Jump into a Paldean Journey | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

Glad to see Girafarig getting an evolution, it’s one of the older Pokémon that really deserved one. Hope some other older single stage mons will get evolutions this gen and future gens.

Jump into a Paldean Journey | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

I’m loving the attention to the size of Pokémon. You can see in the raid battle how different the sableye and farigiraf are in height. Sableye actually looks like a little cave troll and farigiraf a giraffe. We’ve been waiting a long time for that.

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It’s interesting to see the effect legend Arceus has had on pokemon.The open world,crafting and no transitions between battles. I just wonder how shiny hunting in this game will be.
I’m so glad that any Pokémon can have any Tera type, the amount of strategic depth it opens up is just immense, particularly if there’s a way to change a Pokémon’s type later in the game. The food buffs look like they could help a lot, but getting a particular Tera type on top of all the other variables could end up being a bit of a slog otherwise.
Just hope we can do all storylines at the same time or if we do decide to do one at a time that there is scaling so we aren’t too overleved. Really excited for this game
Them showcasing the food minigame IMMEDIATELY after mentioning how pokemon eggs can be found in picnics is so funny to me
I like a lot of the changes, and the models look really stellar. I just hope the world’s graphics hold up, I know we’re still a month away from release, but a lot of what we’ve seen in the trailer will be in the final game almost exactly as it is here. Staying optimistic!
I’m so glad that challenges that need to be done before a gym battle returned. I always thought it was one of the coolest things in the anime when gym leaders tested Ash in various ways before they actually battled.
It’s the ‘small’ touches like Aqua Jet looking so dynamic and slick that matter most to me. Sure, the move animations on Pokémon can always get better but I like how they kept Play Rough very ‘confrontational’ yet quirky too.
A crafting system for TMs is honestly a stroke of genius. It will ensure you can always get more of the moves you want, while also giving you something else to go out and explore for even late game.
I really like how the human models look in here! Especially with the customization options! I know it’s too early to say, but it doesn’t seem as bare bones as S&S.
One thing added in the last few years and in DIRE NEED of more options is character customization. Pokemon has always had the great capacity for an amazing open world rpg, and giving people more ways to fully immerse themselves is always a good move. 💜 pleaaaaseeee more outfits
1: I actually really like the terastalizing mechanic, I think it could be a really fun thing to mess w & strategize! Much better than gigantimaxing.
2: SO glad y’all kept raid battles
The more I hear of this, the more excited I get! And I originally thought this would be like the other games! But no, this is WAY more awesome than past Pokémon games!
Honestly, it looks like they took a lot of time to try and bring back some older features that have been missed along with refining some stuff and all the new stuff. It looks promising.
I wish you could customize the way you throw the ball.. I remember how cool trainer/gym leaders throws their pokeball in battle in SWSH. Anyways, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!
All of the new textures makes Pokémon from older games look like entirely new Pokémon! Jigglypuff now doesn’t look like the weird balloon thing from my childhood, but now like a creature that’s meant to have fur. The Pokémon finally feel realized, like they could be something that someone feasibly could encounter in the Pokémon world, and it’s awesome
This looks dope. I can’t wait to explore paldia with my friends. The first playthrough is always fun not worrying about natures, stats, etc. I can’t wait to try out the new features and see how pokemon interact with their environment.
Something I don’t think anyone’s pointed out yet is that a lot of Pokémon seem to have two different getting hit animations now! Like Venonat still has the flinching one that it had but at the end of the psybeam it completely fell over before rolling back up. Makes me wonder if there are other new animations like this in battles or just in the overworld…
You know. Terrastelization does seem pretty awesome. But the terra raids looks like a dynamax raid, but a somewhat better. From speculations, it looks like i’ll be seeing elements from sun & moon, sword & shield, and legends of arceus. Overall the outlook does seem new with the pokemon interaction, tm machines, and the fact that the temporary battle evolution changes the types. 🤔 The only thing i need to do is experience the game in order to say whether i like it or not, but i am looking foward to it.
Honestly my favorite thing about the new series is that the character doesn’t have to wear some silly helmet and outfit while riding the Pokémon. The helmets and silly gear from previous generations really took me out of the atmosphere. Nothing was cooler than turning your hat backwards and going fast in generation one on the bike.
This is the coolest freaking game ❤. You’re telling me I can have a conflicting Tera Type (so many uses), and to beat the “Team Rocket” of this game I have to play Pokémon Tower Defense (essentially)! 🙈🙈🙈♥️😩 Added with the map tracker, I’m so excited! I stopped a third of the way in to say this lol
That tera gimmick is the best one since megas, finally something that adds decent strategy to the game, and the fact you can only use it once but on any pokemon really does make battles more strategic. Also it does look like the PLA statuses are back, good news if the case, less RNG and more strategy using status moves
From a lore perspective, it will be interesting to learn the explanation of finding wild Terastal Pokémon outside of Raid Dens, especially since this didn’t happen with Dynamax/Gigantamax.
I’m hoping against hope that the forced Gen 1 EXP Share will, at the very least, be a toggle option like it was in OR/AS if it has to be mandatory. I still prefer the held item EXP Share and always will.
Weirdly, the egg during the picnic reminds me of the old Pokémon mystery dungeon explorers of sky with getting eggs as a reward for a mission, wonder if they’ll use similar logic where the egg can only be a Pokémon found in the area you picnic at…that’d be pretty neat consistency.
This is almost like my dream Pokemon game. The options you have to bond with your Pokemon makes this so sweet! Although I guess I’m not a big fan of the graphics (I kinda want them to go back to more Sword and Shield or something) this game looks pretty good! It gives me hope for the future of Pokemon!
Definitely going to hope that the frame rate sticks it out in this one. Sure, the stuff in the background being at a lower frame rate is fine and expected, but a lot of the closeups had me in a grimace. Hoping for some improvements before launch!
Finding eggs during picnics sounds like an amazing detail to add for a Pokemon journey.

So many Pokemon trainers in the anime had their partner as just some random Pokemon in the wild they cared for and raised without battling and this egg finding mechanic looks like a great way to immerse yourself with these Pokemon.

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Im only ever growing more excited for this! There are some features from PLA, SwSh, and USUM came back (Like the ability to pet or the style of sneaking towards a Pokémon, dodging them as if your life was at risk too, and some other mechanics only prior games had.) BUT, I will say, the more trailers of SV shown the more hyped I’m getting, and instead of us all getting one path to choose, you can literally go from one path to another and complete each one little by little! This game might actually last me far longer then prior games have! (When I was playing Sword for the first time, it took me so much inner hold-back NOT to finish it in under a week with how hooked on the game I was. Sadly I finished it within 6 days-).

The one thing I REALLLLLYYYYY hope for is the fact they add Lycanroc and a few mons currently available in SwSh from older gens (Because I need my Main Team of Umbreon, Lycanroc, Silvally, Charizard, Zacian, and the often swapped around Sceptile/Ninetales/Garchomp.)

I hope they also manage to add older forms of battling like z moves and mega evolution into S and V it would be awesome to have these back even if they were in the post game or something like that as well as some of the the pokemon that couldn’t be transferred into S and S. I think that it would be awesome to see some old classics along side the newer pokemon.

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