Where are these mysterious coins coming from? 🤔 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

I like how the Pokémon world has its own fairytales, I really like the little things in worldbuilding like this. (Although I really hope we don’t actually have to collect 1000 coins, that sounds like heck)

Where are these mysterious coins coming from? 🤔 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

Wow, these have been the best reveal videos I’ve seen coming from The Pokémon Company. They’ve been so unique, here there’s no exception with the pop-up tale style book.

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I’m willing to bet Gimmighoul’s “gimmick” is gonna be that Chest form is gonna have more defense but is slower while Roaming form is gonna have higher speed but less defense
Gimmighoul is such a perfect name! It sounds like “gimmie gold” like someone saying “Gimmie some gold!” which is perfect for a coin Pokemon!
So, maybe this means the “Roaming Form” will be exclusively catchable on GO (eventually), while the “Chest Form” can be found & caught exclusively on Scarlet and Violet.
I notice the antenna on Roaming Form’s head act like Dowsing Rods…something that historically has been attributed to being able to find various things…water, gold, and spirits among them…given it’s got Ghoul in the name and searches for Gold coins I’m guessing that’s a deliberate design choice for this Pokemon…nice touch.
Quality of the games aside, I am really appreciating them putting more background and lore around common new Pokémon. It makes each of them seem special. It was what I loved about legendary Pokémon. There were stories and mystery behind them. The reveals this gen have been so much better than they have before.
Professor Jacq and Professor Willow knowing each other is something I would never expect, but I wonder is does this make pokemon go canon to sv now?

Edit: changed “concern” too “wonder” because I wasn’t really concerned lol, i was just wondering. Also i forgot about the meltan thing 💀

This Pokémon concept is cool! I like how they confirmed that the chest it hides in is actually apart of its body and not just a random chest it hides in. Roaming form and chest form both look awesome!
I love how Pokémon finds ways to include ALL of their games with what’s happening currently in the MAIN games. You never feel like your NOT apart of the Pokémon universe. Even the TCG is up to date. Their team does an excellent job and making their entire roster of games add to the Pokémon experience. I cannot stress how important this is. It meant everything to me as a kid to know that these things are connected and not just spin offs. Great job!!!
I came up with a fakemon that has some similarities to Gimmeghoul, which I entered for the Subjectively’s Mazah contest.
It has two forms and has a coin theme but it’s based on an old story I heard while I lived in Mexico.
The story goes like this: a guy was on his way home after getting his paycheck and passed through a path at the foot of a mountain and came across a cave. Curious he went in and found a ton of treasure. He grabbed a handful for proof and tried to leave to get help to carry it all back but found the entrance gone. A voice called to him to take it all or leave it all. Dude put everything back but it wasn’t until he gave up his check that the cave finally let him go. Afterwards he could never find the cave again no matter how much he searched.
I love it when they reveal a Pokemon through GO! Reminds me of Meltan. And I love the increasing amount of voice acting in SV trailers! Hopefully we can get voice acting in the mainline games someday
It’s REALLY cool how both forms of Gimmighoul act so differently yet look the same. One searches while one stays in place and manipulated humans
I’m glad Pokémon is getting slightly more serious about story elements in games and the whole franchise. It just adds much needed depth to Pokémon!
Yo, I didn’t realize it until now, but Prof. Willow is drawn in a more realistic style then the other characters, probably because his game interacts with the real world
HECK OF A REVEAL DUDE 💛🌟⚡️LOVE THE STORY BOOK ^^ such a unique idea too, love the pokemon Go tresure hunt idea, can’t wait too see what happens when we get all the coins!
Amazing reveal, and having Willow in it links Go in to games more! Hope for more crossovers in the future, and hopefully Willow can appear in the anime as a roaming professor.
I love it when we get trailers for Pokémon where characters from across different regions of the world interact to discuss behaviors of Pokémon. It’s such an effective way to build the world!
I feel like after collecting 1000 coins and putting it in this Pokemon’s chest will make it evolve, and if it does…. I swear the coins better be as common as pidgeys.
Ooo another Meltan-style crossover reveal! I really liked the storybook aspect in this one. These have to be some of my favorite Pokemon reveals for a game yet!
So it seems like we need to gather 999 coins from Roaming Gimmighoul to catch a Chest Gimmighoul in Scarlet and Violet and we can only catch Roaming Gimmighoul in GO. These odd conditions suggest to me that it could be another Mythical Pokémon.
This is the coin Pokemon from the khu leak. It’s evo is supposed to be a ton or work to obtain at the end of the game, and is extremely op, reportedly having already been nerfed.
Not exactly sure why but this might be my favorite new Pokemon from SV, plus having it on your team gives you a good incentive to look for all the coins and eventually evolve it. The way it’s going I’ll end up with a full ghost team lol.
The Pokemon’s box form (a trap that lures targets to it) and roaming form (aggressively following it’s target) suggests it’s behaviour is modelled after spiders, as they mainly get split into whether or not they are web spiders or hunting spiders
Amazing 👏 I Enjoyed the Latest Version of the Announcement of the NEWEST pokemon looking forward to seeing more of these type of Announcement in Pokémon and hopefully we don’t need 1000 coins but even if we do we will be collecting them as we have done more in order to catch em all
Interesting how big Gimmeghoul sounds to be. I mean, there’s a whole plot line about the treasure hunt, it probably has to do with this. Is this new Pokémon a secret legendary, like Cosmog?
I think one cool thing is if it has an evolution should have two different lines such as how ralts has two different evolution lines to either become Gallede or Gardevoir. This Pokémon can either have an evolution that involves to sticking with their chest and ones that evolved without a chest.
Honestly my favorite thing about the new series is that the character doesn’t have to wear some silly helmet and outfit while riding the Pokémon. The helmets and silly gear from previous generations really took me out of the atmosphere. Nothing was cooler than turning your hat backwards and going fast in generation one on the bike.
Something tells me the coins you collect in SV across Paldea are gonna be similar to Korok seeds in BotW. You collect more and more and eventually get rewarded for doing so…
i think the roaming form lures people to the chest form ,and they might be a same pokemon and during battle they keep changing their forms ,roaming form is more offensive and chest form is more defensive ,kinda like Aegislash
Maybe there’ll be a similar mechanic to Pokémon Let’s Go? Where you were able to transfer Pokémon from Pokémon Go. That way the “uncatchable” Gimmighoul Roaming will be transferred from Pokémon Go (where it appears to be catchable?)
I love the new Pokemon gimmighoul it’s very adorable and I like the trunk. Also I didn’t know they were going to reveal a new Pokemon today. I liked the story I don’t like I have to get 999 coins to get the cute Pokemon but I still like it.

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