Ed Sheeran, Pokémon – Celestial [Official Video]

The video for my Pokémon track ‘Celestial’ is out now! It’s been a pleasure to work with the team who have brought so much joy to millions of people around the world. Hope you all love the video. Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet are out 18th Nov. Play the games to find the song and if you name any of your Pokémon after me, let me know. Listen to Celestial here: https://EdSheeran.lnk.to/celestial

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Ed Sheeran, Pokémon – Celestial [Official Video] – Detailed Explanation

The official music video for Ed Sheeran, Pokémon – Celestial
Subtract, the new album, out 05.05.2023. Pre-order: https://es.lnk.to/subtract

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Produced by Genki Kawamura, Masami Hatanaka
Director: Yuichi Kodama
Character Design: Yu Nagaba
CG Animation Production: MORIE Inc.
VFX Production: Khaki
Production: AOI Pro.
Animation Production: ENISHIYA inc.

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I just discovered this song and I couldn’t be more proud to call myself a Pokémon fan. I honestly teared up a little. I’m a millennial who grew up on the original Indigo League and those memories of playing on my Pokémon themed Game Boy will stick with me forever. Love this ❤
Absolutely loved this song and was surprised to hear it at the end of Scarlet and Violet, honestly thought it was just gonna be a promotional thing. Also wanted to note, that purple Gameboy Color on the desk at the beginning is literally the exact same one I have that I first got when I was 10 and was given it along with Blue version, so this is even more awesome for me.
I don’t even play Pokémon but it’s still been such a huge part of my life, just because the characters are so familiar and my friends talk about the game all the time. This song gave me a huge wave of nostalgia 🥲 And it’s so great to see cross-country collaboration on what must have been an immense undertaking. Thank you!
You see, tonight, it could go either way
Hearts balanced on a razor blade
We are designed to love and break
And to rinse and repeat it all again
I get stuck when the world’s too loud
And things don’t look up when you’re goin’ down
I know your arms are reachin’ out
From somewhere beyond the clouds
You make me feel
Like my troubled heart is a million miles away
You make me feel
Like I’m drunk on stars and we’re dancing out into space
I see the light shinin’ through the rain
A thousand colors in a brighter shade
Needed to rise from the lowest place
There’s a silver lining that surrounds the grey
When I get lost, will it come back around?
Things don’t look up when you’re goin’ down
I know your arms, they are reachin’ out
From somewhere beyond the clouds
You make me feel
Like my troubled heart is a million miles away
You make me feel
Like I’m drunk on stars and we’re dancing out into space
Celestial, oh-oh
We were made to be
Nothin’ more than this
Finding magic in all the smallest things
The way we notice, that’s what really matters
Let’s make tonight go on and on and on
You make me feel
(We were made to be nothing more than this)
(Finding magic in all the smallest things)
You make me feel
(The way we notice, that’s what really matters)
(Let’s make tonight go on and on and on)
You make me feel
Like my troubled heart is a million miles away
You make me feel
Like I’m drunk on stars and we’re dancing out into space
Celestial, oh-oh
Celestial, oh-oh
We were made to be
Nothing more than this (oh-oh)
Finding magic in all the smallest things (celestial)
The way we notice, that’s what really matters (oh-oh)
Let’s make tonight go on and on and on
I knew this song since I started playing pokemon violet. But when the song came out in the ending I got goosebumps all over my body. The story was absolutely perfect. Arven went through so much. I hated the game when it was announced but I never thought the game would have the most deepest story among the pokemon games. It was the saddest pokemon game too. Thank you Pokemon for everything. Im really excited for the next game
Every time I watch this video, I cry. It touches my soul and inner child. I feel my inner child is healing every time I watch and listen to this. Thank you Ed Sheeran for this. I love Pokemon. I was bullied all the way to my first year of college. You have no idea how much this means to me. I will be 28yo on August 22nd, 2023.
The day this video was released was the day my daughter was born. I’ll never forget it. Now we sing to it! This song and “Clover Cage – The Toy Store” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you 💕 😊
the amount of nostalgia that hit me when listening to the song, watching the video.. Like it was only yesterday my brother and I played the games and battled our hearts out, became pokemon champions, filled our pokedex’s… It’s days that I’ll miss and cherish and look back fondly on. Thank you for this, it’s something I really needed. Not many songs have made me so emotional that I actually almost start crying- and this was one of them
Ed, this music video is amazing. I own both Scarlet and Violet and the storyline of those games are great and even heart-wrenching and your song “Celestial” fits perfect for this game and Pokemon in general. Im a gamer of the series since Red and Blue Versions. I would love to see you in a future Pokemon live action movie that was like Detective Pikachu. You’re like how the late Chester Bennington was with the Gundam franchise. Very all into it and supportive of the franchise. Great work, Ed! 😀
As an introverted kid who didn’t have friends at the time, Pokémon still made my childhood worth remembering, and to this day I occasionally play one of the many games, at 28. This songs means a lot to me. I was imagining all those Pokémon next to me as a kid too and seeing the Mewtwo movie scene really opened a Pandora box of childhood memories. I got emotional, thank you Ed.
I was at bootcamp when this along with the game released and didnt know this existed. So there I was last night sitting in my barracks having a pretty shit week, playing Pokemon and finished the game. When I tell you hearing this song, from an artist I loved as a child, in a game franchise I loved as a child, brought a tear to my eye and healed my soul a bit.

