You’ve Been Ambushed by Gimmighoul! | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

I haven’t seen anyone mention this but Gimmighoul’s antenna are dowsing rods! Back in the day dowsing rods were used to find deposits of gems or precious metals, and today you’ll sometimes see ghost hunters use them to communicate with ghosts

You’ve Been Ambushed by Gimmighoul! | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

Fun fact: if you play GO, if you spin a stop, you may get a coin from paldea. Then, professor starts to talk to jacq, paldeas biology teacher. Then, you may see gimighoul in its roaming form walking around, following you.

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It would be really cool to see this evolve into a kind of decoy chest that when you try to open it the Pokémon will lash out. Kinda like an angler fish
Wait…this is basically our new mimic!! I love them just for existing, but being a ghost on top of being the new mimic just makes them even better!!!
ok, the fact that the Roaming Form carries a coin on its back is so adorable

I wasn’t sold on this mon from just seeing the model in Pokémon Go, but now that I can see the little smiley mouth and more of what this Pokémon is about, it’s pretty cute!

As someone whose two fave types are ghost and poison this gen is shaping up to be incredible for me already. I want so many of these guys on my team already
Still hoping for Gimmighoul to be like an Alcreamie or Vivilion who have some variation.. Gold, copper, silver and different textures of chest would be great addition
I like having another ghost type on board but i was really expecting a Ghost/Steel type as the Gold is a metal but all in all i like it and i like how it was presented over a period of time
I just hope that we can find stuff in chests like this, so this Pokemon will act like a mimic, you never know what you will find in the chest, maybe a hyper potion, maybe a fight
A mimic Pokémon! I love it!!!
Now we just need to have real treasure chests mixed in with the Gimmighoul so you don’t know if you’re getting an item or a fight.
I think roaming form is going to be fast and strong but really squishy while chest is the opposite, but maybe some decent attack i hope
I’m guessing the chest form is more tanky and the roaming form is more agile.
I really like how that first shot looked, it reminded me of Breath of the Wild but with Pokemon which is just awesome. I hope we’ll be able to find real chests too
This new Pokémon is up there with the Yamask family, Voltorb family, all the mushroom based Pokémon, and Galarian Stunfisk. Also, it reminds me of all the Mimic enemies from other jrpg.
I love this lil’ greedy gremlin! It does hurt seeing an 8th missed opportunity for Ghost/Rock but I’m excited to collect all of ‘em regardless!
The creative ways of revealing these Pokémon is wonderful.
Wow this one has quite some character to it. Super odd, but super cute. And another ghost type? Yes! More ghost and more electric types please
New Pokémon aside, I’m so happy
Lycanroc is returning, considering Rockruff is one of my favorite Pokémon. But this new guy is so cute too, it kinda looks like someone that would come out of Mario+Rabbids
I’m going to be that one person who knows it can’t catch the roaming form, but I am going to try no matter what. I’m just going to be relentlessly determined to catch this thing in the bass game even when I know it’s going to be impossible
Just this morning, a Gimmighoul was roaming around with me on Pokémon GO. As first, I didn’t know what it was, but it looked like it was about the height of about 4 inches in its Roaming Form.
Holy crap.
So, nearly 8 years ago, I made this one Pokémon called Treashore, which was basically just a sentient treasure box stuck in a small little pile of sand with a tiny palm tree, along with an Electric Regi called Regibolt, being a pure ball of electricity with lightning bolt-shaped arms. With Regieleki being born from the Gen 8 DLC and now this, I’m starting to wonder just how much of the future did child me see.
I love it’s design (more preferably it’s Chest Form)! The Ghost types in this region have been looking really good so far. Ceruledge, Graevard, and Gimmighoul too. Good to see them doing sort of a “Treasure Mimic” type of Pokemon here.

I like too that it splashes around it’s coins, sort of like Scrooge McDuck from Ducktales swimming in his money. lol

I’m loving that Ghost types are getting some love cause Europe has a lot of ghost stories and also I love that the fairy types are getting love too since Europe has a ton of fairy tales so good job Game Freak Good job ❤️♥️😎🌕
Honestly my favorite thing about the new series is that the character doesn’t have to wear some silly helmet and outfit while riding the Pokémon. The helmets and silly gear from previous generations really took me out of the atmosphere. Nothing was cooler than turning your hat backwards and going fast in generation one on the bike.
Okay, but Am I not the only one who thought Gimmighoul was a bug type at first glance when it was leaked? Honestly, a Ghost\Bug type could have been an interesting type combo.
I really hope we see this pokemon next to Foongus and Amoongus, since this is a classic ‘mimic’ desgin next to the mechanical ‘mimic’ that the pokeball mushrooms are
Well seeing as Voltorb is no longer a viable mimic due to a lack of a button (which the old overworld pokeball sprites lacked before Gen 3) and Galarian Trapinch wasn’t fooling anyone, the mouth is too small and there’s no button and Foongus wasn’t even used that way), I guess it was only a matter of time until a new one appeared.
So quick question, are Gimmighoul roaming form an unobtainable form that asks you to collect it’s coins to then battle you as the chest form where you can catch it? Or Gimmighoul roaming form ARE the coins that you collect to make the chest form?
OMG it’s so tiny and cute. Also, it feels like they knocked off another game’s concept of something hiding in treasure chests. That’s going to be the key way of catching one, isn’t it? Just finding a chest and going ‘Oh, secret treasure’
I mean, pokemons like Voltorb and Foongus were already mimic-based mons, and they worked fine because the pokeballs are the “chests” of this series. I don’t think this new mon will be able to fool anybody by disguising itself as something that isn’t used anywhere else in the game.
But I like its roaming form.

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