Take on Walking Wake and Iron Leaves! 🌊🍃 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

Walking wake is quite possibly one of the most weird, but yet still fire designs I’ve ever seen.

Take on Walking Wake and Iron Leaves! 🌊🍃 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

I do hope that these two aren’t completely exclusive to the event. It’s fine to reintroduce old Pokémon exclusively in an event, but for an entirely new Pokémon, it’d be nice if everyone could access it.

My guess is these are like Kyrem where they can eventually fuse with the other parts of the trio to form the legendaries in the scarlet and violet books.

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I love Iron Leaves, it sure is a robot Virizion, yet it still looks cool, majestic and the robotic skin gives it some interesting, nice particular. I like that its body becomes a blade when it attacks.
From the moment, I saw both these pokemon in the scarlet and violet books respectively, I knew this was coming. But I did not expect it was going to be tera raid,I expected this to be part of the DLC.
Walking Wake is so darn cool! Easily my new favorite paradox form! Not too keen on Iron Leaves, however. It literally just a robotic Virizion.
I just tried walking wake in competitive and I’m happy to say it’s good. It can run on rain and sun because of its signature move not being decreased by sun. It also gets hurricane and flamethrower for good coverage. Very little want to switch into specs Draco meteor and hydro steam, and the only major counter I can think of would be dondozo and iron valiant. Truly one of the Pokémon of all time.
Thank you for blessing us with these new Pokemon. Just caught Iron Leaves and I love it! It’s aesthetics, moveset, gameplay, base stat total, and overall competitive strength are all absolutely INSANE. Absolutely love this future Virizion and thanks for adding it! Really excited for the next update! Ooh, I wonder what the “Teal Mask” and the “Indigo Disk” truly are… Is the Indigo Disk the Disk Pokemon that Professor Turo mentioned in the Violet Book? (I have Violet btw)
They replaced Suicune’s majestic look with a more fiercer and stronger look! I honestly preferred the calm looking Suicune but that doesn’t mean I dislike this design, I love it as well! It really shows that Suicune is one of the Legendary beasts of the burned tower!
I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Paradox Raikou and Entei, as well as Paradox Cobalion and Terrakion just yet, with these two being able to fuse with the other members of their respective trios to create the “imaginary” Pokemon shown in the Scarlet/Violet book, or those being separate Paradox Pokemon based off the trios.
I wonder if they’ll come out with more dino-themed legendary beasts, like a stegasaurus or anklysaur Entei with a flaming tail called Flailing Flame, or a triceratops or saurapod Raikou called Stampeding Storm. They could even go the route of a pterodactyl Entei called Flocking Flame, and a velociraptor Raikou called Stalking Storm.
As much as I loved playing through Pokémon Violet and I had a lot of fun I gotta admit that the paradox Pokémon in Scarlet are so much cooler.
Yes, but there’s enough variation in the types of ancient life (Walking Wake is a Dromaeosaurid, and there are even non dinosaurs mixed in) and how those types are mixed in that they all end up looking very different, which can’t be said for some of the future forms
yeah, i’m not saying you can’t like the past ones more, they are more varied in design
I’m saying you can’t ask why all the future ones are all robots since the past ones are all dinosaurs (the only one i can kinda see not being a dinosaur is jigglypuff)
Sandy Shocks is more a caveman magnet, Brute Bonnet is a savage and definitely not a dinosaur, Flutter Mane is also a savage beast…

Future could have had beings that evolved in an alien environment, been mutated by disasters, etc.

sandy shocks has a tail, brute bonnet has a tail and a beak and flutter mane has a tail, back spikes, scales and feathers

Again, not saying you can’t wish the future ones were different
Just saying that “why are all the future ones robots?” Is a bad argument

Personally when it comes to the Paradox legendries I’d like them better is they swapped the 2. With Suicune becoming something like Cold Steel and Virizion becoming Gliding Edge. The main reason I want to swap the 2 is because, making Suicune the ancient paradox contradicts with Suicune’s origin story. For any who remember Suicune’s origin was that he was a pokemon who died when the Towers in Johto caught on fire and it and its brothers couldn’t escape. Then Ho-oh using its powers of resurrection brought them back as legendries. Meaning there shouldn’t be an ancient Suicune because Suicune didn’t exist until Ho-oh made the mystery dead pokemon into one.
I have Violet but the Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet are hands down more interesting. Unfortunately a bit disappointed in Iron 🍃 I definitely want a Walking Wake
I love the Tera raids battles when its says this raid was abandon or you weren’t able to join and on top of that you have the 5 mins wait time of connecting were you can’t cancel so if press the wrong button you know have to wait
I don’t know about the rest of you, but I got BOTH of these in the span of several hours. Iron Leaves took four tries and some level ups for my Skeledirge, up to Level 80, while Walking Wake took half that amount of tries and with a Pawmot that was 77.

