The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero ✨| Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

I’m guessing that the three Pokemon associated with Teal Mask (the dog, the monkey, and the bird) are based on the dog, the monkey, and the pheasant that accompany Momotarō in his journey to defeat the ogres.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero ✨| Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

The turtle(3rd legendary) is definitely a reference to story of Urashimataro.
A man Urashimataro who likes daydreaming saved a turtle. In return, the turtle brought him to the sea palace. The sea palace is so beautiful with delicious food and pretty sea fairies, just like in Urashimataro’s imaginations. After a few days, he starts to miss home and wants to go home. The sea fairy gave him a box and tell him to never open it. When Urashimataro went back home, he found that decades have passed and everything changed (time travel?). Panicking he opened the box hoping to find out what happened. However the box turned him into a hundred year old man. Now he no longer knows if he really went to the sea palace or was he daydreaming all these years.
Pokemon s/v referencing this story might imply the paradox pokemons are indeed created by imagination.

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I’m pretty optimistic for this DLC. I really hope we get a lot more Paradox Pokemon with the DLC, because they’re such an interesting feature that I don’t want to go to waste
Considering how vastly improved the SWSH dlcs were comaperd to SWSH I have high hopes for these dlcs especially since their being released later then SWSH’s dlcs. Overall, they seem promising
I think we’re continuing on the whole fruit theme. Since we have already done oranges and grapes, I have a feeling that we will continue this trend with Peaches and blueberries. The reason why I think this is because the first part of the DLC the teal mask is obviously based on the legend of Morotaro “or literally peach boy in Japanese.” As for the second one according to Pokemon’s website we will be attending the Blueberry Academy. Someone else in the comments thinks that the second one is based off another Japanese tale about a man living in a perfect life in a magical paradise and decide to go back home with his old age in a box and is told not to open it, but does anyways and turn into an old man. I think that this person’s theory is true. If we stick to the whole dreams becoming reality theme. This would all make sense, since the disk Pokemon is going to be the legendary focused on this part of the DLC.
Fun fact: The main four Pokemon in The Teal Mask, Ogerpon, Okidogi, Fezandipiti, and Munkidori, are based on a japanese fairytale called Momotaro AKA Peach Boy.

Also I’m so glad that Milotic, Zebstrika, and Meowstic are returning I’m so gonna use a Milotic on my Violet DLC Team! (That is if it isn’t a Scarlet only Exclusive)

Edit 1: Also hoping you can just find Milotic in the Wild so we don’t have to go through the pain of Evolving it

Edit 2: I just realized Terapagos has all the Type Symbols on its shell, that’s a really neat detail!!

