The Newest Chapters in the Pokémon Series 📔 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

If there’s one thing I took from this trailer, it’s that Scarlet and Violet is more ‘slice of life’ than just becoming champion, or defeating an organization, or hunting after legendary pokemon. It’s just a trainer, and their lifelong buddies… and honestly, that makes me really happy.

The Newest Chapters in the Pokémon Series 📔 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

Tell me about it. If there is an evil group, I just want them to be simple or small scale. I’m tired of saving the world from destruction. Why, as a child or trainer that is just starting out, have to be the responsible one when there are adults around who could easily solve the problem? I just want to go on MY pokemon adventure.

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And having to battle a million people before I get to my next destination is tedious. Space the battles out more and make them harder. Being forced to battle someone with five Bidoof that I take out in one hit is a complete waste of my time.
The one thing I learned that wasn’t in the older videos is that Donphan has an evolution. That and there’s another mystery Pokemon.

I already previously got that it was more of an open world RPG where you can do what you want rather than having a linear path where every aspect of story ties into itself.

At this point I’ll take the slice of life approach. I like the gameplay of the series, but the plot has always made no sense to me. Why would you trust a 10 year old who just got their new starter Pokémon to save the world?
I know a lot of hardcore fans wanted more details about the game, but honestly this trailer has made me feel more then anything pokemon related in years. Its totally hyped me up to not just play the games, but to fully experience them with all my heart. They really nailed it with this one, put the heart and soul back in pokemon and im so here for it.
I’ve been playing Pokémon since the original Red, and I still get so weepy-eyed and excited whenever a new game comes out. I feel like a kid going on their first Pokémon adventure all over again! I can hardly wait to play with the new Pokémon and the regional redesigns. Though I’m for sure gonna snag a Gengar, I’ve had one every generation I could get my hands on one.
Ever since I finished Pokèmon Violet. I cannot get this song. The story was very well written and brought me into my feelings especially the ending. I really hope GameFreak continue to put lyrical songs into their games that bring meanings like this one did.
Say what you will about Ed Sheeran, but the song really helps the trailer stand out in a great way. This is probably my tenth time watching this, and I still get a bit emotional each time. Pokémon has been with me almost my whole life, and it’s helped me get through some rough points. So seeing how far it’s come makes me very happy. I’ll probably keep watching this trailer each day to count down to the release.
Just pre ordered the double pack yesterday and I am so unbelievably excited to play them. I’ve never gotten both games in a generation before but this time something just feels different and I feel like it’s gonna definitely be worth it. I hope all my fellow trainers here have a great time playing the game when it comes out!
I was 13 when I first started playing Pokemon red/blue and I have never stopped buying and playing the Pokemon games. It amazing to see how far the journey has gone. The Pokemon games got me thru rough patches in my life. Thank you gamefreak and Nintendo for a game series that has warmed my heart like no other.
I still called it months before the games release I knew they were gonna put this as the closing credits. This collab really changed my view of the game. Finally decided to play it all the way and the area zero fight was amazing. Ngl when the song kicked in made me feel a sense of sadness as it’s basically saying you’ve become the best of the best now shoot for the skies above and keep soaring higher. Truly a special generation as a 20 plus year vet I use to think of what it would be like to have songs recorded special for the franchise. And Ed Sheeran Pokémon didn’t disappoint 9/10 only reason being is the bugs in the game are super annoying and took away the immersion feeling other than that best gen by far.
Very aesthetically pleasing to watch and it has me quite excited for the games. I couldn’t pick which one i wanted more, so I asked my parents to get me one or both for my birthday. Since my birthday is a few days before the release, they can pick one for me and I get to play it on release when I visit them to celebrate my birthday.

I’m certainly glad they don’t release these games during the summer, otherwise I’d have to buy them from my savings instead 😂

Also, Ed Sheeran’s song fits very well with the visuals of this trailer.

I’m so excited for this game, I have a feeling this will be one of the best Pokémon games of all time. I’m excited for the future of Pokémon as a whole. from a black and white screen on a little game boy to a legit beautiful open world Pokémon experience. if open worlds are the future of Pokémon games, then I hope we get all regions in 1 game. But it will probably never happen but I just can’t wait for Nov 18th. My final ratings of the game before release 100/100.
I get some people might be upset about not seeing some of their expected evolutions such as the starters etc.. It’s cool not seeing many features of the game in my opinion. It leaves so much more fun things to discover 😁
seeing this makes me even more hyped for the games then before,I can’t wait for next week I’m getting both games,I love that they did this knowing that people will get hyped for the games
Coming back here after finishing the game feels so different now, the tears are coming back just like they did for the ending. This game is so good, the story is wonderfully done, the emotions from the beginning of your adventures and stories to be told from all aspects, and what it all comes down too, the sacrifices made just so that one can be happy, because the treasure in this game is far beyond than just the connections, and that’s what really hits home is just how deeply the story really is


“They (the father or mom) always loved you…” – The words Arven always wanted to hear, but grew up without it till the very end, and the way he calls out to them just before disappearing, everything that the actual dad/mom would have said or done, and then using this song back at us to remanence the whole adventure but with a whole new meaning, it’s by far one of the best and everlasting memorable Pokemon journeys I’m going to remember!

The ending made a waterfall come out of my eyes because of how good but also sad the ending was, good because of how cool the final battle was and sad because we find out the mom/dad died and the AI version traveled through time to save all of paldea and then the song just hit me and the worst part for me was that i was playing with others at that point
Crying after finishing this game, according to my sister, made my Mom feel like I was addicted to video games or something. Either that or she thought the Professor Sada fight was getting back to me (that fight made my brain, i dunno, be crybaby and in my head I found myself stupid. Had to explain I wasn’t crying over that but didn’t know how to explain why finishing led to tears.
Alright, every trailer has made me more and more excited about these games. And this… wow. I might just weep because I can’t get my hands on them yet. There’s so much still to discover, so much I can still learn that’s (probably) not in the trailers so far. I love how they’ve done this!
I think the giant pit is actually the elite four because there’s a building with a giant silver ball that might be an elevator to go down into to elite four’ rooms,either that or the big climatic fight with the legendary of your game.
Glad to see Donphan get two forms. At this rate I’m not expecting the final evolutions for the starters. Plus I forgot that it’s coming out next Friday so I’m definitely gonna be reading for my Scarlet adventure next weekend. 😁

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