But pro tip for people taking on Wake: Nuzzle is your friend.

For those who are upset with Iron Leaves’ design:

You chose the NFT Professor. Of course you’re gonna getting the same thing aesthetically with only minor differences.

I am wondering when raikou, entei, and coabalion and terrakion appear, we will be able to combine them like in the sketches.
Time to guess its shiny forms, maybe Walking Wake have similar shiny color like its counterpart, Suicune. Just like all futuristic Paradox Forms, Iron Leaves shiny form will be silver color.
They should have made Wake a Physical Attacker/Quark-Drive and Leaves a Special Attacker/Protosynthesis but this is Game Freak we’re dealing with
Y’all dropped the ball with the future paradox names. Past paradox names are cool and all future gets is iron. Cyber, Proto, Metal, Neon, Digital, Evolved, Upgraded for example and all they could think of is iron. Like Virizion is psychic now why not name it Meta Leaves or Psycho Leaves. Iron makes it seems like everything needs to be Steel-type.
Wasn’t Suicune born from a Pokemon that died at a tower in Gold/Silver? If so how can there be an ancient version. Or am I just thinking about this too much! 🙂
Walking Wake raises soooo many questions. How can there be a prehistoric suicune when according to the lore he couldn’t have existed in the ancient past?
Wish they were made as part of the DLC story and not raids fights, for people playing alone, this will suck big time. Not everyone wants to play online you know. EDIT seems they are 5 star raids which is better for solo players ^^
I wish we could’ve gotten them threw a story, too. Kubfu and Urshifu are some of my favs because of the story with them. Hell even Calyrex has grown on me due to being in a story.
I’m fine with it. I am NOT waiting till the literal end of 2023 to add these two to my collection. Especially not when they aren’t even the focus of either parts of the DLC.
I wonder if the fact that Suicune is a “past” paradox and Virizion is a “future” paradox is foreshadowing, because hear me out:

Suicune being pulled from the “past” could allude to the Pokemon Company foreshadowing the (possible) planned development of Legends Celebi, since that game would be set in past-Johto.

Virizion being pulled from the “future” could be foreshadowing the possibility of Gen 5 remakes being either currently in development or that they will be in the future, since Gen 4 got their remakes last year.

It could be a stretch, but I also feel like that can’t be a coincidence (especially since they announced these on Pokemon Day and not just a random update), and if this IS the case with the foreshadowing, this kind of “pre-announcement advertising” is a genius idea! It’s like a way of unofficially announcing it so we can think back on it and say, “I can’t believe I didn’t see this before.”Kinda disappointed in the design for Iron Leaves, Walking Wake on the other hand really took me by surprise. It has a real chimera design to it.

Kinda disappointed in the design for Iron Leaves, Walking Wake on the other hand really took me by surprise. It has a real chimera design to it.
it’s literally just robotic virizion, because of the imagined Pokémon sketches I was hoping we’d see it have a design that reflected the rest of the swords or justice as well. But who knows maybe we’ll get a paradox form for all the roaming beast and swords of justice.
I’m hoping for form changes. They datamined those 2 stones that have no use or purpose in the game, don’t forget. Walking Wake and Iron Leaves might be the Galarian Slowpoke of the DLC, where we get the full power/true form of them in the actual DLC.
As amazing as this is, it’s so incredibly lame that these Paradox Pokémon are relegated to a Tera Raid Event and not some secret story cave at the bottom of Area Zero or something.
fun fact
Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, while they are paradox forms of legendary Pokémon, they themselves are not legendary Pokémon. same thing for Roaring Moon, Iron Jugulis, and Iron Thorns being paradox forms of pseudo-legendary Pokémon, they themselves are not pseudo-legendary Pokémon. the case is the opposite for Koraidon and Miraidon, where they are paradox forms of a non-legendary Pokémon, but they themselves are legendary Pokémon

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