Seek Your Treasure! | Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet

In Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, the school you’ve enrolled in hosts a special independent study project. The theme of this assignment is “A Treasure Hunt!”

Explore the world and seek out your very own treasure! 🗺️⛏️

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Seek Your Treasure! | Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

The schoolyard aesthetic they went with for this trailer with every character being revealed via a bunch of scribbles in a notebook was actually really well made and extremely creative to see

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I really like Klawf. Not sure what I like about its design but it amuses me.

The fact that it’s got an ability that grants it a free Shell Smash at half HP is icing on the cake, too.

GSC and HGSS players: “Sudowoodo looks like a tree, but is actually a pure Rock type.”

Brassius: “The future is now, old man.”

This game actually looks amazing. It seems they’re finally expanding the things you can do in Pokémon. It’s not just about becoming the Champion anymore. It’s about the fun activities and people on the journey. I think this game may really capture the spirit of what Pokémon truly is.
Love the idea of Gym Leaders using atypical Pokémon and Terastalizing them to match. A Grass-type Sudowoodo especially! Truleewoodo. Wonder if every Leader will come up with a nickname like that.
Ceruledge looks so amazing. Now that’s going to be one of my favorite Fire/Ghost Pokemon. Because of the sword-like arms. I’ll add that to my team.
That battle mode with pokemon walking around? THAT LOOKS AWESOME. Also, Trailblazer: move used by Sudowoodo, looks interesting. Donald also learns flying moves, good. So much awesome here!
I’m honestly in love with all the character designs so far. I really hope Star has as much personality as Skull, I really like Mela’s design, and with the bar as low as Yell surely—
Now Klawf. Pure rock. They’ve really been driving home in recent generations that Pokemon based on aquatic animals don’t have to necessarily be water type. I dig it.
I’m so excited that they’re adding things for us to do while we’re out in the world on our journey just like Ash and all his friends did all sorts of things on his journey and I just hope that it keeps getting better and better because this is already looking SO GREAT AND IT’S A REALLY GOOD TURN IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!
Yknow, I can’t believe I didn’t even consider the possibility of the game’s evil team being a bunch of school rebels. WHY DIDNT THAT CROSS MY MIND
This looks AMAZING
Different sized Pokémon, that being integrated into the story, following Pokémon, photo mode, open world, auto battles… this is so ambitious and fresh
This is what I wanted Sword and Shield to be. I couldnt care about better graphics as long as the gameplay is genuinely good. I’m excited for this
I’m loving EVERYTHING about this generation, it looks like it’s doing everything right. I just hope for a difficulty option for us veteran trainers, but I’ll have fun with the game regardless.
I love team star so far. It looks like Gamefreak might be properly doing a Team Skull style antag. team again and I’m here for it.
I really hope that soundtrack is in game. That could be one of the most hype songs in the pokemon franchise since the US opening of I Wanna Be The Very Best.
This might actually be the best Pokémon game yet.
Only problem I hv is that there’s not been a hint of a difficulty option/slider but overall the game looks amazing
In the midst of all the excitement, I am glad they got Sunflora. That is such an underrated Pokemon. It needs more love. Now that is good creature design. It is so natural and grounded without getting overdesigned. A real life animal, or in this case plant, only needs some fantasy flair. Then boom, its a great creature. If one isn’t sure, it is better to err on too simple than too complicated. Besides who wouldn’t like smiling sunflowers. They are so cute and cheerful. Seel is very similar to Sunflora in being underrated. I think it is very cute,, and it gets very pretty after it evolved. I can’t complain.. I have played the Johto games many times. I like to use slightly different teams. I have had Seel on my team before, and it turnes out to be a decent Lapras replacement. I am fond of water Pokemon. So it is good to have one on my team, especially back in the TM days. Quagmire is the water Pokemon with the best overal dual typing in the game, and it is great for Jasmin. However using Lapras or Seel is still pretty solid. They are good for taking down late game dragon bosses, like Clair and Lance. I don’t know how great Sunflora is in battle. I tend to pick Chikorita, so I don’t have a use for other grass types. In many playthroughs, I do well without them. I don’t know whether the new games have Seel, but I can hope.
It has terrible stats. Add to it being literally just a Sunflower that they slapped a face on and it’s easy to see why so many people dislike it. But most are also holding a candle for it to get an evolution or regional variant to finally give it a bit of personality and viability.
I can understand if someone doesn’t like a creature that is too plain and simple. It would come off as boring. I also get the appeal of something that looks strong and scary. That can be perceived as “cool” or whatever. So one with this mindset would think a smiling sunflower to be lame. I guess the perfect opposite of Sunflora from a creature design sandpoint would be Kyrem. Kyrem is really scary and complicated. That got criticism for being overdesigned, especially its fusion forms. LOL Generater butt. I am not a fan of Kyrem. The general concept is pretty cool though. This may be down to personal preference. I prefer clean and simple design. I especially love cute things. So personally I would rather have Sunflora over Kyrem any day over looks alone. If someone liked Kyrem instead, I would see the appeal.

