Obsidian Flames | Special Charizard Distribution in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet 🔥🌑

Tera Pokémon ex are appearing as different types than usual and a Darkness-type Charizard ex is plunging the Pokémon TCG into a pitch-black blaze! Celebrate the release of Scarlet & Violet—Obsidian Flames, and witness the beauty of Terastallization in the Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet games with a Dark–Tera Type Charizard you can receive as a Mystery Gift!

Obsidian Flames | Special Charizard Distribution in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet 🔥🌑 – Detailed Explanation

In the generation that has absolutely no connection to Charizard, they STILL found a way to make Charizard the star 😂😂👏

In all honestly, when people say stuff like this is really hurts me. Charizard was my favorite Pokemon as a kid, and it still is to this day. Whenever Charizard is a star, it makes me happy. It’s almost like I’m the only person who doesn’t get sick of it. It’s your opinion though, and I do respect your opinion.

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I think that Charizard appeals a lot to super casual audiences, but a lot of people who spend too much time on the internet are sick of seeing it too much. It’s a loud minority that’s upset at Charizard’s prevalence – they keep doing Charizard events because Charizard appeals to kids.

Most everyone else, neither a kid nor terminally online, is ambivalent to Charizard’s heavy presence in marketing.

I mean ofc you won’t get sick of it if it’s your favorite but Even people that like charizard have gotten tired of it because like it’s the one Gen 1 pokemon that’s gotten the most attention. Like what about venusaur? What about mewtwo? What about other generations? Itd be fine/less annoying if they did a combo of a popular mon from each generation for promos. So like for Gen 1 charizard, Gen 2 I’m not sure the most popular but I’ll go with typhlosion as an example, Gen 3’s most popular, Gen 4’s most popular, Gen 5 with zoroark, Gen 6 with greninja, etc. If they rotated amongst popular mons it’d be less tiring. Cause don’t get me wrong I like charizard but it’s gotten a little too hyped up
every time Charizard is featured the opportunity is taken away from one of hundreds of underappreciated Pokémon. but it’s not really that deep, ppl just think it’s funny how the Pokémon company milks Charizard every chance they get. don’t let it get to you
people disliking charizard aren’t inherently terminally online. Like I’ve seen people and kids that do like it even admit to feeling tired of it. It really varies person to person. I don’t think charizard is bad I just think they need to calm down a little cause there’s tons of dragon-like pokemon now that are alike to charizard that kids would also think is cool. Dunno that’s just how I see it personally. I don’t hate charizard. I do quite like it. I’m just surprised they’ve gone on this long with it. I was thinking it’d be even cooler if they rotated amongst the most popular mons for special events like these. Outside of just charizard. So like greninja for example. Or mewtwo, zoroark, lucario, etc
I think the reason that they don’t do other Pokemon like that is because those other Pokemon are not as memorable as Charizard is. For a lot of people, Charizard is there favorite Pokemon. I’m willing to bet if you went outside and asked someone who their favorite Pokemon was, they’d most likely say Charizard. I wish they’d show more of Mewtwo, but unfortunately more people know Charizard. Charizard is just a generally known Pokemon, whether thats due to the constant shoving in your face of Charizard, or the nostalgia factor.
I really doubt that. There are over a thousand of them. Charizard might be one of the most popular, but I doubt more than something like 1-2% of people would say Charizard is their favorite. Maybe in 1996 it was more like 10-20%. Certainly more than the number of people who would say Parasect. But I really doubt Charizard was ever the favorite of the majority of people.
Yeah I just googled that one poll where over 57k people submitted their favorite pokémon, and 2.09% of people voted for Charizard. Which was the #1 most voted pokémon, 2% for just one of the (at the time) ~800 is super impressive, but I said 1-2% and upon verifying I found that I was correct. So I think that perhaps you’re the one on a different planet
he is the most overrated starter weakest in kanto playthrough loses half of the health to stealth rocks every single fire starter is ranked higher in terms of usage in competitive battles than your overrated Lizard.
Okay, but what about people who love Blastoise, Venusaur or even other starters? the ONLY favorite child is Charizard and people are sick of it. Hell, it’s the only Pokemon other than Mewtwo to get TWO Megaevolutions. (I like Charizard too but I’m sick of seeing it everywhere)
to be honest fans complaining it’s also kind of tiring, Pokemon is a franchise for a company to make money I got my complaints especially with GF but people’s saying the focus should be more on “unappreciative Pokemon” makes no sense when you actually start to think about it from a business standpoint, Venusaur like you point out for example I’m sorry but it is not as popular, not as marketable and does not have the same universal appeal like Charizard even its first stage Bulbasaur is more popular.

It’s like complaining DC for heavenly featuring Batman it would be nice for other heroes to get attention but it makes sense no matter how you look at it.

The complaints you may see online are not even a fraction of the general popular opinion.

If you look at surveys or polls particulate Japanese ones, well you will find some variation you will see Pokemon that are more commonly popular than others.

Other Pokemon like Lucario also gets a lot of attention depending on where you look such as for the gen- 8 anime it was heavenly featured.

