Guess Iono’s Partner Pokémon! 🤔 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

This is what all these years of training with “Who’s that Pokemon” were for

Guess Iono’s Partner Pokémon! 🤔 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

I love the wordplay of her name coming from “Ion” as an electric type gym leader and Iono sounding like “I dunno” to match her catchphrase

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Ok hear me out, the region is based off Spain right? Well Spain and Portugal are known for having giant jellyfish (Portuguese man o war) and she said it’s squishy and has spots on its head confused with eyes. She also said it expands and contracts (think of the way a jellyfish moves) so I’m thinking a new jellyfish Pokémon or a regional version of Tentacruel (has spots that people think are eyes) with some electric typing added. Makes sense with the clues and the region.
I’m not super sure what sort of Electric blob partner she’s got, but I want those Magnamite to be a thing! There could be a yellow one, and you’d need to get all three to get a special Magneton that, when evolved into Magnazone would have spot/stage lights of each color coming off it.
This just proves that we can have voice acting in pokemon games and they just refuse to give it to us ;-; Also SUPER HYPED for this new gym leader! I love that she’s a streamer but more than anything i love her energy
Iono is super adorable! Definitely my favorite Gym Leader in Scarlet & Violet so far!

No clue what her ace Pokémon could be though. She said it was a sluggish, amorphous Electric type, but that it’s also cute. Unless that last bit is supposed to be ironic, it’s probably a new Pokémon!

I’m not sure what her actual pokemon are going to be, but i think she’d be adorable with a plusle and minun on her team! Especially if they had lighter colors to match her cotton candy colors. As for the one we had to guess here, i’m thinking it’s anew pokemon or it’s a regional form, as the description doesn’t really match anything we currently have. Overall this was a really cute video and I hope we get to see more of her in the future. The way she did this makes me think of the news in the Splatoon games. Could you imagine if every time you opened the game she was there to give you updates on the weather around the map or other things like that? Or even if it was just that she acted as a news source as you go through story mode and things happen throughout the region. I don’t know how i would feel about it but i do know i adore her design and the animation for this video was so cute! She felt so alive! One last idea, her and Raihan probably either get along really well or are total rivals. It would be cute if she had a piece of dialogue somewhere in the game hinting at a certain dragon type gym leader.
If this isn’t a new pokemon/regional variant entirely, there’s a good chance it’s Charjabug
-Charjabug is pretty slow at 36 base speed
-Charjabug’s actual eyes are under visors that look like fake eyes, you can see the real eyes when they glow
-Judging by its cry being an accordion, as well as its appearance in general, it fits the description of “expanding and contracting”
Part of a dynamic franchise is moving with the times and trying out new concepts. I feel a great deal of Splatoon vibes on this character and I honestly like the concept.

See also: How we all got clicbaited by an official Pokemon Vtuber. I’m not even mad, well played 😂

