Iono & Bellibolt Gameplay | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

Felt like watching a silent film after how expressive Iono’s voice actor has been lol

I never noticed how empty the lack of voice acting felt until we saw Iono with a voice and now saw her without it 😬

Iono & Bellibolt Gameplay | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

They literally got a voice actor for her little trailer that was so fun and cool but it’s so weird for there to be no voice in the actual game, it just really takes away from her expressiveness 🥲

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I love how expressive the characters are. I also really appreciate the pokemon animations and detail in the modes
iono’s voice was one of the main aspects of her character, so hearing, or rather, not hearing her, takes her soul out almost completely.
I love seeing Iono in the game! I also love how her movements and lines are exactly the same from what we saw in her stream. I’m glad they didn’t change any of that and kept it the same. I just wish there was voice acting in the game 🙁 I don’t understand why they won’t do it, they’re perfectly capable of doing it but won’t for whatever reason. Such a wasted opportunity. But I love Bellibolt now, yep he is my friend. Such a lovable lil guy. I was kinda “eh” at first when I saw him but now I’m like “Yes I love him.”
I’m excited to battle Iono and her Bellibolt at the Levincia City Gym. Going to be an electrifying and Pokérrific time.⚡⚡
Bellibolt is also definitely friend shape and huggable.
Okay, I thought I wouldn’t like full voice acting and I only wanted voice acted cutscenes. But oh my goodness it’s weird to see her with no voice. I really hope they’ll include some sort of voice acting next game. Even if it was just some sort of grunts like Legend of Zelda. There just needs to be some noise.

Either way I love Bellibolt and Iono so much, omg. They’re both so precious!

Bellibolt’s Ability, Electromorphosis, is a new Ability appearing for the first time in these titles. Bellibolt becomes charged when hit by an attack, boosting the power of the next Electric-type move it uses.
I’m very excited to see the regional bird really hoping it’s not Normal. But as of now Fuecoco or Quaxly, LeChonk, Girafarig & now Bellibolt are Pokémon I’d like for my team. I’d add grafiafi depending on stats but given I like to have a regional variant with a similar name it probably be on my second play through
Bellibolt looks so goofy and happy-go-lucky! Wasn’t too sure when I first saw him, but this Pokemon actually looks so much better in-game. Also love Iono’s gym location and her expressions here.
That thing is cute yet creepy at the same time but it’s shiny form looks amazing. And they really need to add voice actors to Pokémon someday
I’ve gone from “wtf is that?” to “this is one of the most creative Pokémon I’ve ever seen!” Probably helps that I love frogs, but this was not a design I (or anyone) could have expected. And the fact that it’s a revived beta mon design just makes it even better. Bellibolt is definitely on my team now
The thing that scares me the most is that it used what looked like mud bomb, what if its fully evolved form is electric ground. Though i suppose adding ground would hurt its type matchups more than help, by adding 2 weaknesses and only removing 1.
Iono’s concept and design is oddly aesthetically pleasing. Along with what little was shown of her Gym area. The artstyle and animations in Scarlet and Violet have been really solid so far.
I hope like in Sword ans Shield we can choose which gym battlefield to battle on Online Battles, that’d be so cool! Even though the track and field battlefield from the competitive trailer is cool, this is so much better, and the windmill one!
Bellibolt is super cute omg. when I first saw it I was like meh but than after just a few minutes and seeing how it battles and moves and its’ details. It’s super cute! I really like the pattern on its’ back.
I’m guessing she’s the second or third leader? Bellibot seems like it could evolve. Besides, in the gym, there were pictures of the first gym leader and I think it would make sense if her city was close to his.

It doesn’t have to be this way but it makes sense in my head.

Aww shes so cute! And she has a great into theme to. Gym leader designs was always something i feel pokemon has always been consistently great at in pokemon games
I like the stretchy Chansey shape. I’m glad they told us beforehand where it’s eyes were because I would have assumed the eyes were nose-holes in the same way I thought Goomy’s eyes were nose-holes.
i like how pokemon is starting to take more and more real life aspects into making the creatures

like first we got the coevolution where a animal evolves to become similar to another and now we get misdirection to trick predators that the prey is aware of them

very nice opposite typing regional variant of Palpitoad very awesomes like in sword and shield the Stunfisk regional variant being steel and ground and not electric and looks like a huge steel trap hehe, i like this variant as well for Palpitoad Bellibolt has a nice ring to it, it could also be a seperate species that is similiar to the tympole line either way love it and cant wait to try this one out.
My guess if Iono will appear in the anime: She will have a rival who is also a streamer. Unlike her though, her rival is a toxic streamer who is VERY rude and likes to blame other people whenever things don’t go according to plan (basically showing the negative side of streamers). Additionally, Iono’s rival had been caught e-begging and scamming people, and once said rival got exposed, Iono will force them to create an apology video.
The character is actually a lot more tolerable now that the voice isn’t present. Definitely preferred for me to have it this way, I like picturing the character’s voices in my own way regardless. Seeing as I’m in the minority if they ever put voice acting in the games I’m fine with it if I can turn it off.
strong murasaki shion vibes uoooohhhh 😭😭😭😭

In all seriousness, Bellibolt’s designs is one of the best I’ve seen from the art crew after Sugimori stepped down as character/Pokemon design director after Sun and Moon.

I love, with the exception of one comment, that nobody has noticed that this Pokémon design is eerily and in my opinion extremely similar to politoad’s gen 2 beta design…. I guess I’m up-to-date with everything that has to do with Pokémon I guess…

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