Starfield – Get Your Character “OVERPOWERED” Early On

In “The Well” on New Atlantis, there’s a weapon and ammo shop. You can take every 7.77 mm ammo on the wall without stealing them. All the other ammo type are “Steal” and the 7.77mm is just “Take” (you can repeat every 24h (theres 600+ammo for free everytime). you can also take everything in the backstore, for free.

Edit: it seems every 7.77mm ammo box in every shops / houses are good and you can just take them without worrying about stealing them.

Starfield – Get Your Character “OVERPOWERED” Early On – Detailed Explanation

The Advanced Urban Eagle should be included in this list. I don’t remember the exact location, but is was laying on desk/table inside the first or 2nd lock door I ran into during my first mission (or 2nd) for Constellation. It’s an amazing pistol over 100 physical damage.

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For perks I also advise getting piloting perk early and leveling it up every so often. Ranking this perk up allows you to fly B and C class ships. I bought an expensive ship without realizing I didn’t have the perk piloting leveled up enough to fly it.
BEWARE! The Revenant is NOT Guaranteed to be there! And as I found out the VERY hard way because to get it you will become Crimson Fleet so that’s 1/3rd of the human mobs you won’t be able to hunt anymore. You’ll also Not be able to shop or build ships at Taiyo easily because every Guard in neon will be shooting at you the minute you get off your ship. So keep in mind the sacrifices you are going to make by these Unchangeable Events.
Getting stealth and Concealment seems pretty easy to make your character pretty op.

Just gotta shoot kreet aliens from really far for sneak attacks for stealth and punch the trilobites for unarmed sneak to level concealment.

You can go for the health and Carry weight perks to easily unlock Concealment as the requirements to get tier 4 for those are simple enough.

Top it up with ballistic damage on the combat tree and you’re pretty much unstoppable.

Cody! Halp! I’m really feeling overwhelmed and squirreling hard in the game. At what point should/can/could you feasibly start an outpost? With 8-24 outposts, is it really crucial to find a dream location for your first one? I got the activity to put down an outpost beacon at level 8, and still haven’t done it because all you content creators on your umpteenth New Game+ keep saying to find HE3, Al, Fe in a temperate, breathable, planet blah blah… How many credits do you need to get something functionally started? Do I need to do the Crimson Fleet first for the bonus cash to be able to afford it?

While I appreciate that the game doesn’t tutorial you to death, I’d like at least an introduction to the mechanic that’s been thrown at me.
Instead of another Complete Comprehensive guide to outpost building, Can you make one that covers “This is what you want to have on your first day of school.”

I’m sick of seeing “*Beginner’s Guides* for ship building” that assume you have a maxed out outpost with the large landing pad.

Weight lifting is only a good pick for melee builds. Otherwise early game you can go several hundred weight over your limit before it becomes a problem and by the mid game it becomes ignorable and will only limit fast travel.
I just disagree with your weapon choice. The Peacekeeper is overhyped I don’t really think it’s a good weapon. You can buy a common Beowulf .. attach some mods and you shred through enemies like crazy. I took armor penetration ammo 🙂

Try it out. You get one at one of these star stations where you can also sell your loot without getting scanned.

u recommend doing mission board quests? Just from doing a few main story quests and some major side quests, and selling all the loot, i had almost 100k. (not including the resources)(At about 13hrs in) so i think what should be recommended is take a companion with u and use them as pack mule. and if u still need more space, find a crate and store some loot there. I found that most missions, u loop back to the airlock or start of the area. if its obvious u will be changing areas, then u can make a trip back to ur ship and off-load ur haul and continue the quest. really worth it especially for guns and armors. they can sell for as high a 1k early game, but even on the lower end, ur getting atleast 100-300 for most.
Question for any who can help. I’m having trouble with ship combat. When I have multiple enemies I kill 2 or 3 but then they destroy my reactor and exhaust shields. I’m sure I’m missing something… I have upgraded my ship as much as possible. Still with the starter ship so maybe I need to find a new one? If it helps, I’m in the Freestar Collective mission, First to Fight, First to Die, Destroy the merc patrol ships.

Loving your Starfield content. Thanks and keep it coming!

Buying weapons with your early credits in a game with this many loot drops (like the Peacekeeper you mention later) seems like bad advice to me. Also, doesn’t it make more sense to check out the weapons you get randomly, see what you like and THEN level the appropriate skill? While we’re at it, avoiding the main quest for side quests early on means postponing some really good stuff (no spoilers) that can add to the gameplay and, specifically, tools that might prove valuable. So, basically, I disagree with all of this until you get to the Secret Outpost mission (which I agree is essential).

You have, however, convinced me to try the Crimson Fleet missions, so thanks for that.

It’s strange that he starts out speaking on skills. He goes over all the skills you should get then dives into the process of getting a rare weapon first.

Now he isn’t wrong and I don’t believe there ever is a right or wrong path. Just play the game. But if you get the Scavenging skill out the gates. It’s says it gives you a higher chance to get credits when detaching thru containers. Not only does it drop you more credits it also drops you better weapons. Two of the weapons he stated to go buy I got while looting different places while on missions alone. I didn’t have to go and buy the rare weapons and it helped me earn more money without having to do all these tips or tricks in the game.

Of course, another gO dO tHe “SeCrEt” MaNtIs QuEsT video/post. Also, not really “get OP early” if you’re doing the entire Crimson Fleet story line…You can do the entire main campaign and start NG+ so you start with the new armor, new ship and a decent weapon. Much quicker and the main campaign gives a lot of XP…
Being OP is NOT FUN. I didn’t even try to do anything specific. But I play on Very Hard and mow people down. Combined with bad enemy AI, combat is becoming unfun. I don’t grind for the best mods, I use weapons I pick up off the ground. I also only have 1 skill point in the weapons skills. Maybe shotguns have 2 because they’re just fun. But.. They need to make this game harder. The amount of med packs in my inventory is slowly increasing despite engaging in lots of fights. This game is becoming too easy.
First you say early skills, then you reccomend Research Methods. Huh? All the other skills you recommend come online at rank 1. But you don’t get ‘sudden developement’ until rank 4, which is an additional 3 levels up, but only if you ignore everything else. More realistically RM4 won’t come along until level 15 or so…[I just planned it out in Nukes&Dragons and you don’t realistically get RM4 until level 14 if you rush, and level 16 if you give every other point to RM.] Your early skills list is good, but reccomending RM4 as an early skill(i.e. level 10 or sooner) is just not realistic.

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