version exclusives
Prediction: Ability : Fingerpaint, signature move changes type depending on berry eaten. Signature move : Paintjob, chance to inflict status effect depending on type, ex: electric – paralyze , ice – freeze , fairy – sleep etc.
It’s cool to see Pokémon actually have an impact on the world, I hope this isn’t the only one or one of few. Game freak should really take this opportunity to enact Pokédex lore into the overworld
Hey Pokémon company love the New Pokémon and thanks for the open world game I know y’all worked hard on it but just one request can you please get a new graphics team like ones that worked on Unite, New Pokémon snap and Pokken please Or atleast work on the worlds textures cause the environment close up is the only thing looking rough but the rest of the game looks phenomenal please read this and thank you
Last year we had to do a narritive based on an endangered species. My dear friend said I look like the aye aye, but due to the animal I chose out of anger, it started my writing career. So for this Pokemon, I’ll name it after Me and we’ll show the world that ugly isn’t bad
If I didn’t reset the Tales of Idiotica series and all of a sudden rebrand it to Idioticanese Stories, then Season 4 of GT would’ve been successfully released on my promised October 4, 2022 premiere!! But at the same time, Episode 48 (Book 6 Episode 4) was taking WAY too long to render, and the Galar Mainline was getting SO CLOSE to the end, and on October 4, Paldea’s Mainline would have started!
This design is genius… the cap-brim hair and the hoodie anatomy on the upper part of the body and around the head fits the graffiti theme so well… as well as monkeys being able to reach high or unconventional areas. Really in love with this design!

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