Mr. Sheeran I know you may not ever see this, but thank you for everything you do. You have revived a piece of myself I didnt know was missing.

This song was played and the finale for my concert at my school it brought tears to my eyes bc this song is so good and had deep connection to my heart and I loved and I mean LOVED doing concerts sad to see it end:( but I had a great time learning the dance moves for my classes item (it was this it was teachers pet-from school of rock idk who sung it but yea)
This was probably my favorite Musical Artist x Pokemon collab yet. Really made me realize and appreciate how much I really love Pokemon, how much it helped me and made my “troubled heart feel a million miles away”. Pokemon really got me through rough times and Ed Sheeran and this music video really captured how I feel about Pokemon everyday.
I cried at the end of the game I cried again watching this music video.
I loved playing Scarlet, loved the storyline, the characters, there were so much love in those relations.
Loved the fact that we had boys that looked like girls and the other way around… gender fluid characters… At the end, the game was all about love and respect. And that music at the end… this video…really touched me in a way I can’t describe. So thank you Ed for doing this. (I’m sad it has so few views tho)
I got Violet/Scarlett a little late, just finished it last night and heard this song. As a lifetime fan of pokemon, this game met my expectations and gave me such a wonderful experience. My favorite full music from any Pokemon game yet, and Nemona might be my new favorite pokemon npc (up there with N) Now I must get the DLC!
I know that some people were salty about this song being in a Pokemon game, but honestly, the whole story line and ending make so much sense for the song in the game. Honestly I was crying in the end. I loved the song before finishing it, but now it has a place in my heart. Such an amazing song and the game no matter how glitchy it got, was absolutely worth the money.
This songs been on repeat since yesterday. Wouldn’t say I’m a huge Ed Sheeran fan, but man this song brought a tear. It encompasses my love and feelings about what Pokemon has done and meant for me growing up. A well crafted song that could be taken and alikened to anything, including a love song. The animation and ending was just an extra treat. Well done all involved.
I appreciate this a lot. The animation style exploration of Pokemon and Ed telling stories through his songs and MVs are always a treat. I had goosebumps at that 1st movie moment. I thought I’d see Ash but holyshit- Ed in anime glory and that scream connecting to his song’s scream is totally genius! I’m so happy you did a song for Pokemon Ed! This makes me happy a lot!
I’m obsessed with this. I grew up very isolated and full of social anxiety. I couldn’t even go to school most days. I still struggle. But sometimes just playing some Pokémon solves everything for awhile. It really made me feel like a champion. I love playing new games as they come out… super hyped for SV! Thank you Ed Sheeran for this song💛 love you!

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