One Thousand Pokémon! 🥳

Absolutely Insane, The editor need some raise, it brings so much nostalgia

All the languages, all the illustrations, all the evolution methods and art styles.

Pokémon is practically a culture all its own. This franchise has inspired so many memories. To the editors in charge of this video, I can’t thank you enough for this masterpiece.

One Thousand Pokémon! 🥳 – Detailed Explanation

for one brief moment… Ultra Necrozma’s theme was the proud representative of every legendary Pokémon. as it should be.

The fact that all starters from Gens 1 to 8 (basic forms) are 24 in total, just for Pikachu to appear at number 25 was both an amazing coincidence and great attention to detail.

Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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I actually cried during this because I was feeling so nostalgic and I remember there’s so many times that Pokemon helped me when I was feeling sad and not in a good place
The way they organized all the Pokémon was brilliant as it’s the way in which we encountered them over the years, which in a way I think is more important than the Pokémon themselves. They’re more than just digital manifestations of creativity: in a way, they’re memory. Each individual Pokémon species, no matter how popular or unpopular they may be, means something of great importance to someone out there. Maybe not for how cool they are or how usable they are, but for what was going on in the trainer’s life when they first met the creature. Sure a lot of Pokémon encounters are similar, or even scripted to be exactly the same, but our experiences in meeting them are as varied as the Pokémon themselves. Perhaps you lost a loved one and catching a Pokémon returned some sense of normalcy to the world, or some aspect of the Pokémon reminded you of the person and helped you through your grief by immortalizing them through nicknaming the creature in their honor. Maybe you see a Pokémon and it reminds you of when you first caught it while sitting on a friend’s couch after school, keeping your childhood alive. Maybe you met the love of your life at a Pokémon tournament or through a trade. Every Pokémon is important and deserves to be celebrated, and so too is everyone who aspires to become a Pokémon Master. Happy 1000!
I think it’s really cool that they really went through the effort of showcasing each and every single pokemon sorted by how they’re obtained. They say every pokemon is at least one person’s favorite, so it’s cool that everyone’s favorite shows up on screen at least once.
This may sound stupid, but I like how the footage included the games in different languages reminding you that pokemon isn’t just big in Japan or the US but instead the entire world, love this franchise.
This series really is special to many different people. Young or old, from the U. S. to Japan, the effect of Pokémon can’t be understated. Here’s to many more great years of Pokémon!
This brought tears to my eyes. From the moment I chose Bulbasaur on Pokémon Blue to now traveling with my Fuecoco in Scarlet, this franchise has been with me from the beginning. Thank you, Pokémon. Thank you for making my life brighter. Here is to many more, as I watch my son start his journey in the world of Pokémon. 💙
I was at first confuzzled about how they organized all the Pokémon, thinking it was random. Nnnnope they just did some ingenious categorizing! What a way to unite all 8 previous gens!
The emotions. Pokemon is a big part of my life. The showcase of all different players in the different languages truly shows this is a world wide game loved by many people. 😭
Something I love so much about Pokemon is that no matter which of these 1008 creatures you look at, no matter how much you might not care for them, someone out there places it as their absolute favourite.
It’s still so hard to believe how far pokemon has gone since 1996, whether it be bad or good game, it is still mind blowing. Here’s to many more years of Pokemon!
This is epic. The latest installment having such happy music made with it adds to the feeling of accomplishment that we’ve made it this far…. and we’re still going.
I’ll admit it, I got hyped. Showing each Pokemon through how you encounter and evolve them somewhat in order from how’d you’d find them playing the games really captured the magic of going out and finding them in the wild, through trades, through events, through holding the 3DS upside down. I’ve played at least one game from every generation except gen 3, and I gotta say this conjured so many old memories.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! Ive only been playing Pokemon since Gen 7 back in 2016 but i got very emotional over this. The sheer amount of nostagia together with the editing and music (loved the countdown btw). Practically, what im saying is that with this video you can see how much we love Pokemon. I could see how much people loved pokemon games ive never even once played and i could tell how important the games are to everyone here.. I teared up tbh- for some of us, including myself, Pokemon isnt just a game, its an experience that we all shared at some point. Im so glad i get to share that with people like me
Thank you for connecting people, pokemon!
Seeing this made me feel very nostalgic, and old!😭
Taking a trip from memory lane from over 25 years worth of development of the series, from playing this as kids, the cool battles you had with friends, the late night grind, filling the dex, and over all just having fun, good old times😭😭😭😭
Man, this managed to make me cry. I’ve been playing Pokémon ever since Gen 3, when we had a Gameboy and played Pokémon Ruby. I remember how much fun I had with my brothers as we all played on our Nintendo DS’s, playing Platinum, Black and White, Heartgold and Soulsilver. We’d battle together in the Union Room, compare which starters we got, and see who’d get to the Elite Four first. I just wish we’d known how to connect to the internet back then, cuz we could’ve gotten event Pokémon.

