A new Ghost-type Pokémon appeared in Paldea!

This found footage reveals are the best thing the pokemon company has ever done really makes you feel like what the Pokedex says means something.

A new Ghost-type Pokémon appeared in Paldea! – Detailed Explanation

“Greavard has such a friendly and affectionate personality that paying it even the slightest bit of attention will make it so overjoyed that it will follow you wherever you go.…”

“However, Greavard will slowly and inadvertently absorb the life-force of those around it, so it’s best not to play with it too much.”

I love this Pokémon. They’re known to be so friendly and because of that they’ll happily follow you until you’re dead… because they accidentally kill you. 😳

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I think is sad how most ghost type pokemon don’t even want to hurt people, but their mere existence is dangerous to us. Ghosts like misdreavous only want to scare us for the lols and the the few who really want to harm people like banette or giratina usually have their reasons
I can’t believe Gamefreak would call us out like that by having this woman perfectly represent all our primal urges to get near highly dangerous animals to pet and hug them because they look soft and fluffy
Love that Ghost Pokemon are probably the most hazardous to come across. Practically all of them either have tragic backstories to how they were made or just have lore on how they will kill you
I like that after realizing what each ghost is like gengar she chills out a bit cause they don’t try to hurt people but they do try to scare people
Edit: I get gengar has the dex entries bout murder but it’s not on purpose it kinda just happens when you’re a poison gas cursed ghost
Edit again: ok ngl some of them just straight up say it wants to steal your soul but I know from several things that it’s supposed to be just trying to scare people but dam the dex entries make it sound terrible but they do that with a lot of Pokémon
The dog’s reaction to the fainting is what sells it for me. It looks like whatever happened was unintentional and he stands over the person like. “Umm… You okay?”

The worst part about having a ghost dog? If you say sarcastically “I’ll do that when I’m dead”, they can and will wait until then and hold you to it. And they probably get REALLY ticked off at you if you can’t pick up the stick and throw it in your spirit form.

Just in time for Halloween! Normally not a big fan of ghost type Pokemon, but I quite like this one. I hope it has an evolution that looks cool too, as I’d really like to use this one on my team. It’s animation where it buries itself in the ground makes me think it should be a Ghost/Ground type though. Maybe if it has an evolution, it will be.
I love these found footage style of Pokémon reveals! God, they’re so engaging.
But fr, I think we just watched someone become a ghost type themselves.
Worth it, I’m sure.
I love, love, LOVE Greavard 😭❤️ I absolutely need to catch one and nickname it Zero. Also, please continue with these found footage and slice-of-life trailers for the new game worlds. They’re wonderful!
If the ghost type Pokedex entries are even half as credible as they’d make themselves out to be, this woman has serious balls to be being this close to them.
Ghost types for Halloween? Respect. I love how well-made this trailer is.

Also, we’ve gotten a lot of dog Pokemon lately. Before Greavard, we had Fidough, Yamper, Rockruff, and Hisuian Growlithe, not to mention the boxart Legendaries of Sword&Shield.

Though being a dog lover myself, you certainly won’t hear me complaining!

Okay, can we talk about how fast it drains their life? I mean with Litwick (another candle mon) it’s implied that it takes at least a few years and with Lampent it’s supposed to take at least several minutes what with it ‘pretending to be a guide while it saps you dry’, but this kid didn’t last a minute before passing out. Either our new goodest boy is really scary or the character is severely out of shape.
I like to think she is not dead because she was still able to upload this video. I think that Greavard just left when she wasn’t giving it attention anymore, allowing her to replenish her life force.
Thank you for making me crying like that, a bit of joy and a bit of sadness. This pokemon reminds me of my old lost friend, who passed away 7 years ago, he was a good boy. And I’ll definitely name this pokemon after him. 😭 😭
Wow, I just read its Pokedex entry, and I feel like I understand it on a deep personal level, from personal experience. It wants attention so much and it gets SO HAPPY whenever someone pays attention to it, and it wants to follow them everywhere, but it drains their energy to the point where it’s better not to be near it at all. Dear god, I get that, I understand a little bit of what that’s like.
Lmao, I love that it looks like the doggo’s life force draining ability was unintentional on its part. It just wanted to play fetch and seemed confused when she fell over at the end. Love pokemon who’re dangerous w/o intending to be.
This lady has been through a lot especially since that last trailer I hope she’s alright. In the meantime this is what we need more of! A trailer that has connections to a previous trailer through the exploration or narration of the same character that will even mention about a previous trailer in the current trailer which is what happened here.
OH!! Is this a Cadejo pokemon??? Or something like a Church Grim?? There’s so many ghost dogs from so many cultures, I knew we were bound to get a Ghost-type doggo soon, but its still so exciting to see!! I wonder what its evolution line will look like 👀
Ghost types are by far my favorite, and have been since Gen 1. Love this little guy’s dopey smile…also Greavard is literally a Litwick with legs. Even the way it absorbs life force just by being nearby others is practically identical.
Since it sucks the energy out of you, it might have the ability to reduce stats of opponents/sleep/loaf the enemy for a turn every time it gets physically hit or something like that
I feel it’s trying to outdo Mimikyu in terms of sad backstories, it’s so friendly and stuff but doesn’t know that it accidently sucks the life out of anyone being around it too long, that’s so sad. T_T I want it so much on my team even if it kills me!

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