I thought the story for these games was amazing and I honestly can’t wait to explore more of this region, especially with the Disk Pokemon!
You can see a little bit of Ogerpon’s face, which reveals glowing yellow eyes and the face of an ancient forest cat goddess. She wears this mask to look more fearsome since her real face is more cute and charming.
Hyped for the DLCs and love the names – The Teal Mask and Indigo Disk! The school trip/expedition angle of traveling to new lands (hopefully along with Nemona, Arven and Penny) is very interesting. Never thought either of the DLCs would be based around traveling outside of the Paldea region. Looking forward to all the new infomation to come!
I’m genuinely curious about this DLC. I wonder how these will tie into the crater’s mysteries if they do at all… as I always said, we’ll see what happens…
The mask mon looks like the face we see on the tera crowns, while the turtle mon of course seems to encompass terastalization itself. So hyped for this DLC
Terapagos is genuinely the funniest possible reveal to follow the mystery of the Disk Pokemon. The fandom has spent the months since SV dropped theorizing about it being an eldritch horror to rival or surpass even the Ultra Beasts and Eternatus, and then the reveal comes and it is in fact a Big Turtle. I love this thing so goddamn much and want 20.
I’m happy to hear the news on the DLC for both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet but I still wished that “The Teal Mask will be released in the Summer instead of having to wait in fall (October) because that will be a very long wait😒.
you do realize they work on these games years before they’re announced right, and sometimes bugs and issues slip through. No one is perfect, so don’t expect a perfect game on launch
I am very excited to see more of this expansion, I was happy to see that Ninetales and Dewgong are returning, I will have them in my DLC team
Love the field trip idea, but I think a lot of people were theorizing something with Kalos as based on the map and geography. This new area and the Ocean academy looks so cool though!
Probably still it’s based on the real geographic region, Kalos is the north of France but idk if they said anything about the south, also I think in the presents it mentioned we’re going outside of Paldea, I might be wrong tho
If I had to make a vague prediction for how the DLC will play out, I would say that as well as the new areas, it’ll add new events and story beats in the existing region, and that will be how the Area Zero part will come into play.
I’m hoping this means they’re actually adding more clothing options outside the uniforms. The artwork shows the trainers in festival clothes so hopefully we get a nice variety of those and can wear them anywhere, and the other outfits I assume are the Blueberry Academy uniforms, but they at least look cool.
I’m excited to see Terapagos in action! Especially if the name is a play on the Galápagos Islands, which helped with Darwin’s research on evolution
I prefer the emphasis placed on the mysterious nature of Pokemon in Part 1: The Teal Mask rather than battling characters in Part 2: The Indigo Disk. However the legendary looked incredible
Nov for sure when it comes to The Indigo Disk maybe an Sept release when it comes to The Teal Mask since that the start of Autumn but I am glad we’re getting brand new Legendaries I thought it was going to be that Turtle & The Paradox Legendaries.
I hope you give us more great moments in the pokemon world like Mew’s Rumor Origin, I hope hidden pokemon make a way in just like mew did please.
I wonder if Terapagos isn’t actually based on a turtle, but instead based on an animal called the Mock Turtle, or Henodus with hexagons on its shell. It’s an excellent example of convergent evolution.
This actually looks really promising I’m happy the pokemon company isn’t dropping a game every single year and letting this game breath I hope the take thier time on this
and? You’re saying that the dlc doesnt have even a 1% complete? Even tho they have been working for it for lots of years? (I heard they started SV development after SS’s release, unfortunately they didn’t delay it after the 3 year limit tho)
For people who did not notice. There are four colors of stake: red, purple, green and blue. Red and purple are obviously referring scarlet and violet games. The two other colors are referring to the two DLC: green is kitakami and blue is blueberry academy
the 2nd DLC is giving me world cornation series vibes like the anime lol looks like a tournament we can enter? if so, wonder if past trainers are there it looks fun
Here’s my main question; do we get extra credit at the academy for this or is this an extracurricular activity on our time? Seriously though this is amazing!
Since we can already change tera types I’m curious what changes the DLC will bring? Comparing to Sword shield with the Max soup to help with breeding a perfect Gigantomax mon
To be fair, this trailer, in of itself, is actually really good and hype in regards to the DLC. I think having it in an underwhelming Pokemon Presents did this trailer a disservice because watching it like this makes me feel more excited than when I saw it in that Pokémon Presents. They honestly should’ve just shadow dropped this trailer and would have gotten much more mileage out of doing that.
So, I am drawing all of the Pokémon. I finally reached Gen 9 and now there is Dlc with new Pokémon. I don’t mind drawing more but I don’t know if these are all of the Pokémon that they are adding or if there are more Pokémon we don’t know about yet. I will probably have to sit around for a year or something in order to draw them all if there are more. What a journey!
From what we’ve seen so far, we can definitely infer more about the Part 1 DLC and it looks more compelling than Part 2 DLC but I think they’re purposely holding info about Part 2 DLC close to their chest for now…
After five Pokemon generations of being in non Japanese regions.
It feels kinda weird to be in another Japanese based location in a
Pokemon game again. (Excluding the remakes and Pokemon
Legends Arceus of course) Still, I am pretty excited about the DLC
and I can’t wait until the fall and winter.
Terapagos’ name and the location of the blueberry academy we see in the trailer seems to imply that the DLC takes place in a pokemon version of the Galapagos islands. It would be such a big missed opportunity if they don’t include a pokemon based on the Galapagos finches, considering they were what inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution, and I probably don’t have to state why evolution is such a big thing for Pokemon
With five new Pokémon Okidogi, Munkidori, Fezandipiti, Ogerpon, Terapagos, And 1008 Pokémon together,
That makes 1013 different species of Pokémon.

I’m really glad that I’ve heard that a new update is gonna fix the bugs and I hope they do that.

Game Freak should step up their game.

Part 1 comes off like a summer time world exploring and so makes it seem more open. While part 2 comes off more contained with the school and indoor like battle stadiums.

My guess on size is part 1 dlc is a quater to half size of main game while part 2 is probably just a quarter size of the main game.

Some things I’ve noticed:

The statues look like pre-evolved forms of the 3 new pokemon seen next to the teal mask pokemon. The red wool corresponds to the weird pinkish loops each of the pokemon have.

The masks in the next scene clearly show a distinction between blue, green, and pinkish red (water, grass, fire) and also the new teal mask as well. This leads me to believe these are either a new starter line or maybe a 2 stage Evo.

The next picture shows the 3 pokemon chasing the mask pokemon, I am thinking these are the 2nd stage because they don’t have the pink loop things

The teal mask also has tera crystal energy on it and nowhere else on the pokemon

And lastly and most strangely

The people (the girl has purple shades the boy has scarlet) appear on both images of the dlcs

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