My youngest brother has sadly lost his interest in Pokémon because he thinks the story has become too boring, and I never played any of the Gen 7 and Gen 8 games cuz they seemed too easy thanks to the stupid EXP share giving EXP to all the Pokémon. My oldest brother is about as passionate about Pokémon as I am, since he’s indeed played the Gen 7-8 games. But I’ve played the newest games like Brilliant Diamond, Legends Arceus, and Scarlet, which he sadly hasn’t since he didn’t bring a Switch with him to college. Playing Diamond brought back the memories of Platinum, even if it didn’t have all the extra features that Platinum did. This franchise is everything to me, and my biggest wish is that no matter how old I get, I won’t lose the passion or the memories I have of this franchise.

My first pokemon game was white 2 and after seeing how long I’ve been playing this series and how much joy it brought me during bad days really shows how much it impacted mines and millions of others lives around the world to keep going with new pokemon every series
From the vast plains, scorched badlands, deep sea, and freezing tundras; to wide caves, forest trails, dark ruins, and oozing marshes; all the way to flourishing jungles, old buildings, vast beaches, and even in your own town! They’re everywhere! Your story with becoming a Master may or may not have ended, but no matter what…
your journey has just begun.
I could watch this on repeat for hours
Someone whoes been there since day 1
Makes me cry with happiness of course…
The way they’ve made this franchise never die Game freak pokemon fans have done an amazing job over the years..
The way this video was put together absolutely brilliant should be very proud if your self..
I’m 34 when I’m 60 I’ll still be playing Pokemon ☺️☺️☺️
Ah yes, the glorious 1000+ pokemon.
I have an idea, it would be quite interesting, if a player could have the capacity to have all 10008 pokemon confined on a single in game save file, I just think that would be quite interesting, and I imagine the community would agree…
As of this moment, I have done it. I have every single of the 1010 Pokémon caught in Pokémon Home. I can’t even describe how much joy these funny little pocket monsters have brought me throughout my life. From the anime, to the card game and the video games, Pokémon has always been a part of my life.
With parting of Ash this year, and this momumental quest of catching ’em all having been completed, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Pokémon.
For every laugh, every bit of joy and sense of wonder, for every tear – even as I am tearing up right now while typing this – I thank you for being with me and for always giving me something to look forward to, to hold on to.
Coming back to this video and seeing all the little touches is great, like pikachu being number 25 shown, or the stone evolutions being in cutout shaped like the respective stone, but i think my favourite incredibly small detail is the fact that when the tree pokemon show up, crabrawler is coming up instead of down, since it attacks from berry piles
I haven’t caught them all But it motivates me to keep playing these awesome games. From 1996 to 2023 you guys are still coming up with awesome and creative new Pokémon. Hats off to Game Freak, Nintendo, and Creatures Inc. For coming up with 1008 Pokémon.

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