Thinking about the description of the pokemon, the bumps on its head could be like warts, kind of like palpitoad in a way. Some frogs and toads are also kinda sluggish unless provoked and also have pretty squishy bodies. But what really sold it for me was when she said it expands and retracts, like how a frogs cheek’s (?) expand when they croak. So I’m thinking a frog or toad that is either an electric fairy type based on her design or just a pure electric typeIt’s possible for it to be a chinchou, cause it’s an electric type and has bulbs that mistake as eyes but I definitely think it is a new Pokemon. Plus I think she also has a magnemite or its evo on her team too.
It’s possible for it to be a chinchou, cause it’s an electric type and has bulbs that mistake as eyes but I definitely think it is a new Pokemon. Plus I think she also has a magnemite or its evo on her team too.
It’d be great if gym leaders got this much dimension and personality in-game. I’d love to see more of gym leaders actually having lives or agency instead of just being flat boss battles.
I think Seismitoad is a solid guess. Plus I think the idea of an Electric type gym leader being a sort of social media addict (sorry if it seems a little rude) is interesting, also this is, I think, out third gym leader for the Paldea region. So let’s see the gym leader types so far are Ice, Grass, & Electric, IF Lono is a Paldea gym leader. I’m still waiting for a Steel type gym leader though, we’ve never had a Steel gym leader since Generation 4 in the form of Byron. Better get MandJTV & PM7 in on this.
Its nice that the gym leaders are getting more attention to their background stories so that way they feel like they have their own lives outside of gym battles
Guessing her pokemon: Slow and sluggish, bumps on its head, and generates electricity in its stomach
It’s either a regional variant Seismitoad or A whole new pokemon cause nothing really fits that description perfectly
I have three possibilities to who Lobo’s partner may be. My first guess is Toxtricity; I know it doesn’t produce electricity from its stomach, but he’s all I could think about when I heard the world electric. My second idea is Raichu. It can be pretty accurate because cuteness was mentioned in the hints. My last guess would have to be a Pokémon from Paldea.
The eyes on it’s head being confused for its actual eyes made me think of Wobbuffet because it’s tail is it’s actual body, right? So maybe an electric regional form? Something like a digital punching bag, or a punching bag that stores energy from pokemon attacks. As for the colors she’s wearing, shiny Wobbuffet is pink and regular Wobbuffet is blue, maybe they will do something similar to Alolan Muk in color scheme.
My guess is it’s a regional version of Seismitoad. “Body expands and contracts” makes me think of that frog throat thing and “bump people think are eyes” describes Seismitoad’s head pretty well. Whether it’s a regional variant or fake I think it would be pretty cool!
The immersive world building in this sort of marketing suggests to me that GameFreak is putting quite a bit into Scarlet and Violet – that is, I’ve suspected for a while that both Sword and Shield AND Arceus were more proof of concepts for an open world Pokemon game. I wouldn’t be surprised if their end goal was Scarlet and Violet all along.

I don’t want to get over hyped because it has a lot to deliver and can easily drop the ball on most of it, but what I’ve seen so far seems interesting!

I’m imagining the electric type gym leaders anual meeting, you have Elesa and Iono doing a livestream together, with Clemont and Sophocles somehow getting roped into it and being absolute tech bros gushing over the new Rotom camera.
And then you have Wattson in the background doing just funny poses alongside some Magnemites, Lt. Surge going kids this days while nonchalantly playing with a Pichu and his Raichu just having a smug face while looking at him.
And then Volkner is just sulking by a random corner just being done with life.

Edit: Somehow I seemed to forgot Bonnie (because my brain runs at a slugma pace) so she’s just asking Surge about how to raise baby electric types, and Surge’s just gone completely teacher mode.

Given the description, it sounds like Toxtricity. Though not on its stomach, the electricity could come from its chest bumps. It seems sluggish due to its emotional appearance, and A variant can have the two horns that seem like bumps mistaken for ears. This is a bit of a stretch, but if its not a new pokemon, then this is my guess
this would have been so cool as a realish live stream with iono as a vtuber of sorts (tho i guess she wouldnt be as animated as she is now) and having her answer questions from the “chat” that is just like people from the pokemon company or gamefreak or whatever ya know also im thinking the new pokemon might be a gastrodon or maybe shellos but i have been reading some of the other comments and agree the likely answer is tentacruel
my lord i love Iono already, shes super cute and fun! as for the pokemon…mm, based on the description, i doubt itll be a pokemon we know so i’m guessing it’s a new pokemon from this region thatll be revealed in a new promotional video. it’s either a brand new pokemon or a new Paldean form for a pokemon, but even then i cant think of a pokemon — electric-type or otherwise — w/ bumps on its head mistaken for eyes. the only pokemon off the top of my head i could think of w/ pseudo-eyes are Arbok and Cradily, but they have PATTERNS that look like eyes not bumps, nor are either of them squishy and what most may consider cute. could also be an extended evolution for an existing pokemon, but none of the electric-types fit the description provided, so i really dont think it’s a new evolution. cant wait to see what the potential new pokemon is! i’m always down for a new cutie~

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