Watch the New Trailer for The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero!

The Terarium in the second DLC has a biome where you can catch Alolan Exeggutor. Maybe this is where you can evolve your Pokémon into their regional forms.

Watch the New Trailer for The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero! – Detailed Explanation

Now that we know Blueberry Academy has a league, I really hope the music ends up being a battle theme. Doesn’t have to be for a trainer specifically, but this just feels like something that would play during a final boss to represent the culmination of all you’ve been through.

I hope Venusaur is added to the DLC. I’m really feeling the force of Dexit more this generation than the last one.

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Vulpix is in, so does that mean alolan vulpix is in too? Can you image how cool it might be with its ability summoning snow and buffing its defense and a further increase with aurora veil
I can’t tell you how happy I am to see Milotic again, it’s nice to have my favorite back! They look stunning with all of the scales and new textures.
Yes! Finally! I’ve been wanting to see scales on Milotic (also my fav pkmn) since its introduction in Ruby/Sapphire
I’m very happy I’m an easy to please person.

I’m 28, and every time I see how far Pokémon has come, I feel extremely happy to have watched it turn into what it is today. Pokémon has been a part of my life since I could read, and no matter what they do, I’ll most likely be playing it until I’m dead.

Same here. Except I played before I could read, and it was one of the first games to help teach how to read. Even though I have major beef with how they treat employees these days, it’s so hard NOT to play the Pokemon games and feel like there’s still some good in the world.
Me too!!! I turn 28 in a month. I’m very happy to see how it’s going. They are always pushing the limit, they are so creative and imaginative and give us what we don’t expect. Just when we think we know they surprise us with something that exceeds our expectations. I don’t think the fans realise just how spoilt they are. I’m so happy this thread is full of positivity
Terarium is a genius play on words and it’s one I had hoped they would make to connect the Tera phenomenon with Terra as the earth. I’m so glad to see I was right about the connection happening in-game.
I’m so happy to see Sentret/Furret back 🥰 I always loved ferrets but never got a chance to own one personally, so ever since I saw Furret in GSC, it’s been my favourite Pokémon, but its availability in the games since then has been tragically lackluster outside of remakes
Seeing metagross makes me so happy. FINALLY…a place where we can battle offline and test out our teams. I’ve been craving some double battles
I really hope chatot is in the dlc because I want to see my favourite pokemon in the open world also flygon if finally here 🙂
I’m so excited for the DLC!, can’t wait until I get my hands on them! I really wish that Pokemon besides the Blitzle line that would also be added to Scarrlet and Violet, which weren’t in the other Switch games. Like the Serperior, Emboar, Alolan Raticate, Swanna, Toucannon and the elemental monkeys.
Maybe we’ll finally see if the Unknown Gem Turtle Pokémon is either Terapagos in its small form or its relative.
Oh, me likey. This game cured my depression. It holds a special place in my heart. And now two whole new DLCs. New stories, new areas to explore. Can’t wait!
Between the main game & all the Pokés revealed so far, 5 of the 6 for my ideal team is there. All I need in my main Pokemon, Pyukumuku, & I’m all set to go! 😀
Seeing Metagross and Milcreamy gives me so much joy cause their expanding the Pokédex also new starters look sick can’t wait for the legendarys
It looks absolutely incredible can’t wait for them to come out

Edit: who would you choose the green doge Pokémon, the blue monkey looking Pokémon, or the red bird Pokémon (or it based on the starter you chose?)

This Pokémon DLC looks fun. I’ll check out The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk when it releases. Love the double battle addition.
Usually I get extremely excited when it comes to Pokémon announcements, but, with the frame rate issues, and lack of content in this game, i feel like my love for Pokémon is dwindling. It’s supposed to be a festival yet, there were only like 2 people on the streets, and then it looks like the battle tower is now DLC?? I believe Scarlet may be my last game. It’s been a good run.
LETS GOOOO!! The hype is real!!! I hope they’ll bring back the Tapu Legendaries, Sogaleo, Lunala, Skitty, Wooloo, Bidoof, and the Alolan Starters in this DLC!!
1. I hope there are more clothes available than what they’re showing off. Please we need more options than the 4 default costumes.

2. The game looks smooth in the trailers, so hopefully there’s an optimization update in the works that’ll help out the whole game and not just the DLC regions.

3. Hoping the support doesn’t end with just these DLC regions. Maybe add another double pack for late 2024 in the same time slots since we shouldnt be getting Gen 10 for awhile

Probably the games still runs terrible. In trailers they make it smoother to look better.

I know it’s not my place but recently I decided to not buy any more Pokémon games since they’ve gotten really bad recently, for now I’m sticking to old Gen games since I’ve become really bored of Pokémon.

Love all of the high tech stuff that hints at secret space programs in Japan and other parts of the world.

No, the hints were not missed, there are clearly those within Game Freak, and perhaps Pokemon Company International receiving information from secret space program insiders.

Crystals were the giveaway in this Gen, along with artificial intelligence and time travel to the past and future, along with biomes with undiscovered life in Area Zero –a reference to the pocketed bio-domes in the earth’s crust, but also a reference to Area 51’s scientific endeavors.

The building in Indigo Disk is straight up a UFO.

I hope that we will finally be getting all the other different Generation 5 Pokemon Black and White Starter Pokemon again soon for to catch in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC for in these Pokemon Game’s
Nice, looking forward to these. Also, I know he’s not good competitively at all, but Furret will be available, yay! (GameFreak, mind giving some big base stat boosts to Furret, ‘k thanks)
So in order to go to kitakami, we need to use teleport machine in Area Zero. Since kitakami is near on kanto, johto or sinnoh. Technically not in paldea. For the blue berry academy, just dive on the sea. Hope it making sense. From the past games, I enjoyed playing adventure under/ below the sea which I hope they add it on next gen.
Feebass and Milotic are back. Since contests are pretty much out of the question, we are probably going to have to use the Prism Scales or Send back to BDSP to max out the Beauty stat.
Im so glad they have some regional forms appearing in other regions with similar environments even if it’s only in a terrarium. With backwards compatibility on HOME Alola became the only region where you couldn’t transfer a Pokémon back and evolve it into a regional form. It also just makes sense that some other regions would have a similar enough environment to replicate a few regional forms that are found elsewhere.
the teal mask finally gives us the pokemon we saw from their mini statues, and from what i can tell just by looking at their unique forms. one is a flying/fighting (possibly), the other is dark/fighting, but the blue pokemon is kinda unknown but my wild guess is that it could be psychic/water. thats just my guess
I like how the DLC is continuing this game’s themes of past and future, with an ancient traditional festival, and a hi-tech new academy. I suspect that the plot for The Teal Mask will revolve around investigating the legend of the Loyal Three and the evil ogre, while The Indigo Disk will have us making new discoveries regarding the Terastal phenomenon. Even if I’m wrong, I’m still more than excited for these adventures.
The moment I saw Sentret in the trailer for part 1 I was like: THERE. IS. NO. WAY. I’m just glad Furret gets to be here cuz it’s one of my favorite Pokémon and it wasn’t available in most of the Pokémon games I’ve played, cuz I haven’t played a lot tbh- I’m sorry if it’s kinda long btw

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