Meet Bellibolt 🐸⚡️ | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

Shout out to Croagunk4Life, who still guessed Croagunk despite not even being remotely Electric-type.

Meet Bellibolt 🐸⚡️ | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

I love that Bellibolt’s actual eyes are the two yellow dots above it’s mouth. It’s kind of like how Mimikyu’s actual eyes are the two dots on it’s “belly.” It’s so cute!

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Okay I know many people are split with opinions if she is cute or annoying but I must applaud pokemon because she is clearly meant to be very obnoxiously enthusiastic and she even really cares for subscriber numbers and doing this in two parts for clickbait. They did a good job actually making her into an “influencer” who is kinda into this for the business side and I think thats perfect lol
If they used these level of animations in-game, these games would be insanely improve in the way they convey more emotion/personality. Just from seeing this, I got hyped about this one character. This level of animation + professional voice acting would bring life into this series.
The second I saw her, my first thought was “She’s going to be an electric type gymleader, isn’t she”
But that partner of hers is adorable in a weird, squishy way
“Your eyeballs are MINE- caught in my electroweb!”
Now that’s a way to start her streams, everything about her is so eyecatching. This is so much personality for a gym leader in a pokemon game.
This is so fresh! SV is looking more and more vibrant and I’m really impressed by how much personality the new gym leaders have, in terms of both character design and the characters themselves.
Can’t wait to play!
Iono’s been my favorite gen 9 character so far she’s so adorable and fun I hope other characters get some spotlight like her because I really liked these kind of intros instead of just flashing the official art on the screen
I don’t know about anybody else, but I would like to see more Iono Zone. Iono could maybe have guests like Geeta and Nemona or talk more about the city she runs the gym in.
I really dig all the lore that’s being brought to life through all these unique and different ways of introducing Pokémon and characters.

I for one think Iono is super cool! Hope to see more of her and other characters introduced with this much gusto.

This had me so enamored that it transformed my type into the same one as the rest of my species, thank you iono for being the one to cure my ailment that I’ve had since hatching!

If you’d like, I’d love to meet you in person to thank you properly(but that’ll have to wait until someone directly mentions that smeargle are okay to appear in Paldea)!!!

This might be the first thing that i actually loved about this game, she’s cute and has so much personality, voice acting helped her a lot too, i hope to see more of that in the future
You know I think I like this new frog a lot, Granted my favorite electric type before was Heliolisk and that is unlikely to change but I am liking this new gens mons so far.
I love Iono! She’s quickly becoming my favorite trainer character. She’s so spot-on for all the streamer-type folks of the real world. I love her style, too. Cutesy, but with an edge. Her partner is the same way – look how dang CUTE but I bet Bellibolt packs a punch!
This two part announcement and new steamer gym leader is 10/10 they did streamers justice (maybe not really all of them) but they captured the over the top was that most streamers give
Well, Bellibolt does look squishy and is truly deceptively fast. Bellibolt would definitely make a very soft plush doll. Well, I can’t wait to challenge Iono once I get Pokémon Scarlet and Violet next month!
Like a lot of Pokémon designs, I don’t like it initially. But I know it will grow on me. They always do. Can’t wait to see the adorable fan art with trainers hanging out with it like it’s their best friend.
i cant wait for all the new adorable plush pokemon we are gonna soon start getting. also starting to see if maybe this pokemon game might have some voice acted cutscenes. if not thats okay since thats sorta how its been but would be a little interesting tho.
Iono could always have an outdoor picnic stream. Sure, it’s still on the clock, but it could still be low energy enough to get some fun and relaxation, with highlights being sandwich making and Pokemon playing
her personality is pretty funny and she just has a lot of elements that I love in character designs (the fangs, the giant jacket and sleeves, big “buns”, etc.)
I just have personal nitpick. I think the way they rendered her hair on this model just is a bit uncanny. It shapes like we see in Pokémon but it’s rendered to see the strands of hair
I love the energy that came from these two videos we got to learn more about a gym leader and it sorta felt interactive, something they’ve never really did so well before now. when I play the game I’ll be thinking about how she speaks like this it and actually enjoying it!
when i first saw Iono introduce bellibolt i though it looked like one of those derpy Pokémon people love and i wouldn’t HOWEVER when she points out where its eyes are my mind changed from negative to a more positive mood because of this i feel abit more hyped for scarlet and violet now because of this video

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