Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Poltchageist Revealed: A Spooky Sighting from The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero!

It’s official. We can now have a full team of fully evolved grass ghost types (ignoring the issue of region locked mons). Haunted forest team is a go!

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Poltchageist Revealed: A Spooky Sighting from The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero! – Detailed Explanation

Okay, but the music in this is BEAUTIFUL. 🥰
I love that this isn’t just a haunted little tea caddy. Its powers to repair broken objects with the matcha powder is based off of Kintsugi.

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I remember back in Pokemon Platinum how Gardenia would sometimes comment when visiting the player’s villa about how she loves Grass type Pokemon but is afraid of Ghost types, and then wonders how she would feel about a duel Grass/Ghost type. Of course, this was back in Generation 4 when no such type combination existed yet, but it’s funny how many Grass/Ghost types have debuted since then (i.e. Pumbkaboo, Phantump, Decidueye, Dhelmise, etc.). At this rate, I think it may have even become one of the most common type combinations for Ghost!
It’s a regional variant of Poulteagiest (I think…), it’s based on the traditional Matcha cups and tea making tradition AND the “Fixing cracks” idea is based on the kintsugi, the art of fixing or mending broken pottery ware, but also based on the Japanese philosophy of “wabi-sabi”, an embracing of the flawed or imperfect.
I LOVE IT! ^^ It’s also the third Pokemon from Gen 8 to get a new form, evolution or variant!
Something interesting is that Poltchageist seems to be a Convergent form of Sinistea and not Polteageist, despite its name suggesting otherwise. It’s only associated with Sinistea in both the trailer and official website. Not only that but the face is something shared only with Sinistea and not Polteageist.
What a precious little thing sure hope it doesn’t slaughter an entire hall full of tourists just trying to learn about tea making and folk lore 😊
We really need more ghost types like this. Tea, Yamask, and Rotom. So much potential for object possession.
Yamask is secretly one of my favorite ghost types. Runiculus being my favorite design of a possessed object.

And this brings me to my main point. Instead of giving us something new. Why doesn’t the company focus on what they already have and improve on it?

