[UK] Meet your match! 💪 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

The best and most steamlined pokemon game. Despite the bugs this has been the most fun i ever had! Easy to train pokemon, easy shinies, great music, and the story was refreshing. Still playing and hunting all the vivillons

[UK] Meet your match! 💪 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

this! I skipped over getting a shiny toadscool becuase i thought the grey color was its normal color, 😭 my 3rd natural shiny in a mainline game and I just ignored it! It was partly due to playing co-op and thinking I could do the star bases in co-op.

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I really do like these kind of promos! Honest gameplay, cool transition and characters at their best. I actually enjoyed the games, real fun there: nice characters, nice story, nice Pokémon… maybe some of the visual parts could have been way better and dear Arceus, a lot of people has had a lot of issues that luckily I didn’t, but I still feel bad for those players. Hope you guys recover all your stuff and that, at least, you had had a good time.
okay, so for me, Scarlet and Violet have the charm that most pokemon games are lacking. It actually felt amazing exploring the Paldea region and catching all the pokemon. This is definitely my 3rd favourite pokemon game, after HG/SS and Platinum. I wasn’t bothered by the bugs like, at all!
s/v is the only Pokémon game where i actually wanted to complete the pokedex the only thing I don’t like about it is that I either have to buy a whole new switch and put scarlet on it so I can trade for region exclusives or just wait for a tera raid with the Pokémon I need
exactly my thoughts. In other pokemon games i only cared about beating the elite four. In Violet I just wanted to catch everything
u just could’ve asked people on the internet (like Pokemon Facebook groups) and they’ll be happy to trade you whatever u want even legendaries sometimes
Arven, namona and penny were the best supporting characters in any pokemon game tbh. The final mission where you all explore together and they all interact with one another really felt like the anime. Hope we get to see more adventures with them
What you talking literally hundreds upon hundreds of Indie games and AAAs have voice acting it a mostly standard practice, even 2D platformers do. There is absolutely 0 excuse these days, it is solely laziness , when even Nintendo 64 games had voice acting and dozens upon dozens of 3DS rpgs do, Fire emblem Engage has it, zelda has it. It looks absolutely ridiculous. It just has the most pathetic production values for a full AAA release, we are literally playing an Alpha build at full price.
This promo just solidifies for me how cool Iron Valiant is. It’s probably my favorite of the Future Paradox Forms honestly (though I honestly also like Iron Bundle cause the idea of a robot Delibird just makes me laugh). I can’t wait to use it. (I’m not far enough in the game yet).
There is so much excitement for this game which is riddled witj problems. I’d love to see a DLC or item that allows the opposite paradox pokemon to appear in a respective game.
That can already happen, if you are in a union circle with people from the other game, it includes wild Pokémon spawns from each player in the circle. So if you’ve got a friend with the opposite version, you can run around Area Zero together and catch all the wild Paradox mons.
I know but I just wish I didnt have to use the Union Circle or wait for a friend to be available. Id want to like spawn them with a sandwhich recipe or some side quest or something.
I orginally thought both profs were in both versions but Sada or Turo walked out of the project mid way. I am going off the books in area zero where Sada says “The man walked out about the time of the childs birth”. I would love to see the other prof return and attempt to reactivate the machine or even experiment with it resulting in the opposite pokemon appearing.
Last game I played was black 2 and white 2 on the DS. Well, actually it would be “Brilliant” Diamond but I didn’t play it for long. This has honestly been a really fun game and I believe a game set in Unova done in this way would be an amazing experience, especially if it was the finale to the Black/White storyline. A Legends game in Johto(Celebi sends you back in time) would be perfect imo.
Despite the many flaws in Scarlet and Violet I still enjoyed these games and I only want for Gamefreak to do better I know they can and I want the best for them as well. Thankyou GF but please take the time to rest yourself don’t overwork but humble yourself to take things slow. We can wait don’t need a new game every year or even three years.
Atticus ( I don’t think that’s how you spell his name ) is my favorite character in the game. His Shakespearean sentences make me laugh and his outfit is dope.
This is great but what I really need is a whole trailer showcasing only Larry. My man deserves the spotlight; he’s certainly worked hard enough for it.
They keep making this videos action packed with fast transitions, when the games have the slowest transitions for everything, specially battles
Honestly, I felt that the Gym leaders were the least exciting aspect of this game. They treat the Gym Challenge like it’s an afterthought. Some minor inconvenience they have to deal with, or some obligation that they desperately try to incorporate into their main passion. No wonder Nemona is undefeated and bored, the individuals who should be the most passionate and inspiring for people to emulate can barely be bothered to care about battles. Most of their signature, Terrastalized Pokemon felt lazy and not thought out at all, with like two exceptions.

Team Star was much more fun and gave me such excitement to battle against them. And the Titans were such a great romp.

So this is where one is able to find the video when first unlisted from the “Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet” playlist before being properly uploaded…!
So when are you going to address the bug that’s causing a small number of players to lose their save files since the 1.2 patch update?
Probably april. It’s such a weird situation that it’s no wonder no one has figured out the issue yet. Especially when it’s very very few people being affected
Obaganamstai So because programmers can’t figure out why a bug is happening that means they’re actively driving people away?
“there’s no shortage of encounters in Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet” ok yeah that’s cool but where’s the battle tower ? I agree there’s a diverse cast of characters to fight, but they’ll always bring the exact same team, use the tera thing on their last pokémon and act like this was unexpected. I miss the Sun/moon battle tower so much, this one really hadd some challenge and made the endgame so much better.
These trailers are cool and all, definitely should’ve dropped before release though. When are we getting a performance patch? Every time I play docked, I’m dropping frames CONSTANTLY, it ruins the experience playing the game at half speed.
For over 15 years:
When are we getting a Dolphin Pokémon and a Flamingo Pokémon?
The Dolphin Pokémon: Slacking without Truant
The Flamingo Pokémon: Parental Bond 2.0
For the past 7 plus years: When are we getting a Platypus Pokémon?
Be VERY careful what you wish for guys.😸💧
You guys should contact your superiors at TPC Japan and tell them not to dabble into NFTs. If you’re hiring NFT experts they better be there to prevent them rather than include them. Telling you for the good of your franchise and company. Over-relying on brand name and “people buy anything that’s Pokemon” is going to cost you guys a lot of money if you do it. Keep it clean and safe for everyone and don’t try to turn kids into gamblers with NFTs.
Love these games so much. It’s pretty clear that a lot of the haters didn’t start gaming until after the ps2 days. Every game was riddled with bugs and glitches but people used to have fun with them rather than complain about them lol. It’s a game don’t take it so seriously, if you aren’t having fun then put it down and go outside lol

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