I agree with you I my self started joined this franchise with games so charizard was my favorite and there is no way any one can ignore that even the makers themself play favorites when it comes to this guy, like anime did boost he’s fandom but it didn’t just stopped there not just 1 but 2 mega evolutions while riveling ash and getting it’s own spin-off with Alen, returing in unova again were there was no connection of charizard and even though he doesn’t have he’s own special z move he was still a part of the both sun and moon anime and the game and he was technically the main boss of the sword and shield game and now getting involved in scarlet and violet just shows he’s even big of a deal then pikachu……………..
Oh and being in the new sequel Pokemon series too
Charizard is also my favourite pokemon ever since i saw that incredible and unforgettable magmar vs charizard battle from season 1, he is liked my millions, only frustrated losers who like loser pokemon complain about it.
Absol, Tyranitar and Charizard are some of my favourite Pokémon, so this trailer felt really epic for me. Also, I love how Charizard strikes its iconic pose in that one OG Pokémon Card that always ends up costing a lot of money
Considering the fact that promo stuff has said “Charizard has a secret”, and all the stuff we’re getting of Dark Tera Charizard, I’m sure it’s going to be something important in the DLC
I know he has one. The promotional stuff saying “Charizard has a secret” isn’t a reference to that. The Distribution is in relation to both the TCG and Friede, but I don’t think they’d give Friede Tera Dark Charizard in order to sell cards. I might be wrong, but I feel like there might be something in the games too
TBF, it’s implied that Friede knows something he isn’t sharing with the rest of the cast so its possible that Charizard’s secret is supposed to be a refence to one of Friede’s secrets.
Oh! Wow! I love the idea of having multiple Tera types for certain Pokémon in the ‘Pokémon Trading Card Game’ and doing crossover events with the trading card game and ‘Pokémon Scarlet’ and ‘Pokémon Violet’!
Some people were thinking about Squirtle in Scarlet and Violet when watching this video because in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ultimate Squirtle is also with Charizard as the exchange when you press down special. And Charmander is like the only gen 1 starter. Besides making a Pikachu a starter in Gen 1 for the anime in 1997.
imagine every frame of this scene with charizard would be a card and you have to collect all of them. that would be insane and i know ppl would still be able to collect all and remade the movie with their cards in stopmotion xD
Mega Evolution : a form achieved when both Pokémon and trainer had a strong bonds, giving them a new opportunity to strike a score for a battle.

Z-Moves : Unleashed power when the wishes of both Pokémon and trainer is combined, each Z-Crystals gave out different attacks.

Dynamax / Gigantamax : Pokémon that battles on a Power Spot can grow into a larger size and achieve a thicker health and stronger attacks for three turns unless defeated earlier.

Terastalize : funny hats.

at this point, I’m half expecting them to throw out a charizard for every single type

we had a raid for a dragon type charizard….now we got a code for a dark type charizard….next I bet we’ll get another raid for a water type charizard or something like that

Tera Dark Charizard! Thats flipping awesome!! I wonder if it will have any use in Competitive…? I mean sure, Dark types have Fairy and Fighting for their Weaknesses but maybe it can be awesome!
But the thing is that all of Dark’s weaknesses, Bug, Fairy and Fighting, are all resisted by regular Charizard’s Fire-Flying type, so you wouldn’t typically use X-Scissor or Moonblast against a normal Charizard, for example. As for competitive, people are probably still going to use special attack Charizard over this Dark Tera physical Charizard, but potential strategies are looking to be quite interesting.
This would be work losing the Delphox raid if it wasnt simply a Dark Tera Charizard. I literally have a box of charmanders on Scarlet 😂 Dark tera shards i still have an abundance of from the past raids ive done. Idk an exclusive move definitely would make it worth it.
Obsidian Flame sounds like a Dark move that inflicts burn status, which is probably what Fiery Wrath was supposed to do. It’s literally in Galarian Moltres description. Also, if you’re gonna release an Obsidian Flame Charizard, at least release a shiny Charizard mystery gift instead
If only the games looked like this and if Absol was in the game, but knowing you guys left out Vulpix in Scarlet and Violet then you left out Absol too.

My bet is that Absol won’t even appear in the DLC like Vulpix and Ninetales are.

I wonder when theyre gunna realise people only hyped charizard that much back in the day because it was 1 out of 250iah that did the most damage of the cards, and was one of 3 (depending on the gsme) you could pick from..
Now theres over 1000.. and all this promo.. i dong know a single person that “likes charizard”
I know im so late but i guess this is a way to promote the new Pokemon Anime Pokemon Horizons since Professor Friede’s Charizard has a Dark type terra type.
Tyranitar doesn’t even have to attack it lol. Just set up Stealth Rocks and phase it with another Pokémon. That’s how utterly useless Charizard is against it. Don’t have Focus Blast on ‘Zard? Yeah, enjoy being one-shot by Rock Slide lmao
Scamfreak: “hmm people are complaining about the lack of old pokemon, poor graphics and FPS, bugs, glitches and the embarrassing quality of the games? I think they need more CHARIZARD!!”

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