I always loved the disembodied hands aesthetic concept for a Ghost type like with Haunter. Cool to see another new Ghost type finally using that idea. Great deviation for Polteageist. 😊
Love how Poltchageist’s real face was the yellow spiral on the green blob of matcha while the “face” at it’s body was used for expressions, which is more similar to Sinistea rather than Polteageist
It’s strange that its name resembles Polteageist when it’s actually supposed to be the equivalent of Sinistea.
Even in Japanese Sinistea is called Yabacha, Polteageist is called Pottodesu (pot death) and this new Poltchageist is called Chadesu (cha death).
Anyway I really love the concept of Poltchageist because It mixes matcha and kintsugi in a fun creative way!
I hope shedninja comes over, but it might have to lose wonder guard if it does. I can see it not coming over just because in order to keep wonder guard it would need extra coding so Tera electric + air baloon doesn’t make it invincible.
I think I speak for many here when I say, we need a horror pokemon game, a game all about exploring ruins and evading life sapping ghost type pokemon, that way we can finally put all this dark lore to use.
I wonder if we’ll get a reagional Sinistea to go with this. Haunted matcha in a Japanese tea cup kind of thing or if this is a single stage Pokemon or even the base form of something else? It is so weird to have new pokemon with the DLC that aren’t legendaries. I hope they have more convergence forms. Only Wiglett and Toadscool. They need to go further than that.
Convergent is a fan term yes, though the one that came from the leak was regional fake, regardless poltchageist is still a pokemon in the same vein as wigglet and toedscool being similar to an existing pokemon while having nothing to do with it.
Hmmmmm I’m sensing a water urshifu hard counter…. Immune to fighting and resist the surging strike and Aqua jet plus if it has weak armor this could be Fantastic not to mention immune to fake out facade and E.Speed which are all pains in the meta rn
Yay! A blob Pokemon! I was so worried when it didn’t look like we were getting one for this generation! Can’t kill all the traditions. Please don’t kill all the traditions, we do like some of them Game Freak.
I love it, I’m just a little sad its grass ghost. There are so many now, and many are good. As person that loves grass Pokemon I’d wish they’d take a stab at the Grass/water typing.
No way! I was raising a Sinistea so I could try using Polteageist for the first time while playing through the dlc but now I want to evolve it into this guy instead (presuming that’s possible from a regular Sinistea)
Even though i like extra Gen 8 attention recently and adore this little guy, but it looks more like regional evo of Sinistea, like Clodsire or Sneasler instead of convergent pokemon.
Like, Dugtrio – mole, Wugtrio – eel. What’s so different in Poltchageist unless a pokemon here is a jar instead of liquid, like with Polteageist?
This changes our perception of convergence species. If this is even one, that is. Because Wiglett and Toedscool didn’t have the same typing to Diglett and Tentacool. But this one is still a Ghost, yet it’s not a regional form either. Are you shying/moving away from the regional forms? Paldea only has 2 and it looks awkward in Home dex.
My disappointment is immeasurable. I love the idea, design, and concept of Poltchageist. It is so cleaver and it looks like a great Pokémon. However, it is clearly a divergent species such as Alolan sandshrew and Galarian zigzagoon. Matcha and black tea are made from the same species of plant (Camellia sinesis). Polteageist and Poltchageist are defiantly related. They are both possessed tea holders, holding the same species of plant that has been processed in slightly different ways. As an Environmental Biologist it makes me so sad and angry to see such a good concept of convergent and divergent evolution be flipped around when 2 seconds of googling would show you it is clearly not a convergent form. Pokémon please, if you are going to copy and paste a pokemon design and inspiration to make a new form, take 10 seconds to research if they are two different things that look similar (convergent) or two things that are similar and act different (divergent).
Game Freak once again breaking patterns.
Instead of having an entirely different type combination like Wiglett and Toedscool did, Poltchageist shares Ghost with Sinistea.
And Poltchageist is based on Sinistea despite the name.
Is…. is the reason they are going so hard for this region, rather than adding to the lore of the treasure of ground zero, is because this set up to be the next region? Be it next generation or even the next location for the Arceus games.
So we have regional forms, which are subspecies of the same pokemon, convergent pokemon, which are unrelated pokemon that happen to look similar and now related pokemon that are very similar but with clear differences, like horses and zebras.
If Game Freak gives Dragonite a new regional form Water/Dragonite type, gives every pokemon toxic so more pokemon can be viable & debuffs all the old pokemon back to what they had as moves & abilities I’ll be satisfied. So like Greninja/Cinderace having their abilities as they were in the previous generations. & Pokemon like Pelipper, Empoleon, Gyarados, Dragonite for example need their old moves back. Dual wing beat, Scald, Defog, Power Whip. I feel Game Freak is heavily fixated on the new pokemon too much they completely disregard the old pokemon. I want my Greninja back 😢😢. I would love to have a new regional variant form of Gyarados his type being Water/Dragon. Some other gen 1 mons Butterfree, Alakazam, Gengar, Lapras, Venemoth, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Snorlax, Golem, The hit-mons, Kingra, Omastar, Kabutops, Jynx, Machamp, Beedrill, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Dodrio. And for gen 5 being Haxorus, Scolipede, Jellicent, Emboar, Serperior, Musharana, Krookodile, Conkeldurr, Zebstrika, Beartic, beheeyem, Sawsbuck, Archeops, Carracosta, Crustle.
This was the wrong pokemon to worry about they’re are so much more pokemon that could have evolution and ofc grme freak chooses the worst one. Like what about sunflora or cherrim I definitely think cherrim deserves an evolution similar looking to florges but better give sun flora an evolution for crying out loud it seriously needs one etc. And can you give a new paradoz grass type that is not a legendary and actually make it look descent
I’m slightly confused, Is it supposed to be a Polteageist or Sinistea Convergent? It definitely looks more like Sinistea, but it’s name is more like Polteageist. It can’t just be a cross-generation evo (like Dudunsparce or Steelix) since it looks too different to Sinistea and Polteageist. It also can’t be a region evolution (Like Mr. Rime, or Cursola) since Sinistea doesn’t have a Paldean form, it’s in base-game Paldea as regular Sinistea, and since a regular Sinistea is shown in Kitakami, Sinistea probably won’t be getting a region form in Kitakami. It feels like a Convergent most, but it breaks almost EVERY rule that the other 2 convergent lines we got in Paldea had (similar design, similar name)
I was really excited to experience a festival in a Pokemon game. It looks really nice, but wow what a letdown there is nothing to do. The masks the only thing I wanted to buy and it’s the one booth that’s completely unfunctional.
I don’t know what everybody else thinks about it, but I personally LOVE the fact that it’s now impossible to tell if a Pokemon is an evolution, a regional form or a convergent form of a previous species just from design and name, they actually have to tell us what it is.
Most people thought Dipplin and Archaludon were regional variants of Applin and Duraludon, at first, but they were actually evolutions.
With Poltchageist, I thought it was either an alternate evolution of common Sinistea (like Dipplin) or the evolution of Paldean/Kitakamian Sinistea, but it’s actually a convergent form of Sinistea, despite its name paying tribute to Poltergeist. It also differs from Wiglett and Toedscool, because while the other two were morphologically unrelated to their counterparts, Poltchageist is similar to Sinistea in many ways. The main difference is that Poltchageist’s body is powdery, while Sinistea’s is liquid.

I just love the direction they’re going with degins and concepts, I don’t understand those who dislike it at all.

I have a very good idea. In pokemon go on mobile: While searching pokemons the map will be somwhere in the corner if u click on small map he gets bigger and better to see. So ita like a zoom anf in main screen where the map was before it will be AR and yiu can find pokemons hiding in AR and then catch them👍👍

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