I can understand if someone didn’t like Sunflora due to bad stats, especially if they do competitive. That is a whole different issue.. I tend not to use grass Pokemon in general because they have too many weaknesses and focus too much on nondamaging moves. I always play Pokemon casually against NPCs. The most effective and efficiant thing to do is get a team of different types, and sweep the opponents. The best types for this is ground and fighting. So those are two types that I normally put on my team. They are two favorites of mine. The only types I like more is electric and water. I eventually learned to like ice and rock, despite the hatred they get. Thier offensive ability is good enough to be useful. The weaknesses are less of a problem, when I can one shot opponents right away and use other types to cover them. I determine offensive ability solely on being supereffective to a lot of types. Fire is good with this too, and it deserves the love it gets. There is really no incentive to slow down and use fancy status moves in Pokemon unless one is either doing competitive play or a challenge run. That is not how I play. I avoid grass, poison and ghost because they are so poorly suited to my method of play. The only reason why Chikorita is my favorite Johto starter is the anime. I thought its affection towards Ash to be relatable and endearing. When I was a little girl, I had Gold as my first Pokemon game. I picked Chikorita, without knowing diddly sqat about type mechanics and meta. To this day, I have a fondness of the whole Chikorita line due to the anime and tons of nostalgia.

You make a good point about nostalgia! I really like Krabby/Kingler because of the anime where Krabby quite literally blew his opponent out of the water in the Pokemon league with a hyper beam after suddenly. As a kid it struck me as pretty cool, and I have a lot of fond memories of trying new Pokémon in this way.

After reading your comment I think it’s not that I don’t like the new Pokemon designs like I initially thought, but instead that I don’t have any of that nostalgia that I have for the older Pokemon. It turns out I’m getting old and don’t see games or Pokemon in the same way anymore as I did when I was 12. Nonetheless your comments reminded me of what it was like playing the Pokemon games like a kid, and now I’m excited to try the new games just a bit more.

They’ve done an amazing job with the Paldea region, beautiful colors and scenery, the graphics are looking really great… i’m sure it will look amazing on the OLED with the increased vibrancy of colors, can’t wait!
You can see grafaifai in the trees?! I know it’s not much but it’s greatly appreciated that you have the Pokémon doing things they would do in the wild is amazing thank you gamefreak for that hope everything is good
I’m interested in finding out what they do with Team Star. At first glance they just look like a bunch of rowdy school drop-outs like Team Skull, but with how young their leader is, they’re probably a freshly formed team that hopes to one day reach the same levels of infamy as Rocket, Galactic, or Plasma.
I’m glad we get a Crab Pokemon designed to be a realistic crab. I’m fine with Kingler and maybe Crabominable but those are heavily stylized designs. It’s cool how in each generation. Pokémon designs become more based on real life animals and or the specific species and still have that simplicity and cartoony touch rather than just super cartoony stylized depictions of that species of animal. Klawf might be a candidate for my SV team.
interesting. I didn’t know we would be seeing fusions again this soon. Although, if the changes to individual species of Pokémon from Sw/Sh & other 8th gen games (ex. evolving using items which existed in previous games and had no effect in said previous games, ralts being in human-shaped egg group) make it into these games, there will be consequences.
I’m going to have 3 different teams in Scarlet and Violet. That way I can challenge any gym with my high level Pokémon team and then battle Team Star with a different team and the legends with another different team. There is too many new Pokémon’s that I want to use in Scarlet and Violet and that is saying something. Didn’t do that with Sword & Shield. I can’t forget the fact that there is a lot of new type combinations, plus some returning mons that I really want to use in my playthrough 😁
Oh please tell me there’s going to be minigames in this, and not just something in the gyms! I also like that some trainers have their alterations on their uniforms, and I noticed in battle that that crab is huge compared to Spriggy, which is a nice form. And also, I’m sorry but I have to say this….. I hope there aren’t too many bipedal or inanimate objects as Pokemon, but if it’s like BW series with still other variations of ‘mons I’ll be alright with it. But I’m not fond of them. Overall looking good!
The protagonist’s friends all relate to one of the paths you can persuit in the game. Nemona for the gym battles, Arven for boss pokemon, but Penny dosent relate to the evil team, in fact, she doesent even appear on the trailer… or does she? I’m predicting Mela is actually Penny in disguise, or ends up being her older sibling or something
If Generation 10 gets released, I hope the region of the 10th generation is based on whether Egypt or Texas with Arcanine, Lucario, Cofagrigus, Hydreigon, Gardevoir, Banette, Zoroark, Scizor, Gengar, Grimmsnarl, Golisopod, Garchomp, Salamence, Eevee and Gyarados as returning Pokemon while many of the new Pokemon including Regional Forms are originally humans that turned into Pokemon due to Science experiments, incidents, phenomenons and curses (like a human that turned into a werewolf)
The color coded ones look like Net Navis from Mega Man Battle Network! Are we sure that violet one isn’t Swordman.exe, and the red and yellow one even has an arm cannon!

Battle Network was made as a competitor to Pokémon, and now Pokémon is taking inspiration from it, how the tables have turned. It’s making me think of getting Violet, I was originally Team Scarlet all the way from the first trailer, but I want bootleg Swordman.exe! Did Hiroshi Ariga design these, he’s never done Battle Network?

Giant Pokémon for a third game in a row?

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